Moscow Chill

Moscow Chill

Director: Chris Solimine Cast: Norman Reedus, Slava Schoot, Konstantin Yushkevich


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An American computer hacker is smuggled into Russia and hired to work for an imprisoned "businessman," embracing an unconventional family and finding true love while navigating the treacherous Moscow Underworld. Busted for hacking into Manhattan's ATM banking system and flooding the sidewalks with twenty-dollar bills, notorious computer hacker Ray Perso (Norman Reedus) is promptly thrown in jail. Fortunately for Ray, his antics caught the attention of a wealthy Russian businessman, who dispatches a gangster named Dolphin (Slava Schoot) to spring him from jail and bring him to Moscow. Upon arriving in the Russian capitol, Ray joins up with the Fish Gang, falls for mysterious beauty Maya (Xusha Buravsky), and gets chased by an escaped circus bear before setting out to accomplish his true goal: stealing $40 million in dirty money. A simple task for sure, but this is only the beginning of Ray's adventure. Subsequently forced to kill a psychotic colonel in self-defense, Ray flees from the city with a hefty price on his head. But why do the same men who previously befriended Ray now want him dead? The situation fast turning complicated, Ray uses his smarts to shake off his pursuers and find a way back home.

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Release Date: 04/21/2009
UPC: 0039414721225
Original Release: 2007
Rating: R
Source: Mti Home Video
Time: 1:32:00

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Norman Reedus Bio; Trailers

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Moscow Chill
1. Hacker [2:44]
2. Six Months [6:08]
3. Flight [4:13]
4. Meeting [4:17]
5. Computer [4:51]
6. Models [5:09]
7. Dance [3:01]
8. Place [4:56]
9. Waiting [3:11]
10. Junkyard [4:39]
11. Bridge [3:35]
12. Money [5:15]
13. Funeral [5:05]
14. Game [4:52]
15. Bath [5:38]
16. Jail [6:30]
17. Steal [6:16]
18. Drinks [3:22]
19. Truck [3:54]
20. Credits [2:34]

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Moscow Chill 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As far as low-budget films go, "Moscow Chill", is a stunner.??Hollywood should sit up and take notice - for a cool mil, the producers have turned out a delightful movie.??But, a lot of the credit goes to the charismatic young lead star, Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints fame).??Actually, there are three stars in this production - shot mostly on location in Russia - Reedus, the cinematographer, and a Circus Bear. The scenes are breathtaking; each frame, artfully painted with a lush palette - at times rich - but gritty, down 'n dirty, when needed to be.??There was a lot of thoughtful attention to visual detail which impressed me thoroughly, as well, in spite of the fact I am a tough critic!??And, the set-ups were outstanding; no pedestrian shots here. In fact, I was constantly amazed at their variety, as scenes flowed from one to the next.??Solimine has a keen eye, is quite talented, and shows a lot of potential ripe with possibilities.?? Also, Norman Reedus gives a stand-out performance...tough, yet vulnerable...his characterization resonates in every fibre of his being. He's a captivating screen presence, waiting to bust out. This kid is going places!?? The idea for "Moscow Chill" is charming and believable, too.??An altruistic computer whiz uncovers the tale of Prometheus - a Titan known for his wily intelligence, who stole fire from Zeus - and gave it to mortals for their use.??On the heels of this history lesson, the young lad decides to become a modern-day version of the Ancient Greek - along the lines of Robin Hood - with the ultimate aim of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.??In a side-splitting scene, we first encounter the naive lad manipulating keys on a computer in the back of a taxi, which - in turn - causes scads of bills to fly out this way 'n that...from local ATM machines around the city...much to the delight of startled passers-by.??Unfortunately, the Reedus character gets caught. However, his unique skills do not escape the attention of a master criminal overseas, who hatches a plot to rescue the fresh felon, with the express intention of corralling his hacking skills.??In a nutshell, it's an embezzlement scam on a grand scale.?? But, there is a lot of mayhem along the way; and, it's spiked with a nasty shoot up or two here and there, a dash of of-the-wall humor, and an ironic twist or two, when least expected.??Nothing earth-shattering, or original. But, "Moscow Chill" does have a heart, even if it beats to a different drummer.