Kojak - Season One

Kojak - Season One

Alex March, Allen Reisner, Charles R. Rondeau, Charles S. Dubin,



Veteran character actor Telly Savalas rose to stardom in 1973 when he was cast as Theo Kojak, the tough-talking, lollipop-licking police detective, and this DVD set collects the entire first season of this top-rated police drama. Season one of Kojak features twenty-two episodes originally aired in 1973 and 1974; guest stars in the show's first year included Harvey Keitel, James Woods, Dabney Coleman, John Ritter and Hector Elizondo. Titles include "Siege of Terror, "Web of Death, "One for the Morgue, "Knockover, "Girl in the River, "Requiem for a Cop, "The Corrupter, "Dark Sunday, "Conspiracy of Fear, "Cop in a Cage, "Marker to a Dead Bookie, "Last Rites for a Dead Priest, "Death Is Not a Passing Grade, "Die Before They Wake, "Deliver Us Some Evil, "Eighteen Hours of Fear, "Before the Devil Knows, "Dead on His Feet, "Down a Long and Lonely River, "Mojo, "Therapy in Dynamite, and "The Only Way Out."

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Release Date: 03/22/2005
UPC: 0025192678226
Original Release: 0000
Rating: NR
Source: Universal Studios
Region Code: 1
Time: 18:38:00

Special Features

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Telly Savalas Lieutenant Theo Kojak
Dan Frazer Captain Frank McNeil
Dennis Patrick Clay Dexter
Harry Guardino Det. Ben Fiore
Harvey Keitel Jerry Talaba
Hector Elizondo Det. Nick Ferro
Henry Darrow Kevin LeJon
Jack Colvin Maurice Cherneff
John Cooper "Father" Frank Mullvaney
James Keach Fred Strong
James Luisi Det. Gino Alessi
James Woods Caz Mayer
Jess Walton Shana Pope
John Ritter Kenny Soames
John Ryan Peter Ibbotson
Joseph Hindy George Bradbury
Larry Kert Whitney Farrow
Lee Montgomery David Hecht
Lola Albright Celia Lamb
Paul Michael Glaser Lou Giordino
Richard Jordan Steven Macy
Roger Robinson Gil Weaver
Stephen Keats Danny Zucco
Art Metrano Mike Tomasso
Barbara Rhoades Joanna Ferro
Bruce Kirby Sgt. Al Vine
Don Knight Jon Haagen
Ed Lauter Floyd
Elizabeth Allen Louise Linden
Fred Sadoff Van Heusen
Harris Yulin Bert Podis
Jack Murdock Art Gordon
James J. Sloyan Jack Murzie
Joanne Linville Ellen Ryan
John Hillerman Mark Gallant
Kevin Dobson Sergeant Bobby Crocker
Lynne Marta Peggy O'Malley
Mark Gordon Det. Chiccaloni
Michael de Lano Valano
Michael McGuire Paul Murchison
Paul Cavonis Gabe Hildebrand
Paul Savior Mickey Reason
Robert Webber David Lawrence
Sian Barbara Allen Lindsay Walker
Val Avery Janis
Victor Campos Gomez,Det. Gomez
Alex Rocco Tony Curcio
Alfred Ryder Emile Zirvo
Anthony Charnota Serafin
Chuck McCann Lloyd Tatum
Colby Chester Spencer Galen
Dabney Coleman Alex Linden
Henry Brown "Miami" Blake
Jenifer Shaw Eloise
John Aniston Albert Dancik
John Karlen Pinky
Joshua Bryant Simon Hecht
Jude Farese Mike Amazeen
Ken E. Ruta Bryce Hamilton
Larry Block Gerry Erskine
Louise Latham Madge Donnelly
Louise Sorel Viki Brewer
Malachi Throne Solly DeCicco
Mariclare Costello Diane Gordon
Nicholas Colasanto Victor Marchette
Penny Santon Sophie
Ruth McDevitt Mrs. Farinkrug
Stanley Kamel Clyde Bruckner
Arnold Williams Mitch
Barbara Brownell Bettina
Don Calfa Fidelio Ortiz
Gretchen Corbett Jeri Devereaux
Jane Elliot Karla Elliot
Juno Dawson Inez Wilder
Karen Lamm Dede Howard
Kenneth O'Brien Alan Ankrum
Lynnette Mettey Joanie Garraty
Mark Tapscott Packman
Michael Margotta Jack Donnelly
Nicholas Cortland Nicky Cole
Nick Dennis Constantine
Pamela Hensley Delta
Paul Jenkins Timmy Oakes
Paul Lambert Hugh Jellicoe
Robert Doyle Harry Styles
Stewart Moss Mark Deerfield
Tina Louise Audrey Norris
Vincent Martorano Vince Delorme
William Hansen Old Man
Abe Vigoda Majeski
Alan Fudge Gus
Alexandra Hay Elena
Ann Jillian Joanna Crandall
Borah Silver Dr. Prince
David White Ramsey Brewer
Dori Brenner Miss Rosenberg
James Wheaton Mr. Scott
Janice Heiden Alexandra
Jed Allan Eddie Ryan
Ji-Tu Cumbuka Jim Slade
John Garwood Frank Talaba
Lara Parker Maria
Lorraine Gary Ruth Gardner
Max Kleven Paul Kimbrough
Nora Marlowe Jacobs
Philip Bruns Seymour
Richard Karlan Chubby Henshaw
Russell Wiggins Marty
Scatman Crothers Gaylord Fuller
Victor Argo Roy Dennison

