Dilemmas in Community Mental Health Practice: Choice or Control

Dilemmas in Community Mental Health Practice: Choice or Control

by Rachel Perkins, Julie Repper


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In a unique approach this book links policy theory and research with the expertise of service providers and users to explore the major debates concerning the provision of mental health services. Many of these dilemmas revolve around questions of who makes the choices and who has control. The book examines the power and demands of the disparate groups involved in the provision and use of services before considering the different practice options and their implicit values and goals. This book will inform critical debate among all those involved in the mental health enterprise and challenge health professionals to consider their own practice. It is timely and relevant reading for practitioners and managers at every level in all disciplines and from all agencies as well as service users and carers.

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ISBN-13: 9781857751819
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 05/31/1998
Pages: 160
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Table of Contents

Introduction. Users, survivors, patients, clients: different words, different meanings. Who should be served?: the deserving and the undeserving. Severe mental illness: the problems of prioritization. Rights, protection and duty of care. Compliance or alliance?: informed choice and the desirability of compliance. Involving service users: influence and incorporation. Health needs, therapy, social care and the practicalities of life. Professional roles: blurring and differentiation. Users, relatives and professionals. What constitutes success?: outcome research, service monitoring and audit.

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