Adam-12 - Season One

Adam-12 - Season One

Director: Alan Crosland Jr., Bruce Kessler, Harry Morgan
Cast: Hollingsworth Morse



The most successful of producer Jack Webb's non-Dragnet TV projects, the weekly, half-hour Adam-12 was a realistic, unardorned look at the "working cop". Each episode dealt with a typical day in the lives of two uniformed policeman, assigned to a patrol car in the teeming streets of Los Angeles. Martin Milner was cast as Officer Pete Malloy, a seasoned veteran who in the first episode was teamed with probationary rookie cop Officer Jim Reed, played by Kent McCord. Rocky moments notwithstanding, the relationship between Malloy and Reed was never "superior/inferior" but always on an equal basis, with young Jim benefiting mightily from Pete's casual expertise, and Pete in turn being "humanized" by the eager-beaver Jim. It was clearly established that the partners were not supermen or paragons: They were both capable of making serious mistakes and errors of judgment, and both could be emotionally affected by their work despite the hard shell they'd had to build around themselves when dealing with a variety of unpleasant "perps". Reversing the usual cop-movie cliché, junior partner Reed was married (to wife Jean, played variously by Mikki Jamison and Kristin Harmon), while Malloy was a bachelor. Sent to their various assignments by a never seen police dispatcher (voice provided by Shaaron Claridge), whose oft-repeated "One Adam 12 -- One Adam 12" became the series' most familiar catchphrase, Reed and Malloy handled cases ranging from the hilarious to the horrendous. Over the years their cop-shop colleagues included Sgt. MacDonald (William Boyett), Officer Ed Wells (Gary Crosby), Officer Jerry Walters (William Stevens), Sgt. Jerry Miller (Jack Hogan), Officer Grant (William Elliott), Officer Woods (Fred Stromsoe), and Officers Brinkman and Green, both played (though not during the same seasons) by utility actor Claude Johnson. Lasting seven seasons and 174 episodes, Adam-12 ran on NBC from September 21, 1968 through August 26, 1974.

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Release Date: 08/23/2005
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Original Release: 0000
Rating: NR
Source: Universal Studios
Region Code: 1
Time: 10:47:00

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Martin Milner Officer Pete Malloy
Paul Carr Benjamin Whitley,Pinter
Ahna Capri Penelope Lang
Anne Helm Peg
Anne Whitfield Vera Whitley
Arthur Gilmore Lt. Val Wangsgard,Lt. Moore
Charles Dierkop Janney
Cloris Leachman Judy Allen
Cynthia Hull Carol Anderson
Dick Sargent Sidney Roemer
Gary Crosby Off. Ed Wells
Harry Hickox Jenkins
Henry Beckman Levering
Jack Hogan Off. Miller,Sgt. Jerry Miller
Joan Shawlee Mrs. Getz
Karen Black Susan Decker
Kent McCord Officer Jim Reed
Luana Anders Jane Tipton
Mittie Lawrence Mrs. Ward,Mrs. Devers
Nydia Westman Alice Hoyt
Richard Hale Saulsberry
Richard Van Vleet Off. Bill Stentzler
Scott Brady John Harris
Stafford Repp Mr. Walker
Tim Matheson Leroy
William Dooley James Walker
William Mims Jimmy Eisley
Ann Morgan Guilbert Ruth Elkins
Bob Hastings Beuler,Charles Beuhler
Dan Ferrone Horace Fenster,Off. Johnson
Del Moore Ted Wilson
Dennis G. Turner Norman Crane
Dick Foran Fred Haines
Don Hanmer Marty Braner
Hampton Fancher Philip Bartell
Harry Dean Stanton Henry Fletcher
James Callahan Miles Wellman
Jenny Sullivan Ellen Harris
Joseph Mell Cal
Katherine Squire Mrs. Hess
Ken Swofford Floyd Delman
Mary Gregory Mrs. Harris
Maura McGiveney Joanna
Melody Patterson Valerie Dickons
Richard Steele Tommy
Steve Cory Talbot
Vincent Beck Joe Claver
Walter Mathews Thurston
William Stevens Off. Walters
Alice Frost Mrs. Stockton
Barry Williams Grant
Claude Johnson Off. Brinkman
Craig Curtis Frank Spohr
Dawn Lyn Charlie Phelps
Eldon Quick Cliff Rankin
Elvia Allman Mrs. Lazwell
Ena Hartman Mrs. Fred Warner
Eunice Christopher Reba Beuhler
Eve Brent Eve
Eve McVeagh Mrs. Thelma Walker
Floyd Mutrux Milne
Geoffrey Deuel Banner
Hal Smith Brohanon
Jo Ann Harris Susan
Joan Staley Agnes Wellman
Joyana Frederics Muriel Fletcher
Kelly Thordsen Franklin
Lee J. Lambert Brian Taggart
Patricia Lee Linda
Philip Chapin Ray Evans
Ray Ballard James Fenster
Robert Donner TeeJay
Stacy Harris Jim Ralston,Lane
William Boyett Sgt. MacDonald
Zalman King Man Holding Baby
Amzie Strickland Mrs. Agatha Zephyr
Art Ballinger Inspector
Bambi Allen Jeannette Phelps
Barbara Baldavin Betty Wells
Bruce Watson Carl Robinson
Byron Foulger Driver
Christopher West Wendy Roemer
David Westberg Howie Hewlitt
Dianna Curtis Girl Suspect
Gene Dynarski Ed Johnson
Harry Swoger Pool Hall Manager
John Lupton Ted Larson
Judy Brown Sharon
Julian Barton Mac Jeffries
Nina Shipman Marjorie Fenster
Peter Duryea Carter
Roger Garrett Larry Harris
William Bramley Cullen
Angela Greene Sally Gentry
Chuck Bowman Off. Miller
Conny van Dyke Abbie Jenks
Dorothy Rice Mrs. Bussby
James McEachin Off. Wood
James Milhollin Charlie Kendall
Jimmy Mathers Rick
John Nolan Harold Mason
Kenneth Washington Miller,Off. Russo
Lee Stanley Off. Johnson
Margaret Field Mrs. Milne
Maria Grimm Annie
Maudie Prickett Landlady
Ned Glass Bookie
Pamela McMyler Maria Nunez
Speedy Zapata Pepe Garcia
Tani Phelps Mrs. Dorothy Freeman
Zolya Talma Mrs. Hirsch
James Driskill William Phelps

Technical Credits
Alan Crosland Director
Bruce Kessler Director
Harry Morgan Director
Hollingsworth Morse Director
Jack Webb Director
Phil Rawlins Director
Robert I. Holt Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1, Side A
1. Main Titles [1:04]
2. Playing Rough [11:57]
3. Saving Lives [10:36]
4. End Titles [1:15]
1. Main Titles [1:08]
2. Overdose [12:42]
3. Making a Case [9:19]
4. End Titles [1:44]
1. Main titles [1:08]
2. Fender Bender [11:10]
3. Guns and Babies [1:56]
4. End Titles [9:02]
1. Main Titles [1:10]
2. Working With Detectives [14:09]
3. On the Street [7:48]
4. End Titles [1:44]
1. Main Titles [1:08]
2. Officer Down [10:54]
3. Risky Business [10:44]
4. End Titles [2:01]
1. Main Titles [1:08]
2. Over the Edge [12:33]
3. Armed Robber [9:38]
4. End Titles [1:28]
1. Main Titles [1:08]
2. Far Out [9:57]
3. The New Generation [11:33]
4. End Titles [2:14]
Side #2 -- Disc 1, Side B
1. Main Titles [1:08]
2. The Wild West [9:51]
3. Viva El California [12:25]
4. End Titles [1:28]
1. Main Titles [1:08]
2. Cut and Rolled [11:06]
3. Bum Beef [10:47]
4. End Titles [1:51]
1. Main Titles [1:08]
2. Head Stuck [14:17]
3. Peace and Quiet [7:46]
4. End Titles [1:37]
1. Main Titles [1:09]
2. On Fire [13:36]
3. Cooling Off [8:19]
4. End Titles [1:47]
1. Main Titles [1:08]
2. Crazy Kids [9:38]
3. On Stakeout [11:52]
4. End Titles [2:11]
1. Main Titles [1:08]
2. Merry Christmas [12:32]
3. In the Spirit [8:47]
4. End Titles [2:23]
Side #3 -- Disc 2, Side A
1. Main Titles [1:08]
2. Officer Presence [12:35]
3. Shots Fired! [9:35]
4. End Titles [1:28]
1. Main Titles [1:08]
2. Word on the Street [12:46]
3. Busted [8:59]
4. End Titles [1:57]
1. Main Titles [1:09]
2. Mounted Police [10:31]
3. Life in the Big City [10:50]
4. End Titles [2:22]
1. Main Titles [1:09]
2. Officer-Involved Shooting [9:08]
3. Under Review [1:48]
4. End Titles [10:48]
1. Main Titles [1:09]
2. By the Book [11:37]
3. Finding Him First [10:11]
4. End Titles [1:55]
1. Main Titles [1:08]
2. Out to Lunch [8:05]
3. High Wire Act [13:10]
4. End Titles [2:30]
1. Main Titles [1:08]
2. Student Unrest [10:44]
3. Defusing the Situation [11:11]
4. End Titles [1:48]
Side #4 -- Disc 2, Side B
1. Main Titles [1:08]
2. On Drugs [9:39]
3. A Reason for Living [12:50]
4. End Titles [1:14]
1. Main Titles [1:08]
2. Super Cop [9:19]
3. He's Been Hit [13:15]
4. End Titles [1:09]
1. Main Titles [1:08]
2. Home Alone [12:42]
3. Child Abuse [9:04]
4. End Titles [1:58]
1. Main Titles [1:08]
2. Getting Serious [10:47]
3. Really Tough [11:00]
4. End Titles [1:54]
1. Main Titles [1:08]
2. Neighborly Dispute [14:57]
3. Working it Out [6:56]
4. End Titles [1:48]
1. Main Titles [1:08]
2. Telling Stories [14:40]
3. Making Trouble [7:28]
4. End Titles [1:33]

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Adam-12 - Season One 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Best TV series featuring the day-to-day work of street cops. While any series needs to be entertaining in order to keep an audience, Adam-12 was the best show to do this and still have credibility. I still enjoy watching the shows. Hopefully, the other seasons will be released on DVD soon.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I believe that &quot Adam 12&quot to be one of the most realistic day to day police shows ever produced. It had an excellent cast and most believable stories. Malloy and Reed were excellent, but not perfect officers. They made mistakes which made them human. &quot Adam 12&quot is one of my favorite shows and I look forward to purchasing season 2 through 7. Please continue to release the remaining seasons as soon as possible. &quot Adam 12&quot has my highest rating. Thank you R.B.H. in Maine.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In these days of ridiculous shows like CSI, et al, it's very refreshing to sit down to a show like Adam-12. Not only well-acted and directed, but still one of the most realistic cop shows ever made. Hey, Universal, release Season 2 already!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Would like to see the other seasons and add them to my collection with Season 1. Enjoyed it very much! I saw this show when I was just a kid and loved it even then!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a great program, and one of my all time favorites. Universal should put the rest of the series on DVD. There are some great eposides in seasons 2-7. Universal listen to the fans!