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Double Standard / Edition 1

Double Standard / Edition 1

by James W. Russell


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Today Europeans see their strong welfare states as necessary to counter the worst features of unrestrained capitalism. They pay high taxes to support generous social benefits. Americans, to the contrary, have been conditioned to shudder at the very idea of a welfare state, upholding instead a laissez-faire faith in market solutions to social problems. They pay low taxes and have few tax-subsidized benefits. In this far-ranging study, James W. Russell shows how and why these different models of social and welfare policy developed. He examines how Europe and the United States have handled differently, and with different consequences, such common social problems as poverty, inequality, unemployment, family support, health care provision, ethnic and racial conflict, and crime. Ultimately, Russell demonstrates that the different European and American social policy orientations have produced different social ways of life, ways of life that are now in contention for the future of western societies.

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ISBN-13: 9780742546936
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 10/28/2006
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 204
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About the Author

James W. Russell is the Connecticut State University Professor of Sociology at Eastern Connectictut State. He is the author of five other books, including, Societies and Social Life: An Introduction to Sociology, third ed. (Sloan Publishing, 2006), After the Fifth Sun: Class and Race in North America (Prentice Hall, 1994), and Modes of Production in World History (Routledge, 1989). Additionally, Russell has contributed articles and op-ed pieces to a number of magazines and newspapers: among them, The Nation, The Progressive, Monthly Review, The Hartford Courant, The Portland Oregonian, and The New York Times.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction: From Social Problems to Social Policies: Structural Contexts, Social Theory and Ideology, Social Policy, Comparing Europe and the United States 2 The Social Worldview of Medieval Christianity as Prologue 3 Secular Transitions and Assumptions: Equality, Good and Evil, Reason and Irrationality 4 Marx, Durkheim, and the Limits of Laissez-faire Capitalism: Marx and the Logic of Commodification, Durkheim and Social Solidarity 5 From Theory to Ideology: Socialism, Liberalism, Conservatism, Ideology and Culture, Conservative Counter Reforms 6 Origins of Social Policy in Europe and the United States: Origins of Social Policy, Europe, The United States 7 Alternative Approaches to Social Policy: Social Policy Options-Responsibility, Providers, Eligibility, Beneficiaries, Comprehensiveness of Benefits, Financing; Comparative Welfare States 8 Social Cohesion and Inequality: Equality of Opportunity; Social Cohesion; Income Inequality; Inequality Reduction - Public Sector, Socialized Consumption, Progressive Taxation, Inequality Reduction in Europe and the United States 9 Poverty: Meanings and Types, Measuring Poverty, Poverty Reduction, The Politics of Poverty Reduction 10 Unemployment: The Sword of Damocles: Historical Origins, First Unemployment Crises, Economic Functions of Unemployment, Social Consequences, Social Policy - Maximizing Employment, Unemployment Relief 11 Support for Child Raising: The Family as Child Welfare Provider: Past and Present, Socializing the Costs of Child Raising - Maternity and Paternity Leaves, Family Allowances, Child Care, Public Education; Child Poverty and Poverty Reduction 12 Support for the Aged: Development of Retirement Systems, Defined-Benefit versus Defined-Contribution Retirement Systems, National Retirement Systems, Elderly Poverty and Poverty Reduction 13 Health Care: Development of National Health Insurance, Comparative Health Systems, Reform Policy 14 Ethnic and Racial Policy: National Identity, Internal Minorities, Immigrant Minorities - Migration from Developing Countries, Migrant Death, Agricultural Modernization and Migration: Mexico and Spain; Social Policy - Assimilation versus Multiculturalism, 15 Incarceration as Social Policy 16 Summary: Principles for Progressive Social Policy: Values and Goals, Principles for Progressive Social Policy, Community Welfare, Social Inclusion, Social Solidarity, Anomie Prevention, Social Equality and Poverty Reduction, Decommodification, Increasing 17 Notes, Bibliography, Index, About the Author

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