Digging Deeper: Making Number Talks Matter Even More, Grades 3-10

Digging Deeper: Making Number Talks Matter Even More, Grades 3-10

by Ruth Parker, Cathy Humphreys


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“Sense-making makes mathematics personal, and when it’s personal, it comes to life. And that’s how Number Talks can really make a difference.”—Ruth Parker and Cathy Humphreys

How teachers react to wrong answers and mistakes makes all the difference in mathematics class. The response can determine whether a student tunes out or delves in.
In this comprehensive sequel to Making Number Talks Matter, Ruth Parker and Cathy Humphreys explore more deeply the ways Number Talks can transform student understanding of mathematics. Through vignettes and videos, you’ll meet teachers who are learning to listen closely to students and prompting them to figure things out for themselves. You’ll learn how they make on-the-spot decisions, continually advancing and deepening the conversation.
 Personal and accessible, this book highlights:
  • The kinds of questions that elicit deeper thinking
  • Ways to navigate tricky, problematic, or just plain hard exchanges in the classroom
  • How to more effectively use wait time during Number Talks
  • The importance of creating a safe learning environment
  • How to nudge students to think more flexibly without directing their thinking
This book offers a rich assortment of ideas to help make Number Talks even more vibrant and meaningful for you and your students.

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ISBN-13: 9781625312044
Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers
Publication date: 10/12/2018
Pages: 152
Sales rank: 215,443
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range: 8 - 15 Years

About the Author

Parker and Humphreys have taught elementary- through university-level mathematics throughout the country. Currently, they co-direct Transforming Mathematics Classrooms through Number Talks, a statewide mathematics leadership project in Washington. Parker has worked for decades with students, teachers, and parents and has directed several statewide mathematics leadership projects. Humphreys taught grades 2-12 in California for 30 years. She also led professional development courses and workshops for the Mathematics Education Collaborative (MEC) and Math Solutions and served as a middle school mathematics coach for the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative (SVMI). She received her PhD in mathematics education at Stanford University in 2016.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xv

Introduction 1

Chapter 1 A High School Number Talk: The Case of Frosty 5

Chapter 2 Mistakes 19

Chapter 3 Revising the Number Talk Routine Rethinking Wait Time 33

Chapter 4 The Questions We Ask: What? Why? When? 45

Chapter 5 Nudging Helping Students Have Their Own Mathematical Ideas 57

Chapter 6 Dot Talks 65

Chapter 7 Safety 75

Chapter 8 More Bumps in the Road 81

Afterword 93

Appendix A 97

Appendix B 99

Appendix C 109

Video Contents 111

References 119

Index 121

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