Dental Drill Art: A Beginners Guide to High Speed Engraving & Carving

Dental Drill Art: A Beginners Guide to High Speed Engraving & Carving

by Roger F. Wolford


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The high-pitched shrill of a dental drill invokes fear in most people but for some that same shrill can bring creativity and joy. They are know as dental drill artists. These artists use the same drills and little burs your local dentist use, but instead of drilling away cavities they drill away glass, metal, wood, antler, eggshells, and more to make images, designs, and lettering.

Author Roger F. Wolford has gathered information from various sources, interviews, and used his own 20 years of experience to create a guide for the beginner with the desire to use the high-speed dental drill to create engravings and carving. He walks us through basic information of the dental drills and dental burs, air compressor selection, and image transfer methods. Roger gives examples of how the dental drills can be used to create art on eggshells, gourds, gunstocks, antler, bone, wine bottles, and more with instructions and full color photos. You also get the author's reviews on 6 popular dental drill handpieces side by side. Roger tests them in his workshop and shares his results and ratings with you the readers. Plus he gives 4 entry-level step-by-step projects to get the new dental drill artist started making art.

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ISBN-13: 9780692822173
Publisher: Roger Wolford
Publication date: 01/02/2017
Pages: 90
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.02(h) x 0.23(d)

About the Author

Roger F. Wolford is an artist and author. He has been creating art using high-speed dental drills in various mediums, such as eggshells, gourds, gunstocks, and antler for over two decades. Roger has wrote books, magazine articles, and produced videos teaching others his methods and equipment.

He began using the dental drill in 1995. Roger purchased his original equipment from the back of a woodworking magazine and was hooked on dental drill art from the start. "It opened up so many new opportunities for my artwork and me," Wolford said. Shortly after receiving the dental drill he opened a small home-based business engraving and carving for locals around his hometown. "It was a very exciting time in my creative life. Every day I was learning new techniques and methods for engraving and carving different materials and items. Suddenly, almost everything I looked at became a possible canvas for my dental drill art," Wolford exclaims.

After over 20 years of using the dental drill Roger still enjoys it as much as he did the first day the truck delivered the equipment to his doorstep. He has the fortunate pleasure of working with knife makers, furniture makers, gun collectors, antique collectors, business owners, and everyday people just wanting one of a kind items engraved or carved.

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