Diamond in the Rogue

Diamond in the Rogue

by Wendy LaCapra

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In an act of revenge, Lord Rayne kissed Lady Julia and was sent packing to America. But now he’s back to settle his affairs and give away his sister in marriage, until he meets up with the alluring yet innocent Lady Julia again. He doesn’t regret their first kiss, but he was never good enough for her.

Lady Julia had two years to forget the moody and mercurial Earl of Rayne. But one look, and she knows they’re meant to be together. Be damned with his and her brother’s objections, she’ll just jump on the back of Rayne’s departing carriage and compromise them both thoroughly.

Only, Julia never expected her forbidding Lord to be so good at resisting temptation...

Each book in the Lords of Chance series is STANDALONE:
* Scandal in Spades
* Heart’s Desire
* Diamond in the Rogue

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ISBN-13: 9781640638785
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 11/11/2019
Series: Lords of Chance , #3
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 65,521
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Wendy LaCapra has been reading romance since she sneaked into the adult section at the library and discovered Victoria Holt&Jane Aiken Hodge. From that point on, she dreamed of creating fictional worlds with as much richness, intrigue and passion as she found within those books. Her stories have placed in several contests, including the 2012 Golden Heart. She lives in NYC with her husband and loves to hear from readers.

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Diamond in the Rogue 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
trollman 2 days ago
It has been two years since Lady Julia has seen Lord Rayne...and the chemistry and passion she feels for him is still there. A friend talks her into a wild adventure where she poses as a servant and kidnaps Rayne so that she can discover how he really feels about her. This steamy romance novel is part of The Lords of Chance series, and although it sort of works as a stand alone, my gut tells me it is better read as part of the series. There are many layers to both Julia and Rayne - much of which is discussed in a previous book or books so I was missing a few pieces of the puzzle. Overall, a spicy romance novel between two enjoyable, independent characters !! Thank you to NetGalley for the advanced reader copy of Diamond in the Rogue for me to read and enjoy. As always, my opinions are my own.
silvatrend8553 19 days ago
In an act of revenge, Lord Rayne kissed Lady Julia and was sent packing to America. But now he’s back to settle his affairs and give away his sister in marriage. Rayne has always wanted Julia but thought himself unworthy of the innocent young miss. Julia had two years to forget the moody and mercurial Earl of Rayne, but one look, and she knows they’re meant to be together. She has a plan, but how wrong can it go. This newest book in this series has it's delightfully humorous moments. Be warned, this book does contain a bit of light BDSM.. It may not be to everyone's taste. Although I don't normally care for bondage in my romance books, it was tastefully done in this one and doesn't distract from the story. I laughed out loud at times while reading this third book in the Lords of Chance Series. I have only missed reading the novella but I have bought it and will read it soon. If book #2, Heart's Desire, scored 4.75 of 5.0 stars this one deserves a higher rating. These books just keep getting better, so I gave this one 4.9 of 5.0 stars. We still have one more lord to get matched and Julia is itching to get that done. I received a complimentary copy of this book to read via NetGalley. This in no way affected my opinion of this book which I read and reviewed voluntarily.
RoseisReading 22 days ago
Diamond in the Rogue is the third book in author Wendy LaCapra’s Lords of Chance series. For those of us following this series, Rayne’s story was heavily anticipated and it most definitely did not disappoint! A fabulous read and an excellent addition to this series! Graham Laithe the Earl of Rayne is back! After two years of exile in America, he’s back to see his sister married and to settle his estate. He has no plans to stay and is itching to leave permanently. Lady Julia’s childhood made her lose faith in love. Then Rayne entered her life.  Thinking herself in love and one forbidden kiss between them, she’s devastated when Rayne walks out of her life. Oh my, what an absolutely fabulous story and couple! For those of us who have been with this series from the beginning, we’ve already met Julia and Rayne. Both characters have made appearances in the previous stories. Although I believe you could read this story as a stand-alone, I highly recommend you read the previous books to understand the history between all the characters. I loved Rayne! He’s definitely a tortured hero. He wants Julia but feels he’s not good enough for her and has nothing to give her. His feelings for her are real and you sense the struggle within him wanting her but yet continually trying to resist her. You also see how the loss of his friends truly affected him and how he feels like an outsider. He was definitely a hero I wanted to see finally get his HEA and I loved him with Julia. The chemistry and dialogue between these two was fabulous! Julia was absolutely perfect for him and the more I got to know her the more I liked her. Julia is a kind, clever and insightful young woman. She was hurt by Rayne’s departure two years ago and is scared to be hurt again. When Lord Farring a mutual friend suggests she take steps to prevent Rayne from leaving again, she decides to take one more chance! Ms. LaCapra wrote a fabulous story for this couple and I absolutely loved the journey she took us on to get to this couple’s well deserved HEA! I enjoyed seeing characters from the past books and look forward to the next book in this series. I can’t wait to get Lord Farring’s story and catch up with the rest of the Lords of Chance! This has been a fabulous series so far and one I highly recommend!
FizzaYounis 26 days ago
Lord Rayne and Lady Julia's story is perfect. I think that as far as historical romances go this is an amazing one and a must-read for the fans of this genre. It's well written and has interesting characters. I enjoyed it thoroughly and would recommend to all my fellow readers.
AliciaSplendeur 26 days ago
