Looney Tunes: Back in Action

Looney Tunes: Back in Action

Director: Joe Dante Cast: Brendan Fraser, Jenna Elfman, Steve Martin


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Joe Dante's Looney Tunes: Back in Action comes to DVD with a standard transfer that fails to preserve the original theatrical aspect ratio of the film. English, Spanish, and French soundtracks are rendered in Dolby Digital 5.1. English and French subtitles are accessible. The supplemental materials continue the wacky tone of the film itself. Bugs and Daffy co-host a series of deleted scenes. The pair also lead viewers through a tour of the film's set and provide commentary on a featurette concerned with the film's special effects. That last feature will be the most interesting for those with an interest in animation, but fans of the two characters will get a kick out of all the extras. Lastly, so as not to disappoint fans of the other most famous pair in the Looney Tunes world, the disc includes a new short cartoon, Whizzard of Ow, starring Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner. This is a fine release for what it is, but the same extras are available on a different disc that also boasts a widescreen transfer of the movie.

Product Details

Release Date: 03/02/2004
UPC: 0085393324728
Original Release: 2003
Rating: PG
Source: Warner Home Video
Region Code: 1
Sound: [Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
Time: 1:32:00

Special Features

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote in the all new Looney Tunes cartoon "Whizzard of Ow"; Behind the Tunes: Bugs and Daffy take you on a looney tour of the film set; Bang Crash Boom: The rabbit and duck perspectives on special effects; Looney Tunes Out of Action: Best scenes you've never seen; DVD-ROM PC link to more deleted scenes; Theatrical trailer

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Brendan Fraser D.J. Drake
Jenna Elfman Kate Houghton
Steve Martin Mr. Chairman
Timothy Dalton Damien Drake
Heather Locklear Dusty Tails
Joan Cusack Mother
Bill Goldberg Mr. Smith
Joe Alaskey Beaky Buzzard,Bugs Bunny,Daffy Duck,Mama Bear,Sylvester
Jeff Glen Bennett Foghorn Leghorn,Nasty Canasta,Yosemite Sam
Nasty Canasta Bennett, Jeff Glenn
Billy West Elmer Fudd,Peter Lorre
Eric Goldberg Marvin the Martian,Speedy Gonzalez,Tweety Bird
Mary Woronov Acme VP, Bad Ideas
Vernon Wells Acme VP, Child Labor
Leo Rossi Acme VP, Climbing To The Top
Ron Perlman Acme VP, Never Learning
Bill McKinney Acme VP, Nitpicking
Robert Picardo Acme VP, Rhetorical Questions
Marc Lawrence Acme VP, Stating The Obvious
George Murdock Acme VP, Unfairly Promoted
Kevin McCarthy Dr. Bennell
Don Stanton Mr. Warner
Dan Stanton Mr. Warner's Brother
Dick Miller Security Guard
Bruce Lanoil Pepe Le Pew
Michael Azria Paris Cafe Waiter
Bob Bergen Porky Pig
Danny Chambers Cottontail Smith
Austyn Cuccia Tour Bus Girl
June Foray Granny
Stan Freberg Baby Bear
Arturo Gil Dancing Yosemite Sam
Allan Graf Interrogator
Archie Hahn Stunt Director
Marie-Claude Jacques Flower Vendor
Casey Kasem Shaggy
Martin Klebba Dancing Yosemite Sam
Danny Mann Robo Dog /Spy Car
Ryan O'Dell Bugs Bunny's Driver
Gabriel Pimentel Dancing Yosemite Sam
Dan Romanelli Studio Executive
Will Ryan Papa Bear
Kevin Thompson Dancing Yosemite Sam
Frank Welker Scooby-Doo
Steve Babiar Dancing Yosemite Sams
Micki Duran Dancer
Janina N. Garraway Dancer
Erica Gudis Dancer
Brenda Hamilton Dancer
Brandon Henschel Dancer
Chi Johnson Dancer
Shanti Lowry Dancer
Tanee McCall Dancer
Liz Ramos Dancer
Shealan Spencer Dancer
Becca Sweitzer Dancer
Gelsey Weiss Dancer
Alysha Wheeler Dancer
Tara Wilson Dancer
Emily Ro Zachary Dancer

Technical Credits
Joe Dante Director
Allison Abbate Producer
Ivy Agregan Production Manager
Stephanie Allen Production Manager
Amalgamated Pixels Inc. Special Effects
Elena Arroy Makeup
Steve Austin Special Effects
James Baker Animator
David Barclay Consultant/advisor
Arland Barron Animator
Richard Bazley Animator
Barry Beaulac Special Effects
David L. Bertman Editor
Sandy Beruman-Justus Stunts
Susan Blanchard Production Manager
David M. Blitstein Special Effects
Bruce Botnick Sound Mixer
Greg Brickman Stunts
Jophery Brown Stunts
Malcolm Brown Camera Operator
Tony Brubaker Stunts
John P. Bruce Set Decoration/Design
Bill Brzeski Production Designer,Set Decoration/Design
Brian Burrows Stunts
Matt Byrne Stunts
Anthony Cappello Camera Operator
Roberto Casale Animator
Tom Chesney Special Effects
Crystal Chesney Animator
Kyle Ross Collinsworth Special Effects
Karrie Combs Stunts
Gilbert Combs Stunts
Ritchie Copenhaver Stunts
Caroline Cruikshank Animator
Dean Cudney Cinematographer
Phil Culotta Stunts
Dean Cundey Cinematographer
Alex Daniels Stunts
Larry D. Davis Camera Operator
Christopher de Faria Executive Producer
John Debney Score Composer
Brad Dechter Musical Arrangement
Gavin Dell Animator
Marguerite Derricks Choreography
Digital Domain Special Effects
Danny Dirks Costumes/Costume Designer
Mike Disa Animator
Bruce Donnellan Special Effects
Larry Doyle Executive Producer,Screenwriter
Chris Durand Stunts
Richard Epper Stunts
Manny Epstein Special Effects
David Escher Special Effects
Debbie Evans Stunts
Brian Ferguson Animator
Joe Finnegan Stunts
Rick W. Finney Editor
Glory Fioramonti Stunts
Danny Galieote Animator
Ransom Gates Stunts
Bryson H. Gerard Special Effects
Andy Gill Stunts
Robert Giomi Camera Operator
Shaun Glendenning Special Effects
Bernie Goldmann Producer
Jerry Goldsmith Score Composer
Armando "Grande" Gonzalez Special Effects
Erica Grace Stunts
William Greene Special Effects
Joe Haidar Animator
James M. Halty Stunts
Maguerite Happy Stunts
Ann Harris Set Decoration/Design
Marshall Harvey Editor
T. Daniel Hofstedt Animator
Marcia Holley Stunts
Thomas R. Homsher Special Effects
Jon Hooper Animator
Casey Hotchkiss Camera Operator
Chris Hubbard Animator
Ron Husband Animator
Gina Jensen Stunts
Todd K. Jensen Special Effects
Scott F. Johnston Special Effects Supervisor
Lawrence Karman Camera Operator
Mark Kausler Animator
Ernest Keen Animator
Shawn Keller Animator
Ken King Sound Mixer
Pamela Klamer Set Decoration/Design
John Kleber Art Director
Joe Klein Special Effects
John Knox Special Effects
Dave Kuhn Animator
Erik Kuska Animator
Bruce Lanoil Consultant/advisor
"Burkey" Lilley Stunts
Janie Liszweski Stunts
Patrick Loungway Cinematographer
Diana Lupo Stunts
Brian Machleit Stunts
Craig Maras Animator
Gaston Marzio Animator
Ann Masterson Makeup
Robert McKnight Animator
Cole McLarty Stunts
Gary McLarty Stunts
Cliff McLaughlin Stunts
Gene McLaughlin Stunts
Mario Menjivar Animator
Jamie Jo Mitchell Stunts
Kieran Mulgrew Camera Operator
Andrew E.W. Murdock Set Decoration/Design
Phil Notaro Special Effects
Jamie Oliff Animator
Bobby Ore Stunts
Jeff Ozimek Set Decoration/Design
Wendy Perdue Animator
Kevin Petrilak Animator
Craig Pinckes Asst. Director
At The Post Special Effects
Robb Pratt Animator
Shane Prigmore Animator
Matt Prosser Special Effects
Craig Raudman Stunts
Gintar Repecka Special Effects
Larry Rippenkrogger Stunts
David Ronne Sound Mixer
Tom Roth Animator
Harry Sabin Animator
Chris Sauve Animator
Gary Schaedler Special Effects
Ann Scott Stunts
John-Clay Scott Stunts
Leanna Sheldon Casting
Joel Simon Producer
Tom Sito Animator
Beth Sleven Animator
Tommy Ray Smith Stunts
Paul Sonski Art Director
Chris Squires Camera Operator
Monica Staggs Stunts
Mark Stanton Special Effects
Carl Stensel Set Decoration/Design
Sandra M. Stewart Special Effects
Thomas Tate Special Effects
Jonathan Thackery Special Effects
Derek L. Thompson Animator
Jason Tucker Editor
Sloane U'ren Set Decoration/Design
Stella Vaccaro Art Director
Mark Vargo Cinematographer
Michael T. Verano Art Director
Michael Viglietta Asst. Director
Mary Vogt Costumes/Costume Designer
Chris Wahl Animator
Bill Waldman Animator
Eric Walls Animator
Mike Washlake Stunts
April Weeden-Washington Stunts
Paula Weinstein Producer
Andreas Wessel-Therhorn Animator
Bruce K. West Set Decoration/Design
Jeffrey Wetzel Asst. Director
Blaine Whitney Production Manager
Matt Williamês Animator
Alex Williams Animator
Steven Wilzbach Associate Producer
Theresa Wiseman Animator
David Witters Production Manager
Phillip Young Animator
David Alan Zaboski Animator
George Zamora Special Effects
Thomas Zell Special Effects

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Duck Plucked [3:33]
2. Schmucks Amuck [4:31]
3. House Pest [4:17]
4. Rescue Missions [3:46]
5. Chairman of the Hoard [4:34]
6. Cool Car Companions [4:23]
7. Getting Into Dusty's Act [2:49]
8. Punch Lunk [3:43]
9. Vroom to Kaboom [5:26]
10. Campfired Up [2:39]
11. Desert Operative [3:49]
12. Area 52 [3:22]
13. Spy Kidding [4:36]
14. Illegal Aliens [2:01]
15. Louvre Lunacy [5:24]
16. Awfully Eiffel [3:13]
17. Devil's Food [1:52]
18. Monkey Shrines [4:48]
19. Zip-a-Disguises [3:49]
20. Metal Mongrel [4:24]
21. You-Know-Who [2:40]
22. Pulling It Off [4:44]
23. Animated End Credits [6:32]
24. Jackpot [:25]

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Looney Tunes: Back in Action 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
KalMarKal More than 1 year ago
I first watched this movie when I was a 12 year old girl, and I still love it today! This movie is for all ages! I am very happy I have finally bought this DVD. This movie is so fun, funny, and charming. The animation is brilliant and my favorite actor Brendan Fraser is in it! The plot is exciting and hilarious and everytime I watch this movie I am loving it all over again. The special features included on this dvd are awesome! You get to have a look behind the scenes of the making of the movie and even get a bonus new Looney Tunes episode of Wile Cyote and Roadrunner! A wonderful buy for such a low price!
DarkLotusICP4life More than 1 year ago
amazing movie amazing actors amazing cast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Highly disappointing. Younger people might like it, but I didn't at all. 2/10 and D- grade. HORRIBLE!!!