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Double-Diffusive Convection / Edition 1

Double-Diffusive Convection / Edition 1


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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 94.

The existence of double-diffusive convection and the associated, visually dramatic and dynamically significant salt fingers (as a molecular instability mechanism that can naturally arise in the ocean) was first recognized in the late 1950s. Since then, research in this area has increased almost exponentially, and new applications of the basic phenomenology continue to arise. At this time the importance of double-diffusive convection (DDC) has been recognized in fields as diverse as geophysics, astrophysics, metallurgy and chemistry as well as in the parent field—ocean physics. In each of these fields the small-scale, DDC phenomenology has been shown (or at least postulated) to be a critical driver for large, even global scale processes. Examples include DDC as a mechanism for maintaining the ocean thermocline and thus the global circulation pattern and DDC as a factor in convection of the Earth's mantle and at the core-mantle boundary.

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ISBN-13: 9780875900766
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 01/09/1995
Series: Geophysical Monograph Series , #94
Pages: 334
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

Table of Contents

Alan Brandt and H. J. S. Fernando ix

Introduction: The Varieties of Turbulent Experiences
Melvin E. Stern 1

Why Didn't Rayleigh Discover Salt Fingers?
Raymond W. Schmitt 3

Laboratory Models of Double-Diffusive Processes
J. S. Turner 11

Thermal Diffusion Phenomena in Thick Fluid Layers
J. Tanny, Z. Harel, and A. Tsinober 31

The Onset of Double-Diffusive Instability in a Layer with Temperature-Dependent Fluid Properties
J. Tanny, V. A. Gotlib, and A. Tsinober 41

"Wave-Convection Coupling" in Multicomponent Convection: An Experimental Study
G. O. Hughes and R. I. Nokes 49

A Quasi-Lagrangian Analysis of Particle Motion in Different Kinds of Background Stratification
A. Y. Benilov and D. W. Collins 57

Numerical Experiment on Double-Diffusive Currents
Jiro Yoshida, Hideki Nagashima, and Moh Nagasaka 69

Double Diffusively Induced Intrusions into a Density Gradient
Moh Nagasaka, Hideki Nagashima and Jiro Yoshida 81

Double Diffusive Flow Patterns in the Unicellar Flow Regime: Attractor Structure and Flow Development
E. Jurjen Kranenborg and Henk A. Dijkstra 89

Layer Formation in a Salt Stratified Liquid Cooled From Above
M. Jeroen Molemaker and Henk A. Dijkstra 97

Double Diffusive Instabilities at a Vertical Boundary
Oliver S. Kerr 105

Axisymmetric Double-Diffusive Convection in a Cylindrical Container: Linear Stability Analysis with Applications to Molten CaO-Al203-Si02
Yan Liang 115

Dissipative Structure, Non-Uniform Strain Fields, and Formation of Seismicity Patterns
Yijun Du 125

Formation of Layered Structures in Double-Diffusive Convection as Applied to the Geosciences
Ulrich Hansen and David A. Yuen 13 5

Volume Separation in Double Diffusive Convection Systems
Antoly S. Fradkov, Giinter Nauheimer, and Horst J. Neugebauer 151

The Shearing Instability in Magnetoconvection
A. M. Rucklidge and P. C. Matthews 171

Diffusion and Double Diffusive Convection in Isothermal Liquid Boundaries
Vincenzo Vitagliano 185

Double Diffusively Unstable Intrusions Near an Oceanic Front: Observations from R/P FLIP
Steven P. Anderson and Robert Pinkel 195

Salt Fingering and Turbulence-Induced Microstructure Measured by a Towed Temperature-Conductivity Chain
Stephen A. Mack and Howard C. Schoberlein 213

Sheet Splitting and Hierarchy of "Convective Plumes" in the North-Western Tropical Atlantic
Salt Finger Staircase
Iossif D. Lozovatsky 237

Salt Fingering in the Cyprus Eddy
Tal Berman, Stephen Brenner, and Nathan Paldor 251

Sources of Double Diffusive Convection and Impacts on Mixing in the Black Sea
Emin Ozsoy and Sukru Beiktepe 261

Observations of Missing Processes Downstream from the Confluence of the Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers
John A. Moody 275

A Model of the Ocean Thermocline Stepwise Stratification Caused by Double Diffusion
Ye. Yu. Kluikov and L. N Karlin 287

Wind-Driven Double-Diffusive Convection in Ocean Surface Layers
George H. Knightly and D. Sather 293

The Salt Finger Wavenumber Spectrum
Colin Y. Shen and Raymond W. Schmitt 305

Quantifying Salt-Fingering Fluxes in the Ocean
Eric Kunze 313

An Investigation of Kunze's Salt Finger Flux Laws—Are They Stable?
David Walsh and Barry Ruddick 321

Observations of the Density Perturbatio Which Drive Thermohaline Intrusions
Barry Ruddick and David Walsh 329

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