Director: Howard Baker Cast: Ann Firbank, Bryan Marshall, Basil Dignam


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Adapted from Jane Austen's final novel, the five-part British drama series Persuasion starred Anne Firbank as Anne Elliot, a young woman dangerously close to becoming an "old maid." Seven years earlier, Anne had allowed her opinions to be swayed by others (local busybody Lady Russell [Marian Spencer] in particular) and had spurned the advances of dashing Captain Wentworth (Bryan Marshall). Regretting her rashness, Anne could only stand aside in quiet desperation as the now-affluent and well-connected Wentworth ardently pursued the much-younger Louise Musgrove (Zhivila Roche). But though Anne might have been too proud to admit that she still harbored affection for Wentworth, her pride could easily be cast aside should she perceive an opportunity to win the Captain back. This TV version of Persuasion made its British TV bow on April 18, 1971.

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Release Date: 08/24/2004
UPC: 0794051168627
Original Release: 1971
Rating: NR
Source: Bbc Warner
Time: 3:45:00

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Scene Index

Side #1 -- Side A: Persuasion
1. Ill-Mannered Heir [9:18]
2. Sensible Gentleman [13:45]
3. Day of Sadness [7:15]
4. Love of a Child [9:37]
5. Bereaved Mother [10:26]
6. Fit for Service [11:19]
7. Fashionable Request [9:50]
8. Chivalrous Men [9:26]
9. Country Landscapes [10:05]
10. Short on Time [9:42]
11. Coastal Visit [7:38]
12. Sea of Tranquility [3:04]
1. Far From Hopeless [9:59]
2. Honorable Duty [9:05]
3. Confirmation of Love [10:45]
4. Loneliness of a Widow [9:03]
5. Interests of the Family [11:07]
6. Stormy Weather [11:46]
7. Pleasurable Concert [14:39]
8. Subtle Agendas [5:36]
9. Eavesdropping [13:06]
10. Women of Simple Desires [10:52]
11. Farewell to Inhibitions [6:56]
12. End Credits [1:08]

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the BBC production of Jane Austen's Persuasion. It is from the early 1970's and I just watched it last week for the first time and I loved it and thought it was great. Ann Firbank was very good as Ann Eliott and I was also impressed with the guy who played Captain Wentworth. I very highly recommend this DVD!
Guest More than 1 year ago
These BBCAmerica DVDs are the double-sided type. This type of double-burned DVD often doesn't work. If you buy this, make sure to check it right away so you can return it while you still know where the receipt is. I made the mistake of waiting too long and now I'm stuck with a side that won't load.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This DVD replaced my overplayed VHSversion of the BBC production. Onceagain, it is great to be able toobtain it at an affordable pricefrom Barnes and Noble. Personally, Ifind all versions of the Austenstories interesting in their ownright and can't really say one isbetter than the other. So it is with'Persusion'. I thoroughly enjoy thisBBC production, for it truly depictswhat we know of the era, when lifein England was clearly defined andstructured, a world without airtraffic noise, boom-boxes, telephonesand televisions and radios. This isprobably my very favorite Austenstory as it is about lost love foundagain and the main characters aremore mature than in other tales. Noextras are on this DVD, but it wasremastered and I am sooooo pleasedto see the restored color. Austenfans will want this version for theirlibrary.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was very disappointed with this version of Persuasion. Although the pictures on the outside of the DVD case makes it appear that it is a movie, it is actually a stage production. It is like watching a play. The actors are positioned accordingly on the set, with the lighting and microphones technically adjusted while the spotlights are on each performer. The sound (voices) is very controlled also, as if it is being regulated to reach a live audience. Even the few outdoor scenes look staged. This version simply does not have the appeal of a real movie. I would stay away from it unless you like live stage performances.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago