Million Dollar Legs

Million Dollar Legs

Jack Oakie
Director: Edward F. Cline Cast: Jack Oakie
Jack Oakie
, W.C. Fields
W.C. Fields
, Andy Clyde
Andy Clyde
Edward F. Cline




"Klopstokia: A Far-Away Country. Chief Exports: Goats and Nuts. Chief Imports: Goats and Nuts. Chief Inhabitants: Goats and Nuts." This introductory title ushers in Million Dollar Legs, one of the zaniest comedies ever to emerge from a major studio. W.C. Fields stars as the president of Klopstokia, who will hold on to his office so long as he can best the secretary of the treasury (Hugh Herbert) in their daily arm-wrestling contests. Like most of the Depression-era world, Klopstokia is broke, forcing the government to take drastic measures to raise money. Fortunately, everyone in the country is a super-athlete, inspiring visiting Fuller Brush salesman Migg Tweeney (Jack Oakie) to come up with a brilliant idea: Klopstokia will enter the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles. Alas, the subversive cabinet members, hoping to overthrow the president, plot to undermine the Klopstokian athletic team with the aid of sexy seductress Mata Machree (Lyda Roberti), "the woman no man can resist." Words can hardly describe the nonstop parade of gags and verbal insanity in Million Dollar Legs: Ben Turpin, playing a cloaked-and-caped spy, pops in and out with neither rhyme nor reason; the conspirators' outdoor hideout is incongruously equipped with hydraulic lifts and elevators; Mata Machree's butler informs the villains that "Madame can only be resisted from 2 to 4,"; and, when asked why all the Klopstokian men are named George and the women named Angela, the president's daughter (Susan Fleming, later the wife of Harpo Marx), replies "Why not?" then launches into the national anthem -- a double-talk version of "One Hour With You." Among the writers were Joseph L. Mankiewicz and Henry Myers, who were also responsible for the wacky Wheeler andWoolsey political satire Diplomaniacs.

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Release Date: 09/02/2014
UPC: 0025192139642
Original Release: 1932
Source: Universal Mod
Presentation: [B&W]
Time: 1:02:00
Sales rank: 17,872

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Jack Oakie Migg Tweeny, American brush salesman
W.C. Fields President of Klopstokia
Andy Clyde Major-Domo
Lyda Roberti Mata Machree
Susan Fleming Angela
Ben Turpin Mysterious Man
Hugh Herbert Secretary of the Treasury
George Barbier Mr. Baldwin
Dickie Moore Willie, Angela's brother
Ernie S. Adams Contestant
Eddie Baker Actor
Herman Brix Actor
Hobart Bosworth Olympics Official Starter
Al Bridge Actor
Tyler Brooke Olympics Announcer
Charles "Heinie" Conklin Spy in Cape
Edgar Dearing Train Official
Bobby Dunn Actor
Eddie Dunn Coachman
Billy Engle Klopstokian Athlete
Herbert Evans Butler
Charlie Hall Actor
Lew Kelly Conductor
John Sinclair Secretary of Labor
Don Wilson Stationmaster
Billy Gilbert Secretary of the Interior
Vernon Dent Secretary of Agriculture
Teddy Hart Secretary of War
Sam Adams Secretary of State
Irving Bacon Secretary of the Navy
Ben Taggart Ship's Captain
Hank Mann Custom's Inspector
Chick Collins Jumper
Sid Saylor Starter at the Games

Technical Credits
Edward F. Cline Director
Nicholas Barrows Screenwriter
Herman Mankiewicz Producer
Joseph L. Mankiewicz Original Story
Henry Myers Screenwriter
Arthur Todd Cinematographer

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