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First Works is billed as an exciting collection of uncensored interviews with a generation's most successful filmmakers. With its low-budget origins and production values, it comes off more like a made-for-film-school interview collection. The featured directors provide a wealth of informative and educational nuggets from the origins of their careers, and diehard fans and film students will be riveted. But the nature of the material and generally poor quality of the videotaped interviews and movie clips will turn away a wider audience. The audio quality is just acceptable enough for the interview material, and the tinny audio of the film clips certainly won't rattle any seats or win any awards. This first volume of the series compiles interviews with Oliver Stone, Paul Mazursky, Robert Zemeckis, Taylor Hackford, Spike Lee, Roger Corman, and Richard Benjamin. Supplemental material consist solely of simple text list filmographies and an interesting interview with series creator Robert Kline. His anecdotes about being unsuccessful until Martin Scorsese agreed to an interview give as much insight into the Hollywood beast as any of the director interviews. Volume Two of First Works continues where the Volume One left off, featuring six new directors discussing their "first works," including Martin Scorsese, John Milius, Richard Donner, John Carpenter, Susan Seidelman, and Ron Howard. Supplemental material consist solely of simple text list filmographies of the directors.

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Release Date: 10/08/2002
UPC: 0603497218325
Rating: NR
Source: Rhino
Presentation: [B&W]
Time: 5:00:00

Special Features

Filmographies for each of the 13 directors; Interview with the show's creator Robert Kline

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Volume 1
2. Oliver Stone [17:47]
3. Paul Mazursky [19:58]
4. Robert Zemeckis [22:03]
5. Taylor Hackford [20:15]
6. Spike Lee [20:03]
7. Roger Corman [18:50]
8. Richard Benjamin [21:20]
Side #2 -- Volume 2
2. Martin Scorsese [27:46]
3. John Milius [18:38]
4. Richard Donner [16:35]
5. John Carpenter [21:30]
6. Susan Seidelman [18:23]
7. Ron Howard [14:08]

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