Disney Syndrome: The effects of fairy-tales as a mind-programming tool

Disney Syndrome: The effects of fairy-tales as a mind-programming tool

by Daniel Marques


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Parents that allow their children to watch or read fairy-tales alone, often repeating the same movie or book several tines, are allowing them to become exposed to a mind manipulation tool from an early stage.Children are extremely vulnerable to this kind of brainwashing, which later ends up not only affecting their future but also conditioning their entire life in a fatalistic way. "I don't deserve", "It's not for me", "I don't have what is needed" or "I'm a bad person", among others, are expressions, feelings and thoughts, that dominate the mind of a person affected by the effects of such mechanism.The name of this syndrome isn't as important here as the context from which it's acquired and the beliefs that ends up creating in many adults, which then govern their life unaware of this influence. Therefore, it is not the intention of this book to provide a psychiatric explanation to the phenomena, which can assume multiple interpretations, making the diagnosis often difficult, but rather provide a wider approach and practical insight about the topic, as well as help parents in analyzing the dangers before they even start to manifest. This is also a book dedicated to help those that feel hopeless in life or unable to get a proper relationship, as the recognition of the problem represents the first and most important step to solve it. It's better to know it than not knowing and allow this mind programming to continue, with movies that tend to insist in repeating the same strategy.Most of what we're told to believe, our values and guiding morals, were imposed on us from an early age, and then reinforced with education and the media. Knowing how fairy-tales determine our life is just the first step in freeing our mind.

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ISBN-13: 9781481244152
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/13/2012
Pages: 26
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.05(d)

About the Author

Daniel Marques is the Author of more than 30 Amazon Bestsellers, including "Spiritual DNA", "Born to be Alive" and "Spiritual Laws of Money", and has written more than 81 books about Spirituality, Conscience, Wisdom and Sexuality. His background experience includes working as a Professor for 4 Universities in subjects related to Business, Human Resources Management, Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce, Academic Writing & Research, Foreign Language & Culture, as well as Teaching Methodologies, but also Business Consultant, Director of Multinational Training Companies, Principal of a Private University, Psychopedagogist (Expert in Learning Disabilities), Translator, Designer (award-winner), Primary School Teacher and High School Teacher for Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Mathematics, Science, History, Sports and Language. In the Spiritual field, he was an active member of many different Religious Societies, Sects & Cults, working closely with their top and older members & having access to the most secret knowledge kept in books and shared in close-door meetings, but has also worked as a Fortune-teller & Spiritual Adviser.

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