Doktor Zhivago

Doktor Zhivago

by Boris Pasternak
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First published in Italy in 1957 amidst international controversy, Doctor Zhivago is the story of the life and loves of a poet/physician during the turmoil of the Russian Revolution. Here is a masterful chronicle of its outbreak and the consequences: army revolts, irrational killings, starvation, epidemics, Communist Party inquisitions. Taking his family from Moscow to what he hopes will be shelter in the Ural Mountains, Zhivago finds himself instead embroiled in the battle between the Whites and the Reds. Set against this backdrop of cruelty and strife is Zhivago's love for the tender and beautiful Lara: pursued, found, and lost again, Lara is the very embodiment of the pain and chaos of those cataclysmic times.

This edition (the only paperback edition now available) includes an introduction by the distinguished Oxford University scholar John Bayley. It reacquaints a new generation of readers with the controversy surrounding the original publication of Doctor Zhivago and places the book in the context of Soviet literary history and the fall of the Soviet Union.

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ISBN-13: 9781723120176
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/16/2018
Pages: 440
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About the Author

BORIS Leonidovich PASTERNAK won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1958 "for his important achievement both in contemporary lyrical poetry and in the field of the great Russian epic tradition.” — the Nobel Prize committee. Pasternak had to decline the honor because of the protests in his home country. Doctor Zhivago became an international bestseller and was translated into 18 languages but circulated only in secrecy and translation in Russia. In 1987 the Union of Soviet Writers posthumously reinstated Pasternak, a move that gave his works a legitimacy they had lacked in the Soviet Union since his expulsion from the writers' union in 1958 and that finally made possible the publication of Doctor Zhivago in the Soviet Union. Pasternak's son accepted his father's Nobel Prize medal at a ceremony in Stockholm in 1989.

Table of Contents

Part 1
1The Five-o'clock Express3
2A Girl from a Different World21
3The Sventitskys' Christmas Party63
4The Hour of the Inevitable91
Part 2
5Farewell to the Old131
6The Moscow Encampment166
7Train to the Urals209
10The Highway306
11The Forest Brotherhood329
12The Rowan Tree352
13Opposite the House of Sculptures376
14Return to Varykino419
17The Poems of Yurii Zhivago521

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Boris Pasternak

I used relgious symbolisms to give warmth to the book. Now some critics have become so wrapped up in those symbols—which are put in the book the way stoves go into a house, to warm it up—that they would like me to commit myself and climb in the stove.... It seemed to me that it was my duty to make a statement about my epoch.

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