Director: Tony Bill Cast: James Franco, Martin Henderson, David Ellison


As World War I rages in Europe and Allied forces in France, Italy, and England find their resolve quickly diminishing due to the overwhelming force of the German juggernaut, a handful of brave American soldiers volunteer to join their French counterparts in learning to fly and fighting for freedom from above as the true story of the legendary Lafayette Escadrille comes to the screen in a breathtaking war adventure from Academy Award-winning director Tony Bill and famed producer Dean Devlin. They have come from all over the United States, ready and willing to put their lives on the line despite their country's initial pledge to not get involved with the all-consuming war that rages throughout Europe. Few could have foreseen the challenges faced by the world's first fighter pilots, however, and upon arriving at their aerodrome in France, the aspiring aviators are assigned to a new squadron under the command of war-ravaged Captain Thenault (Jean Reno) and battle-weary American pilot Reed Cassidy -- the sole survivor of his devastated former air brigade. With little encouragement from their fellow aviators and nothing to drive but their unifying goal of taking to the skies and offering up their lives in the name of freedom, the determined airmen of the Lafayette Escadrille set out to make history by embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. James Franco, Martin Henderson, and David Ellison star in a script penned by Phil Sears, Blake T. Evans, and David S. Ward.

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Release Date: 01/30/2007
UPC: 0027616062246
Original Release: 2006
Rating: PG-13
Source: 20Th Century Fox
Region Code: 1
Sound: [Dolby Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
Time: 2:19:00

Special Features

Audio commentary by director Tony Bill and producer Dean Devlin

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
James Franco Blaine Rawlings
Martin Henderson Reed Cassidy
David Ellison Eddie Beagle
Jennifer Decker Lucienne
Jean Reno Captain Thenault
Tyler Labine Briggs Lowry
Abdul Salis Eugene Skinner
Philip Winchester William Jensen
Daniel Rigby Ives
Barry McGee Dewitt
Augustin Legrand LT Giroux
Lex Shrapnel Grant
Keith McErlean Vernon Toddman
Michael Jibson Lyle Porter
Christien Anholt Higgins
Pip Pickering Nunn
Kyle Hesner Smith Jacques
Alain Boublil Luc
Lauren Downing Marie
Hayley Downing Marie

Technical Credits
Tony Bill Director,Screenwriter
Peter Afterman Musical Direction/Supervision
Chris Blunden Editor
Henry Braham Cinematographer
David Brown Executive Producer
James Clayton Executive Producer
Yves de Bono Special Effects Supervisor
Dean Devlin Producer
Nic Ede Costumes/Costume Designer
Blake T. Evans Original Story,Screenwriter
Marc Frydman Producer
Phillip Goldfarb Executive Producer
Matt Gray Art Director
Dan Hubbard Casting
Ros Hubbard Casting
John Hubbard Casting
Andy Kennedy Sound/Sound Designer
Rachel Olschan Associate Producer
Kearie Peak Co-producer
Trevor Rabin Score Composer
Duncan Reid Executive Producer
Ron Rosen Editor
Marc Roskin Co-producer
Phil Sears Screenwriter
Gareth Tandy Asst. Director
Ian Voigt Sound/Sound Designer
David S. Ward Screenwriter
Charles Wood Production Designer
Margaret Yen Musical Direction/Supervision

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Flyboys
1. Main Titles/Off to War [6:21]
2. Orientation [1:43]
3. For Killers Only [5:46]
4. Training [2:21]
5. Out of Gas [3:35]
6. Personal Insignia [4:20]
7. Briefing [4:48]
8. Dogfight [3:30]
9. Pilot Down [3:44]
10. Drink Up [5:52]
11. Lucienne [2:20]
12. Honor in the Skies [2:40]
13. Officially Killers [4:10]
14. A Future in Flying [2:25]
15. Having Fun [6:22]
16. Are You a Spy? [3:06]
17. Aerial Combat [3:32]
18. Desperate Measures [3:43]
19. Lowry's Cognac [4:58]
20. Finding Meaning [4:49]
21. Mercy Mission [3:11]
22. Pre-Dawn Rescue [4:05]
23. Formal Charges [6:46]
24. Zeppelin Attack [3:30]
25. Cassidy's Heroism [2:54]
26. Memorial Service [5:31]
27. See You in Paris [3:46]
28. The Jitters [6:01]
29. Bombing Raid [2:36]
30. The Falcon and the Eagle [2:44]
31. Flyboys [2:41]
32. End Titles [4:13]

