Discovering Torah Wonders - Unlocking the Hidden Wonders of the Torah

Discovering Torah Wonders - Unlocking the Hidden Wonders of the Torah

by Ephraim Y Roitman

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Discovering Torah Wonders - Sefer VaHair Eineinu Unlocking the Hidden Wonders of the Torah Disclaimer: Good knowledge of the Hebrew language and background Torah education is required to fully understand this book. The Bible Code, or the Torah Code, is a hidden code of Equidistant Letter Skips from within the over 3,300 year old Hebrew Bible that forms meaningful words and phrases that demonstrate foreknowledge and prophecy. Meeting Dr Eliyahu Rips noted Russian Mathematician and Torah Codes expert changed my life. Together with a team of leading scholars including famous mathematicians, among them (Rabbi Doron Witztum, Harold Gans Senior Cryptologic Mathematician for U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, RETIRED, and PRESENTLY INDEPENDENT MATHEMATICAL CONSULTANT, Russian Mathematician Dr Alex Rotenberg, and many others) he shows that the ancient tradition of the greatest of Rabbis that everything is encoded in the Torah is real. Dr Rips spent countless hours showing me astonishing Torah wonders on his computer together with his neat color printouts and he has over 25 years of research that have not yet been published. There is strong - even overwhelming - evidence that Torah Codes are real. This color book show a few examples from my personal notes, and serves as an introduction to the Torah's endless wonders yet there are hundreds of more examples that have still not been published. Please use this book to learn that there is most definitely an intentionally encoded message in the Bible, yet understand that we cannot always decipher every message correctly, and we certainly cannot use the Code to predict future events or to try to promote any specific religion or ideology other than to say that the Torah was clearly written by God. This book contains the Holy Name of G-d so please treat it with respect. For those who do not understand or appreciate the mathematics of the Bible Code, i recommend reading: Marvels of our Blessed G-d's Torah: An Abridgement of Rav Tzvi Hirsch Schlez's Magnum Opus by Rav Yitzchak M Goodman. Even better would be to read the Hebrew original of Rav Tzvi Hirsch Schlez's Magnum Opus called Niflaos MiToras Hashem. For those seeking to understand the harmony of Torah and Science, read Mysteries of the Creation by Rabbi Dovid Brown, an extremely Valuable book. And for those who like to see the great patterns in the bible read Patterns in Genesis and Beyond by Rabbi David Sykes

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Publication date: 10/22/2018
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Discovering Torah Wonders - Unlocking the Hidden Wonders of the Torah 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Extremely well done. I attended several Arachim Torah Code seminars so this book was really neat and novel. Highly recommended for those who can appreciate and research codes \ and or have some Biblical knowledge. Book condenses years of research and offers deep math concepts in really simple language and colorful diagrams almost hiding the complexity of the issue. Yet the research is accurate and correct. And the Bible Code is real. Good Job please publish another volume
RDS RDS More than 1 year ago
As someone who has studied patterns in the Torah intensively for many years, I find Rabbi Ephraim Roitman's new book, Discovering Torah Wonders- Unlocking the Hidden Wonders of the Torah, both illuminating and exciting. I have seen and heard many presentations about the Torah codes. However, I always felt that I was missing a systematic, historical, and methodological framework that would make the codes more accessible to me. This well-organized and very readable book provides what I have been seeking. Rabbi Roitman's clarity and passionate enthusiasm come through on every page and make this book especially engaging and a pleasure to read. Rabbi Dr. David Sykes, author of Patterns in Genesis and Beyond