by Tikuli, James Goddard


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Perhaps it is a myth that writing poetry is a lonely art. Collaborations among poets have a long history and in these days of the internet it has become easier to collaborate than ever before—using text messages, email or even working on the same poem while living thousands of miles apart... these impromptu collaborative works grew organically into a form challenging the role, gender, age, personality, culture which are usually the mark the individual. Here all bets are off . We trusted each other and took the many directions the words steered us into without being judgemental about what the other had written. The joy in creating something together is immeasurable. Time was a big challenge as both of us are writers with large workloads, but we somehow managed to hold on to what we were doing and assigned times to get together online to write new pieces and enjoy our collaborative time together.

Tikuli is an internationally published poet, author and blogger from Delhi whose work has appeared in print and online literary magazines including Le Zaporogue, MiCROW 8, The Smoking Book (Poets Wear Prada Press, US), Life and legends, Levure Littéraire 10, The Enchanting Verses Literary Review, Open Road Review, Cafe Dissensus, Mnemosyne Literary Journal, Dissident Voice, Women’s Web, Tuck Magazine, The Criterion, Peregrine Muse, Knot Magazine, Asian Signature Magazine, The Bombay Review, The Thumb Print–A Magazine From the East, The Peacock Journal and The Peacock Journal Anthology, TEKSTO–The People’s Magazine, Guntur National Poetry Festival Anthology, Melange –a Potpourri of Thoughts, Le Zaporogue Print edition and the much acclaimed Chicken Soup For the Indian Romantic Soul (Westland). She is the proud mother of two sons. You can follow Tikuli’s blog at tikulicious.wordpress.com.

James Goddard is an editor and small press publisher who sometimes writes. He lives in Yorkshire, England. No recent photographs of him exist.

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ISBN-13: 9781909849679
Publisher: James Goddard
Publication date: 11/19/2018
Pages: 86
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