Beulah: A Good Band Is Easy To Kill

Beulah: A Good Band Is Easy To Kill

Director: Charles Norris Cast: Miles Kurosky, Bill Swan, Pat Noel



Founded by Bill Swan and Miles Kurosky, Beulah were an indie rock band from San Francisco whose sound grew from lo-fi pop into a more ambitious and Baroque sound over the course of four albums and eight years. Sadly, the group's ambitions outstripped their commercial profile, and in 2004 the group disbanded. Beulah: A Good Band Is Easy to Kill is a documentary which follows the group during their final tour, performing songs from all four albums and featuring material from each show from the trip.

Product Details

Release Date: 08/02/2005
UPC: 0022891445890
Original Release: 2004
Source: Mvd Visual
Region Code: 0
Sound: [Dolby Digital Stereo]
Time: 1:29:00

Special Features

Twenty deleted scenes with footage from every stop on the tour; Seventeen full songs of Beulah in concert, spanning their entire discography

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. "Highway 61 and I'm Done" [1:57]
2. "Story of His Fucking Life and Mine" [1:15]
3. "Either Way, We Gotta Fucking Leave, Huh?" [3:25]
4. "Good Job if You Can Get It" [5:00]
5. "What Do I Do on Tour?" [2:30]
6. "We Got Bananas in Arizona!" [2:31]
7. "I Thought I Just Played the Best Show of My Fucking Life" [2:15]
8. "You Really Got to Be Nicer to Your Band. They're Starting to Hate You" [2:41]
9. "D'Eye Haff Wuhn" [5:21]
10. "We Have Johnny Cash's Dead Body" [3:56]
11. "The Problem With Modern Times" [4:37]
12. "See, That's Exactly What You Can't Do" [3:12]
13. "How to Cook Hippy Fucking Food" [6:34]
14. "Don't Backseat Fucking Drive" [2:26]
15. "I Think I'm Fine" [5:02]
16. "I Don't Know Who I Know and Who I Don't Know" [2:00]
17. "Backstage With No Brains" [2:33]
18. "Anything That's Free, You Take It" [6:35]
19. "Everybody's Going Home, but There's Still $120 Worth of Beer Coming to This Place" [4:12]
20. "Once You Hit It, It Fucks You Shit Up" [2:38]
21. "It'll Be Fun to Try and Sing and Play Trumpet at the Same Time" [3:29]
22. "It's in the Dog" [2:37]
23. "He's Doing the Noble Thing. He's Trying to Get Laid" [4:34]
24. "These Bands You Love So Much" [3:29]
25. "It's Late, and I Just Want to Go Home" [4:32]

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