I Spy: Volume 5

I Spy: Volume 5

DVD (Mono / Dolby 5.1)


The fifth in Image Entertainment's I Spy DVDs contains four episodes set in Mexico. It also shows off much of what was good about this series. I Spy at its best flowed from a combination of interesting characters and unusual plots, coupled with the chemistry of the two stars, who could switch from comedy to drama in the space of a single breath. "A Day Called 4 Jaguar" is a strange episode in which Robert Culp and Bill Cosby stumble accidentally onto a case involving a missing cosmonaut in Mexico, who is bent on reviving the Aztec culture. The central performances by Rory Calhoun as the astronaut and George Montgomery as a murderous Soviet agent, make this worth watching. "Crusade to Limbo" has an equally odd plot, an assault, a kidnapping, and an attempted murder that results from Culp and Cosby's characters spotting an actor friend of Culp's on a street in Mexico City. The show makes glorious use of its Mexican locations from about 27 minutes in. One wishes that the plot moved a little faster, as it shows evidence of padding throughout, but the plot complexities -- about a political liberation movement that's a bit cavalier about the lives of its members, planning a Bay of Pigs-type invasion -- almost justify the time. There's also a comic cameo appearance by a certain VIP associated with the show in the final segment. "One Thousand Fine" concerns a gold bullion shipment lost in the Mexican jungle, with Dane Clark as an amnesiac survivor of the crash of the plane carrying the gold, who has a self-destructive nasty streak. "My Mother the Spy" offers a fine guest star performance by Sally Kellerman, playing an American agent who makes the mistake of falling in love with a Soviet operative and also becoming pregnant, though it also has a couple of ethnic jokes about Mexicans and the sizes of their families that seem slightly offensive today. The quality of the film-to-video transfer is excellent, with richer, more solid color than on any recent presentation of these episodes -- the picture is so sharp, that it's easy to spot errors in continuity that likely got past viewers in 1966, including one involving a Cosby and a pair of sunglasses in the Kellerman episode.

Product Details

Release Date: 02/20/2001
UPC: 0014381982824
Original Release: 0000
Rating: NR
Source: Image Entertainment
Region Code: 1
Sound: [Dolby Digital, monaural]
Time: 3:24:00

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Scene Index

Side #1 --
0. Chapter Selection
0. A Day Called 4 Jaguar
1. A Day Called 4 Jaguar [5:38]
2. Looking For A Legend [12:02]
3. A Russian Defector [8:57]
4. Dimitri [14:10]
5. A Tough Choice [9:31]
6. End Credits [:59]
0. Crusade to Limbo
1. Crusade to Limbo [2:32]
2. With Friends Like These... [12:31]
3. Making Headlines [22:48]
4. Joining the Cause [8:09]
5. Unwitting Martyrs [3:09]
6. End Credits [1:02]
0. One Thousand Fine
1. One Thousand Fine [3:01]
2. Conflict of Interest? [22:03]
3. Wrestling with Memories [5:18]
4. The Price of Greed [10:57]
5. Hanging It Up? [8:17]
6. End Credits [1:11]
0. My Mother the Spy
1. My Mother the Spy [14:31]
2. Baby Spy [12:32]
3. Wanted Woman [11:51]
4. Dnagerous Curves [9:43]
5. Shotgun Wedding [1:44]
6. End Credits [:59]

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