Dinosaur Bonsai Apocalypse

Dinosaur Bonsai Apocalypse

by Keredine Andrade Ganom

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This theory might seem to go against mainstream science.
In reality, my discoveries actually complement Kepler's, Newton's and Einstein's theories of the laws of gravity in relation to the functioning of the Solar System.
Because their equations / theories only give the formulas with vague explanations of the forces at work, they don't address the anatomy of the gravitational force at work in the solar system.
They are partial explanations with partial truth that fit and explain some of the forces of gravity's in specific scenarios, none of them can be applied as an absolute theory of gravity.
Many experiments, situations and scenarios in the past 100 years have found fundamental flaws in the existing theories, and scientist use vague explanations to confirm these theories, that is why physicists are still looking for a unifying theory to encompass all the issues and forces found throughout the universe.

I believe that my discoveries will take us one step closer to deeper understanding of the anatomy of the forces at work, rather than assuming that all bodies and masses attract only due to size or to relative motions.
There are clearly more factors at work.

One should judge a theory by its merit and simplicity, and by the fact that it fits and explains many scenarios and anomalies in the Solar System.

Science is an evolution of discovery, and many changes are still to come.
Science should not be treated like religious dogma.
Science should have open minded debate and analyses, and should always welcome possible new discoveries and theories.
Old scientific hypothesis could be wrong or incomplete.
Scientific knowledge still has plenty of room to evolve, improve and change.
Climate Change and Earth Changes are serious man-made issues, however natural cycles also exist that can affect climate, therefore both man made and natural cycles are true and valid issues.

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Publisher: Kheireddine Ghannoun
Publication date: 12/04/2019
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About the Author

I am the fruit of the World Wide Web, the computer age and the internet Age.
I can honestly say, that has it not been for modern computers, the ease of access
to the internet, and the access to all the scientific works and information existing in
the world, through the Net.
I could have never learned, researched and accomplished my research and projects.
Even though, I am a polymath and polyglot, I am afflicted by various limitations
and disabilities.

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