Diary of a Black Rainbow: From Madness to Ministry

Diary of a Black Rainbow: From Madness to Ministry

by Emily "Peaceful Waters" Woodall


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"Diary of a Black Rainbow" is a rollercoaster of true life events that occurred in the life of Peaceful Waters. The book is a clear representation that out of darkness comes forth life. That light guided her through a darkness that consumed her through much of her life. She then was shown a way to bring life to new ideas to help others who suffered in the same darkness. Not only that but she was able to develop creative ideas to help her surrounding communities. This book is a story of enlightenment, awakening, strength, and overcoming.

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ISBN-13: 9781543978285
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 12/09/2019
Pages: 284
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Aside from the seriousness of my book, I am lighthearted. If your interested in my credibility, I'll dish that out quickly. I have two degrees, an Associates in Outdoor Leadership and a Bachelor's degree with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Sociology. But, the heart of my credibility was learned by all the pure hell I personally experienced and witnessed inside psyche wards while I was property of state in Alabama. It was there where I was broken, lost, and hopeless. Yet, at the same time found who I was and what I was meant to do. My heart is with the poor, the broken, the lost, the homeless, and those who are helpless. I am a humanitarian. I live life on the edge. I have skydived, climbed mountains, scuba dived, traveled America, and Costa Rica. I look forward to traveling to many other countries. I love people and animals. I'm not all metal and I'm not all hippie I'm in this world but not of this world and that's why they call me "gypsy". I love the chickens that play and pick the ground out in the yard. I love watching roosters sleep. They look so peaceful. I love my cat, Iceland and my gecko, Coopa. I am somewhat of a lone, lioness. I have healthy boundaries. Please do not try to cross them. That is a sign of disrespect and I will excuse myself from your presence. My people have the most beautiful hearts. I love them with all my heart. I know my tribe. They know my spirit. I am also part of a herd and when we move it is like watching buffalo on the great planes. We never leave each other. We move together. That's how it is in the south. We take care of each other. We know family. We take care of our neighbors. I love it here in Alabama. I travel alot but I know home. I also know my state needs some major reform in legislation. Mental health is where I am starting. I will bust my butt to make changes for people here and then onto other states. I will never remain silent or passive about what happens here. As you will read in my book, you will see the changes that will be made in the communities that surround me and eventually other states. I AM NOT playing around. I am bold, fearless, and driven. My name "Peaceful Waters" was given to me years ago. I was angry at that time with no relationship to God or even my true self. I was a free spirit with no goals, nothing to aim at, or sense of direction. Now I know God. I know me. I know where I am going, what I working towards, and who I am working for...the people. My heart is with them and God. If you want to know more about the eclectic being you are reading about read my book. All the proceeds go to fund the nonprofit that my soul sisters and I have opened that will help so many people. So, even if you read it and don't like it, you at least helped someone in the process and you haven't wasted money.

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Birth of a Black Rainbow 5

Deception of a Black Rainbow 18

How a Rainbow Got Her Colors Back 40

Somewhere Over the Black Rainbow 52

Black Rainbow: Episode One 72

Black Rainbow Episode Two 80

A New Normal 95

Adventures of a Black Rainbow 108

Black Rainbow Episode 3 132

Reflections of a Rainbow 153

Visions of a Rainbow 161

Revelations of a Rainbow 193

My War Cry: 198

Mystic Medicine 219

Letter to the Veterans Affairs: 228

Letter to the City of Moulton: 232

Acknowledgments 239

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