The Fugitive - Season 2, Vol. 2

The Fugitive - Season 2, Vol. 2

David Janssen
David Janssen
Director: Abner Biberman, Alexander Singer, Don Medford
Cast: David Janssen
Abner Biberman, Alexander Singer, Don Medford,

DVD (Full Frame)

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Wrongly sentenced to death for the murder of his wife, escaped prisoner Dr. Richard Kimble (David Janssen) continues to travel all over the country in search of the elusive One-Armed Man who actually committed the crime in Season Two of The Fugitive. Assuming such aliases as "Frank Borden," "Pete Broderick," "Paul Kelly," "Jim Russell," "Jeff Parker," "Stu Manning," "Steve Younger" and "Bill Douglas," Kimble takes on a variety of temporary jobs in a multitude of cities and towns, profoundly changing the lives of the local citizens on each occasion. Invariably, Kimble must hastily depart each destination as his relentless pursuer Lt. Gerard (Barry Morse), from whom Kimble had escaped en route to Death Row, closes in. It was during the series' second season that a persistent urban legend surfaced. According to rumor, the final episode of The Fugitive had been filmed, revealing that the murderer of Helen Kimble was neither her husband Richard nor the One-Armed Man, but instead Lt. Gerard, who intended to bump off Kimble in order to cover up his crime! Although the series' creator Roy Huggins and producer Quinn Martin denied that any such episode had been shot, they did little to discourage circulation of the rumor,undoubtedly figuring that any publicity was good publicity. Ironically, The Fugitive did not require an unfounded rumor to sustain audience interest: Ranking as America's 28th most watched series during its first season, the program had skyrocketed to fifth place during its second year on the air. Among this season's guest stars is Ed Begley, who in the season opener "Man in a Chariot" plays a character based on F. Lee Bailey, onetime defense attorney for Dr. Sam Sheppard, who was reportedly the real-life role model for Richard Kimble. In the later "Ballad for a Ghost," Janis Paige appears as a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Kimble's late wife (and never mind that the unfortunate Helen Kimble was generally portrayed in flashback sequences by Diane Brewster!) Other well-known performers appearing this year are Suzanne Pleshette, Diana Hyland, Kurt Russell, Arthur O'Connell, Tuesday Weld, Phyllis Thaxter, Strother Martin, Warren Oates, Angie Dickinson, Dabney Coleman, Harry Dean Stanton, Shirley Knight and Celeste Holm.

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Release Date: 03/31/2009
UPC: 0097361387246
Original Release: 0000
Rating: NR
Source: Paramount
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Full Frame]
Time: 12:00:00
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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
David Janssen Actor
Barbara Barrie Aimee Rennick
Ben Piazza Blaine Hagerman
Dianne Foster Janice Cummings
Ed Begley Dan Brady
Jack Klugman Gus Hendrick
John Ericson Lars
June Harding Joanne Mercer
Katherine Crawford Joanne Glenn
Louise Sorel Terry Waverly
Norma Crane Mavis Hull
Pat Hingle Marshal Joe Bob Simms
Paul Richards Neil Pinkerton
Sharon Farrell Elvy
Steve Forrest Barry Craft
Telly Savalas Victor Leonetti
Andrew Duggan John Harlan
Carol Rossen Anne Leonetti
Celeste Holm Flo Hagerman
Dabney Coleman Floyd
Diana Van Der Vlis Claire Whittaker
Geraldine Brooks Lucia Mayfield
John Anderson Justin Briggs
John Milford Leonard Hull
Laurence Naismith Maj. Alan Fielding
Lloyd Gough Ed Waverly
Lou Antonio Matt Mooney
Mark Goddard Dan Holt
Murray Hamilton Starling
Phillip Pine Lt. Gavin
R.G. Armstrong Tully
Anthony Call Phil Andrews
Barry Atwater Cleve Logan
Bruce Dern Cody
Ed Asner Sheriff Mayhew
Frank Maxwell Garlock
Harry Townes Ballinger
Mary Murphy Thelma Hollister
Milton Selzer Lou Cartwright
Norman Fell Lt. Cermak
Richard Anderson Barney Vilattic
Rodolfo Hoyos Raphael Flores
Ruth White Edith Waverly
Shirley Knight Mona Ross
Virginia Christine Alma Mercer
David Macklin Roy Briggs
David Sheiner Sheriff Mack
Edward Faulkner Roy
Joan Tompkins Madge Glenn
Jud Taylor Toby
Michael Constantine Ernie Svoboda
Michael Davis Paco Flores
Rayford Barnes Deputy Bo Jenkins
Richard Devon Police Sergeant
Robert Karnes Sheriff Ralls
Robert Yuro Sam
Tom Skerritt Neely Hollister
Vaughn Taylor Mayor Penfield
Virginia Gregg Mrs. Ross
Burt Douglas Johnny North
Burt Metcalfe Phil Corbin
Curt Conway Mr. Hollister
Don Quine Richard Briggs
Fred Beir Lt. Peterson
H.M. Wynant Pinto
Jan Shutan Lois
Jimmy Stiles Jimmy Mayfield
Marlowe Jensen Al
Mary Jackson Nurse Oberhansly
Paul Birch Capt. Carpenter
Pete Duel Buzzy
Peter Haskell Bob Sterne
Sandy Kenyon Kyle

Technical Credits
Abner Biberman Director
Alexander Singer Director
Don Medford Director
Robert Butler Director
Sutton Roley Director
Walter E. Grauman Director
William D. Gordon Director

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The Fugitive - Season 2, Vol. 2 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Oggie More than 1 year ago
I have been a big fan of the "Fugitive" ever since its original airing on television during the early 60's. It is a quality drama program that places the lead character in a variety of situation that tests his integrity as a human being and his oath as a medical doctor. A MUST SEE television series!!!
PaJoe More than 1 year ago
"The Fugitive - Season 2, Vol. 2", is the latest release of the best television program ever made. David Janssen's performance as Dr. Richard Kimble is so good, it is almost as if he was born to play this part. Dr. Kimble was convicted of his wife's murder and sentenced to die based on circumstantial evidence. But Dr. Kimble is innocent, loved his wife very much and briefly saw the murderer. A train wreck enabled the doctor to escape execution and provided him the opportunity to vindicate himself by finding his wife's killer. But Dr. Kimble knows nothing about the killer except what he looks like. So, Dr. Kimble begins his odyssey of living under assumed identities, moving from place to place to avoid police Lieutenant Gerard who is still hunting for him and taking whatever job he can find to survive. In each episode he decides when and with whom to "play it safe" by hiding the truth in order to protect himself and when and with whom to risk telling the truth in order to obtain their help in finding the killer. This is the story of a hero unlike those we typically see on television or in the movies. This hero lacks bravado, arrogance and smugness. Although he breaks many rules, he is not an anti-hero who rejects authority, because he likes to break rules. Dr. Kimble is a hero due to his strength of character, his compassion for others and his perseverance in finding the truth against almost insurmountable odds. The courage and kindness that he continues to express under conditions that would cause most people to lose hope and give in to self-pity is extraordinary and inspiring and a testimony to what our higher natures are capable of. The power of this series to evoke emotion is palpable. The writing, acting, characterizations, even the soundtrack are flawless. "The Fugitive" starring David Janssen is the realization of an artist's most desired and elusive goal, a virtually perfect creation. And it does that in black and white and without special effects. This is one of the great ones.