Down Syndrome...Sometimes: A child is more than a diagnosis

Down Syndrome...Sometimes: A child is more than a diagnosis


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All children are unique. Children with developmental challenges are no different. There are many misconceptions about Down syndrome. While it is true that children with this diagnosis share similar characteristics, it does not mean that they are all the same. While people with Down syndrome have many recognizable facial features in common due to their genetic makeup, it is important to note that people with Down syndrome, just like the rest of us, look like their parents and family members. All children with Down syndrome have some degree of learning concern but this too varies from child to child. While there are some conditions that occur more frequently with people with Down syndrome, not all share the same findings. Looks, skills, health and many other features are influenced by many factors, not just a diagnosis. It is important to remember that a child is an individual and not just a diagnosis. Once we reflect on this, we can appreciate the child rather than lament the diagnosis.

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ISBN-13: 9781530994687
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Publication date: 05/08/2016
Series: Special Needs , #6
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