Deja New Marketing: Increase Sales with Social Media, Search Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Blogs, and More

Deja New Marketing: Increase Sales with Social Media, Search Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Blogs, and More

by John Bradley Jackson


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Déjà Vu.

Have you ever had the feeling that you have experienced a sales and marketing challenge before, but were uncertain about what to do next? Have the conventional tools become less effective for you? You tried direct mail, networking, print advertising, and cold calling. Nothing seems to work anymore. Welcome to the
"new normal."

New and different marketing techniques are needed for you to remain competitive and to stay in business. This new landscape is very complex:

• Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have replaced the water cooler as the customer hangout.

• E-mail marketing letters are often considered SPAM and don't even get opened.

• Bricks and mortar stores are now being trumped by websites that offer e-commerce, online chat, blogs, and deep discounts.

• Personal selling has never been harder since customers seem to hide behind voice mail and e-mail.

• Getting your website found in a Google search is increasingly difficult as the battle for keywords rages.

You need to do something better and different --- you need "Déjà NEW Marketing."

John Bradley Jackson is Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at California State University, Fullerton and is an expert in marketing, sales, and new venture creation. Known affectionately as "Professor JJ," Jackson brings street-savvy marketing and sales experience from both Silicon Valley and
Wall Street. He is the author of "First, Best, or Different: What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About Niche Marketing." His resume includes public speaker, blogger, philanthropist, and horseman. He lives in Yorba Linda, California with his wife and three children.

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