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Flyboys 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Morbeus More than 1 year ago
There havent been too many movies made regarding this subject. The last one that I can remember was The BlueMax. This movie is a pleasure since the dog fight scenes have been done in part with CG graphics which wasnt available back in the day. The air battle scenes are with a look alone not to mention that the real Escadrille Squadron had a group of American volunteers who fought the Germans on a voluntary basis. A true story of American and French heroism. Check it out!
fred4533 More than 1 year ago
I have encouraged all my 10 Grand children to see this film and to think about serving their country . Also knowing some of those men who have served in the past ...My father served in WW ONE . There are two many young men without GUT's or as they say today Balls. Major Frederick C Meier ,Combat Veteran
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wow! This movie was great! There really hasn't been any great movies lately, but this was just superb!!!! I LOVED THIS MOVIE! Plus you can't forget how HOT James Fraco is!!!! LOVED IT!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The movie is puts you on the edge of your seat every second of the movie. It shows love between Rawlings and Lucienne and it also has great bravery. Every single person has their own story in this movie ,which makes it even better with all these different people coming together for a masterpiece. I would recommend seeing this movie if you have not you are truely missing out. Also, this movie is based on a TRUE STORY ,which makes it even better for those people who love those true stories even if they are a little jazzed up. This is a movie to see.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I used this film as a culminating activity to our study of the World War I classic novel All Quiet on the Western Front. My seniors loved the film, and although some viewers may think the characters were not "real enough," the film led to a good discussion about stereotypical characters (like Rawlings' "cowboy" ways right to the end, Skinner's unfair treatment, Lowry's elitism, etc.), racism, and heroism. I can highly recommend it.
minigoofy More than 1 year ago
Jesse James, Reiley McClendon, and Stephen Baldwin are listed in the cast for this movie, but that is incorrect. They are in a movie titled THE Flyboys.
Guest More than 1 year ago
FLYBOYS is a pleasure to watch - going back into World War I history that deals with actual events yet takes the time to introduce unforgettable characters and romantic situations while giving the viewer a spectacular view of the first flying fighter planes. Yes, it has its flaws in technical lines, but it has a strong, committed cast and a storyline that flows seamlessly to the end. Tony Bill uses his resources from his countless cinematic experiences in adapting a story by Blake T. Evans (screenplay by Phil Sears, David S. Ward, and Evans) to recreate the legendary Lafayette Escadrille, a disparate group of young Americans who volunteered for the French military to become the country's first fighter pilots before the USA entered World War I. He manages to find the world atmosphere during the Great War, a time when young American boys who had no chance for significance in the tough times USA to go 'over there' to fight the Germans. He begins with the lad Blaine Rawlings (James Franco) who has just lost his family's farm to the bank, with William Jensen (Philip Winchester) who must live up to his family's fame as heroes, with Briggs Lowry (Tyler Labine) whose father sees him as a complete loss to his wealthy gentrified family, with Eddie Beagle (David Ellison) who leaves for war with his sweetheart's picture against his breast, with frustrated black fighter Eugene Skinner (Abdul Salis) - a crew of boys who become bonded through the efforts of the French Captain Thenault (Jean Reno) and the loner flyer Reed Cassidy (Martin Henderson). Planes are designed, the boys are rigorously trained, and off they go to missions never before flown, missions that waste some, and make heroes of others. Along the way Rawlings meets Lucienne (Jennifer Decker), a French girl who speaks no English but whose heart emboldens Rawlings to feats of heroism. The fighting scenes are terrific to watch as they seem to be done with toys, so light are the aircraft that started flying fighters. Yes, there are problems in depicting these missions because there are no stunt men who would dare fly such machines even for a movie. But Tony Bill keeps our attention with his direction and with the aerial cinematography of Henry Braham. The costumes are excellent and the musical score by Trevor Rabin recalls the period well. James Franco and his fellow actors offer solid performances. This is a bit of the past that is well to re-examine: FLYBOYS provides an evening of nostalgia and a fine story though at 140 minutes it could have been edited). Grady Harp
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love FLYBOYS it is the best movie in the history of movies.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hollywood has put out a bunch of trash lately, but this film is well worth seeing.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a fantastic movie that captures all of the excitement, fear, and sorrow of WWI dogfights. Because of all the elements it displays, it is safe to assume it is the finest in its class. Viewers will be delighted to see the fantastic aerial photography, and the culturally diverse characters within the film. Although the film was developed around a low budget, it is a excellent movie, and it shows the true attitude of American WWI pilots. All these reasons show why this is a must see for aviators and other people fasinated by flight.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I hated Flyboys. The decision to shoot digital was ill-informed. Try again, Tony Bill.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago