Stargate SG-1 - Season 3

Stargate SG-1 - Season 3

DVD (Wide Screen)


The Stargate SG-1: Season 3 box set utilizes a 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer that improves considerably over the original television version. The colors are much brighter and help to make the space shots more impressive. The one downside of this transfer is a small level of grain in certain darker scenes. It never creates a major distraction, but does slightly lessen the overall experience. The excellent 5.1-channel Dolby Surround transfer helps to craft an entertaining audio presentation. The Stargate moments are especially worthwhile, with the effects emanating well from the rear speakers. Although slightly below the premier movie tracks, this transfer provides a surprising level of complexity. This set once again drops the ball and lacks the inclusion of any feature-length commentaries or extensive documentaries. The lone extras are three featurettes that provide worthwhile information but fall short of the desired material. Titled as "Secret Files of the SGC," the pieces quickly cover a topic and provide quick interviews with the series' creators and actors. The first entry runs for about 14 minutes and discusses the character of Colonel Jack O'Neill. Richard Dean Anderson seems very down-to-earth when describing the show's intelligence and sense of humor. The second featurette is titled the "Secrets of the Stargate Universe" and covers the writing process. It also discusses certain episodes that rank among their favorites. Finally, "Personnel Files" has the actors and crew describing various anecdotes from the series.

Product Details

Release Date: 06/17/2003
UPC: 0027616887016
Original Release: 1999
Rating: NR
Source: Mgm (Video & Dvd)
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
Time: 12:56:00

Special Features

"Secret Files of the SGC: Colonel Jack O'Neill" featurette; "Secret Files of the SGC: The Stargate Universe" featurette; "Secret Files of the SGC: Personnel Files" featurette

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1: Vol. 1
1. Which One?
2. Death Penalty
3. Barriers
4. Teal'c Speaks
5. Threading the Needle
1. Needle in a Haystack
2. Cult Compound
3. Getting In
4. Under the Spell
5. Getting Out
1. Earth's Only Hope
2. Summit Preparations
3. Negotiations Begin
4. Peace at Risk
5. Invisable Force
1. Goa'uld Tomb
2. Is Daniel Crazy?
3. Teal'c May Die
4. The Evil Culprit
5. A Friend is Saved
Side #2: Vol. 2
1. Young Geniuses
2. All Work, No Play
3. Different Views
4. How to Be a Kid
5. Fun
1. Realities Mix
2. Carter & O'Neill
3. Guided by Fate
4. The Other Side
5. Back to Reality
1. Galaxy Bounty Hunter
2. A Playful Captor
3. Tok'ra or Goa'uld?
4. Teal'c's Sacrifice
5. For Future Research
1. Suffering Soul
2. "Mark of the Devil"
3. Resurrection
5. "The Beast Is Dead"
1. War Games
2. Weapons Search
3. Bloodshed
4. Dear God
5. Final Challenge
Side #3: Vol. 3
1. Right Thing
2. Lost Hope
3. Prayer for the Dead
4. "Find the Boy"
5. Return to the Scene
1. Mass Amnesia
2. Falling Apart
4. "The First to Go"
5. Home
1. Surprises
2. It's Torture
3. The Fires of Hell
4. "Eye and Ears"
5. So Close
0. Scene Selections
1. The Deliverer
2. Blood of Sokar
3. "Tell Me"
4. The Damned
5. "Not Dead Yet"
Side #4: Vol. 4
1. Alien Infiltration
2. Deluded or Not?
3. Transformers
4. Save the Base
5. Preventing Passage
1. Served
2. Roles & Rules
3. The Triad Begins
4. Goa'uld Trickery
1. Lost Time
2. In Their Heads
3. Life or Death
4. Out & In
5. Alter Ego
1. Shooting Stars
2. Heaven on Earth
3. Stranded
4. Getting Through
5. Home Again
Side #5: Vol. 5
1. Stolen Technology
2. Retirement
3. Dangerous Offer
4. New Command
5. Deceiver
1. "We Come in Peace"
2. Teal'c is Blinded
3. Caged & Tortured
4. Saved by a Scientist
5. Welcome to Earth
1. The History of Jaffa
2. A Gruesome Discovery
3. Seeking Enlightenment
4. Outnumbered
5. One Powerful Mother
1. Daniel Disappears
2. To Find Daniel
3. Nick
4. Contact
5. Making Peace
1. Change of Plans
1. A New Enemy
3. Burn it Up
4. A Dangerous Walk
5. Dial an Escape

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