Technical Credits
Alex March Director
Allen Reisner Director
Charles R. Rondeau Director
Charles S. Dubin Director
Gary Nelson Director
Jeannot Szwarc Director
Joel Oliansky Director
Leo Penn Director
Paul Stanley Director
Richard Donner Director
William Hale Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1, Side A
1. Main Titles [1:15]
2. Hostage Situation [17:36]
3. Fight for Time [12:51]
4. No Satisfaction [18:53]
1. Main Titles [1:14]
2. The Perfect Murder [16:22]
3. No Connections [9:23]
4. Misplaced Evidence [23:38]
1. Main Titles [1:14]
2. It's a Setup [13:34]
3. Nothing Adds Up [10:59]
4. The Missing Link [24:58]
1. Main Titles [1:14]
2. Million Dollar Boo-Boo [11:09]
3. Wise Guys [20:47]
4. Burglary in Progress [17:34]
Side #2 -- Disc 1, Side B
1. Main Titles [1:15]
2. Comeback Killing [11:38]
3. Another Victim [14:28]
4. Bad Vibes [23:25]
1. Main Titles [1:14]
2. Fallen Comrade [14:20]
3. Grabbing at Straws [19:25]
4. Down to the Wire [15:50]
1. Main Titles [1:14]
2. Fencing Operation [12:54]
3. Factory Direct [10:04]
4. Taking Out the Trash [26:34]
1. Main Titles [1:14]
2. Making a Killing [23:19]
3. Getting Wise [8:26]
4. Armed Goose Chase [17:38]
Side #3 -- Disc 2, Side A
1. Main Titles [1:15]
2. Autobahn Garden [15:03]
3. Kickback City [17:18]
4. Making the Hit List [17:08]
1. Main Titles [1:15]
2. Planned Revenge [24:30]
3. Time Is Running Out [8:46]
4. Bombs Away [16:16]
1. Main Titles [1:15]
2. Drug Deal Gone Bad [12:00]
3. Cashing In [20:11]
4. Smile for the Camera [17:26]
1. Main Titles [1:14]
2. Heavenly Heist [14:26]
3. Dirty Laundry [13:18]
4. Armed and Desperate [21:50]
Side #4 -- Disc 2, Side B
1. Main Titles [1:15]
2. Dead-End Kids [14:22]
3. Head of the Class [21:08]
4. Teaching a Lesson [14:06]
1. Main Titles [1:14]
2. Fighting the Monkey [17:23]
3. Flying High [21:58]
4. Manhattan Satin [10:17]
1. Main Titles [1:14]
2. On the Inside [15:27]
3. One More Job [24:04]
4. Caught in the Act [9:59]
1. Main Titles [1:15]
2. Hot Plates [14:09]
3. Running Scared [24:31]
4. Hindering Justice [10:51]
Side #5 -- Disc 3, Side A
1. Main Titles [1:14]
2. Cut Off [16:13]
3. Getting In Deep [13:39]
4. Walking Papers [19:39]
1. Main Titles [1:14]
2. The Big Casino [13:12]
3. Let's Make a Deal [23:03]
4. One for the Team [13:21]
1. Main Titles [1:13]
2. Sold Out [15:21]
3. Buying Time [21:32]
4. Syndicate Ties [12:36]
1. Main Titles [1:14]
2. Blind Chemist [27:51]
3. Loose Ends [11:23]
4. The Main Man [10:21]
Side #6 -- Disc 3, Side B
1. Main Titles [1:15]
2. Brown Bag Bomber [13:39]
3. Group Therapy [15:27]
4. Join the Session [20:32]
1. Main Titles [1:14]
2. Paid Off [14:23]
3. In Too Deep [23:15]
4. Spoiled Ambush [11:56]

Customer Reviews

Kojak - Season One 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
re_of_anderson More than 1 year ago
Tough; no B.S.: that's Kojak on the job. and he gets the job done. he's much smarter than he looks: and he looks smart, and stylin'. he's the primo product of his era. Law and order, everyone? Kojak does it all. So it seems inconceivable that Universal has not released more than the first season of "Kojak" on dvd. who loves us? not Universal.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago