Do You Promise Not to Buy a Ticket?

Do You Promise Not to Buy a Ticket?

by Tracey Ozdemir, Joshua Allen

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This much-needed book for young children tells of the plight of captive dolphins. I hope to reach their innocence and love of animals. This book is about the atrocities that a beautiful mammal goes through as he is captured and ends his journey in concrete tank to be used peoples entertainment and greed. Many children dream about swimming with a captive dolphin, but what if they knew the truth? This book tells the true story in a child-friendly way of how dolphins become imprisoned and suffer until their dying day. This story makes children aware that all animals have a right to freedom and educates them about the natural behaviour of a wild animal compared to the behaviour of a captive. We must learn to love and respect our oceans and all those that live in them. Many animals are endangered, soon to become extinct. Our children are the planets future. The way to end most of the atrocities is simple: for children to take the pledge to never buy a ticket to a dolphin show.

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ISBN-13: 9781504989718
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/21/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 32
File size: 10 MB
Age Range: 4 - 8 Years

About the Author

I have been a dolphin/whale defender  Animal Rights Activist.since I was 7 years old. It all started when I was a little girl and I was taken to a marine park to see a captive dolphin show. Even at this early age I sensed things were wrong and started to ask questions from that very day. Why was a dolphin in a swimming pool full of chemicals ! Why was the dolphin fed frozen fish ? Why did the dolphins eyes look so sad. As the years went by I learned more and more about dolphin&whale captivity. I realized how  dolphin therapy is nothing but a scam. A child visiting a puppy animal rescue center would receive just the same benefits from stroking a puppy as they would swimming with a dolphin. Dolphin therapy is a happy feeling not a cure. That happy feeling can be gained by seeing or feeling any cute animal. Often a reaction from parents would be, “But my child will never see a dolphin if these parks did not exist “ My answer to that one is “ Your child will never see a dinosaur, but they still learn all about them “ Then one day watching tv Ric O’Barry the former trainer of Flipper ( A 60s tv show about a dolphin) was on a chat show. He was now a activist fighting against captivity.  But the part that shocked me the most  was the footage shown of the barbaric slaughter of thousands of dolphins that takes place every year from the first day of September right through to March in a small town  Taiji in Japan. I knew there and then I had to do more. Most people are not aware of how captivity and slaughter go hand in hand, And how each captive suffers. I am proud to say I have stood by Ric’s side at protests for the release and against the slaughter of these incredible beings,that have so much intelligence and feel so much sensitivity,Much more than any human. Then the idea came when young children through family and friends often visit my home. My home seems to be their favorite place to visit due to my four legged family. My fur family includes two Great Danes and two Yorkshire Terriers. Pippi is one of my little Yorkies,and is often the favorite among young children. Most children in my life know what I do for the dolphins,and are fully aware of the atrocities and yet this has not given any cause for nightmares and neither have they been affected in any physical or mental way. I find these children show true compassion through their love and innocence of animals. So my idea came for a much needed children’s awareness book. My friend Vicki Kiely,took several young children to the killing cove in Taiji through the dolphin project. These youngsters made amazing mini cove monitors. Their compassion shined out from within,even after witnessing a red cove day (A day dolphins were hunted and driven into the cove for slaughter) Many of us know it is most children’s dream to swim with a captive dolphin! But what if they knew the truth! So I decided to write this children’s book on how our finned friends are in trouble. But my idea was for children to learn the facts from a captive dolphin,whom I named Jonas. If the children could learn that visiting a marine park only adds to the problem. And to learn how captivity goes hand in hand with slaughter. So my characters Daisy Dot and Pippi meet a captive dolphin named Jonas,and they learn the truth through a captive dolphins eyes and of his dreadful experience. After learning of the hard journey that Jonas and his pod went through,they are educated on the most simple way on how to end the captive/slaughter industry. My hope is that through my book many children will become aware and share that awareness with their friends too.

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