Dr. Paul's TOTAL Relief, Depression, Book 3: Formulas that BLAST the pain

Dr. Paul's TOTAL Relief, Depression, Book 3: Formulas that BLAST the pain

by Paul Joseph Young


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My Dear Reader,
You are reading Book 3 in my series of three books that will give you the formulas you need to find TOTAL RELIEF. As you have discovered in Book 1 and 2, these are NOT just books on depression and definitely not your typical self-help book.

No way!

You saw in Book 1 and 2 that I take your depression seriously.
But before you continue reading -


Have you read Book 1 and 2 in this series and worked through the workbooks, 10 Days To A New You as well as my Quick Relief YES! Cards?

If not, please do not continue until you read the first and second book as well as the workbooks and practiced the YES! Cards. Book 1 gives you the basic steps and formulas to helping you get out of your prison of depression. This book gives you the ABC's that will move you toward TOTAL RELIEF. Once you read Book 1 and 2, and apply my formulas and practice them, you will then be ready for this book, Book 3.

You found that out if you have already read my BREAKTHROUGH FORMULAS, Formula 1, Formula 2 and Formula 3 in my best seller, Book 1 on depression as well as Formula 4, Formula 5, and Formula 6 in my best seller, Book 2.

You see, depression has been referred to as the number one health problem in the world. If not treated it can kill. But you have discovered my special treatment, an approach that really works.

My approach to help you goes incredibly beyond what most programs and books offer. In my opinion almost all texts on depression, even the best sellers, fall short from what you desperately seek. They render some relief, but most of them do not deliver to you the healing and freedom you desire. They do not take you all the way to TOTAL RELIEF.

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ISBN-13: 9781514170700
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/06/2015
Series: Dr. Paul's TOTAL Relief, Depression , #3
Pages: 190
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