Agatha Christie's Marple: Series 2

Agatha Christie's Marple: Series 2

Director:  Cast: Geraldine McEwan


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Release Date: 08/29/2006
UPC: 0054961849093
Original Release: 0000
Rating: NR
Source: Acorn Media
Time: 6:12:00
Sales rank: 25,628

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Agatha Christie: Marple - Sleeping Murder, Vol. 1
1. India [2:14]
2. Welcome to England [12:00]
3. Quiet Death [4:30]
4. Hillside File [5:00]
5. Uncle James [14:20]
6. Funnybones Say Goodbye [10:05]
7. Jackie's Theory [8:54]
8. Eve Ballantyne [7:01]
9. Waiting for Lily [7:17]
10. Reunion [13:46]
11. Exit Stage Right [8:07]
Disc #2 -- Agatha Christie: Marple - By the Prickling of My Thumbs, Vol. 2
1. Tommy & Tuppence [4:40]
2. Aunt Ada [5:27]
3. Bad News [8:34]
4. Sleuthing Partners [7:21]
5. Car Trouble [8:59]
6. Cryptic Clues [6:06]
7. Septimus Bligh [9:38]
8. Calling on Tommy [12:48]
9. Clue Talk [5:12]
10. Jane Eyre Screening [10:47]
11. Confession Call [13:43]
Disc #3 -- Agatha Christie: Marple - The Moving Finger, Vol. 3
1. Country Life [14:02]
2. Welcome Letter [8:00]
3. Another Suicide? [7:54]
4. Inquest [8:17]
5. Mark My Words [5:54]
6. Sensitive Antennae [14:32]
7. Joanna's Note [4:46]
8. Soiree [13:55]
9. Father's Daughter [4:54]
10. Obvious Truth [11:09]
Disc #4 -- Agatha Christie: Marple - The Sittaford Mystery, Vol. 4
1. Captain Trevelyan [7:23]
2. Sittaford House [7:32]
3. The Three Clowns [8:16]
4. Avoiding the Press [8:45]
5. Séance [8:03]
6. National Tragedy [6:59]
7. Questioning [8:14]
8. Mrs. Trevelyan [7:09]
9. Professional Misconduct [10:30]
10. Excavating Facts [7:41]
11. Ingenious Plan [12:45]

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Agatha Christie's Marple: Series 2 3.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you haven't seen if for free on cable or PBS, and you're an Agatha Christie fan, you might want to steer clear of this series. It's so solidly bad it's shocking. They selected Geraldine McEwan to be the new Miss Marple, trussed her up and made her so stupid that no one could believe her capable of figuring out the crime. She's also extremely irritating, attempting to be ingratiating and cutesy. The plots are terrible. I've read a few of Christie's books and I couldn't find any recognizable parts of her books in this series either. Other reviewers have noted this. It's misleading. What a horrible thing to do to Fans of the wonderful Miss Marple.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I watched all of these on local PBS, and couldn't wait to get the DVD. Preordered it as soon as it was available, and watched them all over again. I know a lot of people are fanatical in their devotion to the Joan Hickson Marple, but they don't do much for me. They have just started rerunning them and I tried watching again. They are well done, but have no sense of humor or fun. Left me longing to pop in my Geraldine McEwen set to watch all over again. Having recently reread some of the books, I notice one word that is most often used to describe Miss Marple is "twinkle" - she twinkles, her eyes twinkle, she twinkles at people. I'm sorry, Joan Hickson may be a great actress, but she never twinkles. Her Miss M is rather stern and judgmental, if you ask me. But Geraldine McEwan - no one twinkles like she does! Her Miss M is fun to watch - no, she's a joy to watch!. Everything about these episodes is top notch - acting, writing, cinematography - everything. They are extremely rewatchable. I own both seasons, and can never get tired of them. My favorite episode is usually the one I'm currently watching. Yes they take some liberties - tweaking plots, altering characters, changing 'whodunit' even. But so what! That's what keeps you guessing. These are not books on tape, these are movies - aka entertainment. Look what they did with Sherlock Holmes in the Basil Rathbone movies - most aren't even set in the same era as the books, and have him chasing Nazi's and secret weapons and other story lines that Arthur Conan Doyle never dreamed of, but they are still well loved, and it's hard to think of Sherlock Holmes without picturing Basil Rathbone. For my money, Geraldine McEwan is the best Miss Marple, one you'd love to know yourself. If you love a good mystery, want to sit back and be thoroughly entertained, and possess a sense of humor, these are for you. If not, well, there's no accounting for taste. I think, and certainly hope, they are now filming a season three, and I can't wait to get it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I agree with some reviews here, that this series really does a hatchet job to Agatha Christie's wonderful mysteries. There's no resemblance except that they kept the titles, Miss Marple name and the names of about 3 characters. I would love this series even with many changes if it was interesting. It's not. It's hard to watch wonderful actors like Timothy Dalton and Greta Sacchi made to look like amatuers in a tacky community play. I truly hated "Sittaford Mystery." It was garish and the actors wasted. "The Moving Finger" was somewhat good (that's why I didn't give it the worse rating), but very changed. "Pricking of My Thumbs" was also terrible with Miss Marple just plopped into a Christie Book to extend this series. She never was in this book. I recorded these on my DVD recorder and donated them afterward. I saw them once. That was enough
Guest More than 1 year ago
I really looked to this series. I watched both seasons and only one "moving finger which was good", is okay. miss marple is not what I always thought. The series is not really mysterious at all. I'm really disappointed because this is the first time I didn't like a mystery on public tv. We dont get cable.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Okay, I don't read the Christie books. But I know a tad about Miss Marple and these "Mysteries" are horrible. They make absolutely no sense. The actress playing Miss Marple, Geraldine McEwan, acts clownish and so does everyone else. Talk about chew up the scenery!! It's real tacky too. Everyone seems to think if they pop their eyes out the sockets and say their sad lines real loud, we'll be impressed. Well I'm not. Pretty bad all around.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
malteselover87 More than 1 year ago
My husband and I have spent the last several months watching the Christie movies and we especially love this actress, G. McEwin. I have spent at least forty-five of my fifty-eight years reading and re-reading all of Christie's works. I think all the movies and made for tv are wonderful.
ShanghaiTjan More than 1 year ago
We loved it! But we are aficionados of British Detective Series and particularly like Agatha Christie's Miss Marple. Geraldine McEwan is an excellent Miss Marple and these tales really stand the test of time.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Once again, a home run. I loved the lady
Kalona More than 1 year ago
I love anything to do with murder mystery. I could watch them over and over. I got interested while in England. I will be buying more.