This is the third book in the Lords of Chance series by Wendy LaCapra. There were things going on from the previous books that I didn't understand at first, so I'll probably go back and read those books. In an act of revenge, Lord Rayne kissed Lady Julia and was sent packing to America. He's back to give his sister away in marriage and settle his affairs before returning to America. But when he sees Lady Julia the time and a distance apart has done nothing to dispel how he feels about her. Lady Julia has given up on love because she'll only ever love Lord Rayne. Seeing him at her brother's wedding makes it easier for her to follow through Farring's idea and kidnap Rayne, compromising them both. Whenever possible, put the good things about a book or author up front. Criticize the book, not the author, if you don’t like what you’ve read. Explain why. I really enjoyed this book. They are both in love with each other and have a hard time expressing their true feelings. And every time they talk, they seem to argue. Rayne doesn't think he is good enough to be a husband and especially not for Julia. For her, there is no one else. I enjoyed that this book moved at a quick pace. Right away there is an adventure as they travel to deliver a carriage. Finding themselves in such close quarters makes it harder to deny their feelings. The Lord and Lady also shared some steamy scenes. I'm glad I requested this ARC from Entangled Publishing and was introduced to a new to me author. I'm looking forward to reading the other books in this series. And is Farring getting his own book? #DiamondInTheRouge #NetGalley #EntangledPublishing
Historical_Romance_Lover 27 days ago
Three years ago, Rayne kissed Julia in an act of revenge and then went to live in America. But he is back in England for his sisters wedding. He is determined to settle his affairs and head back to America, but when he runs into Julia again (which he was bound to do as his sister was marrying her brother...) he knows that the kiss was much more than just revenge. He cares for Julia, but knows that he will never be good enough for her. Julia is determined to get her man. She had her season and no one made her forget Rayne. She concocts a scheme with a the help of a family friend. She is hiding in plain site while Rayne drives to him family home. But he soon learns of her presence and Julia must everything in her power to persuade Rayne tot not take her back home. Now all Julia must do is convince Rayne that they were meant to be together...will they get their HEA? I absolutely adored Julia and Rayne's story! I've been waiting for the two of them to get together since the first book in the series. I knew that they had to be each other's HEA!! I loved watching these two match wits with one another and watch Rayne slowly realize that he was enough for Julia. There is one more book in this series and I so am excited to read it!! Hopefully it won't be too long of a wait!
clarkws 27 days ago
Diamond in the Rogue is book 3 in the Lords of Chance series by Wendy LaCapra. I have truly enjoyed each book in this series. They are not stand alones. You must read each one in order, because they are all connected. Each story is based on a different member of the rakish quartet of friends - Spades, Clubs, Diamonds and Hearts. This book is about The Earl of Rayne - Diamonds. He and Julia’s story actually begin in book 2. After a misstep, Rayne flees for two years to America. This story picks up just as he returns to England for the wedding of his sister. “Rayne had been gone for almost two years - two years that hadn’t been easy on him, if she were to guess by his weathered skin and bearded cheek However, his gain - the alluring, unintentional swagger all his own - had enhanced. And those bright, singularly captivating blue eyes hadn’t altered one bit. They still weakened her knees and heightened her senses, leaving her watchful. Expectant.” LaCapra writes such a depth into each character. No one is simple. No one can be overlooked. There are a number of steamy sex scenes in this book and even one that is “erotic”. I am glad I stumbled across her work. I am looking forward to more.
Tink4evr 27 days ago
Rayne has returned home to try and right the wrong things he has done. Waiting for him is his biggest regret Julia. Julia is a firebrand and a tempest determined to get her way. Rayne is tormented by his past and yet drawn to the light that is Julia. These two fierce opposites struggle with their desires and hurts throughout the entire story. They fight for their love and their family. They have to learn to accept each other as well as the things that are important to them. It is a wonderful story filled with ferocious fights and ultimately getting it right.
DebDiem 27 days ago
Diamond In The Rogue is a fantastic and fast-paced historical romance by Wendy LaCapra. Ms. LaCapra has provided readers with a book that is well-written. My favorite part of this book is the characters, they are outstanding and just plain lovable. Rayne is the Earl of Rayne and has returned to England just in time for his sister's wedding. Julia was smitten with Rayne before he tried to ruin her. She still wants him, but Rayne feels undeserving of anything good in his life. Rayne and Julia's story is packed with drama, humor, sexy bits and action. I enjoyed every page of this book and look forward to my next book by Wendy LaCapra. Diamond In The Rogue is part of the Lords of Chance Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
ViperSpaulding 28 days ago
Wonderful story of love and redemption! Rayne has been gone for two years, and Julia refuses to pine for him. But when he returns for the wedding of his sister to her brother, one look proves that the spark is still there, despite everyone's better judgment. Rayne knows he's not good enough for her, but Julia doesn't let that get in her way. I loved Julia's determination and inner strength that allowed her to stand up to Rayne despite his mountain of regrets and insecurities. There's a slight hint of BDSM in their relationship, just enough to prove to Rayne that Julia is his match. Rayne isn't a sympathetic character in the least, until he's seen through Julia's eyes. From her viewpoint, he's transformed into the hero she deserves. Their history that played out in the first two books was touched upon enough in this book to make it a true standalone, though those who have read the other books will have a better understanding of all the players in this tightly-connected circle of friends. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
georgia1 28 days ago
"He wanted to kiss her again, more than a starving man wanted food. He wanted to stoke all his latent cravings, be consumed by them, and then be remade into something new that was hers and hers alone. For the first time since he'd returned, he sensed a home." But Lord Rayne knew he was not good enought for Lady Julia, a true diamond and it could not control himself around her for long What he did not expect was the determination of a woman in love and that was Julia in spades (well in a diamond, which was his moniker of his four friends). She knew they were meant to be and she will almost stop at nothing... dressing as a lad, stowing away or whatever it took. Wonderful, that is the word for this exciting journey for these two, who cannot deny the spark that ignites between them. The banter back and forth and the situation they find themselves in is priceless. Wendy LaCapra at her best with her amazing storytelling and creation of characters you cannot help but love as they melt your heart... Lori D