The Klansman

The Klansman

Lee Marvin
Director: Terence Young Cast: Lee Marvin
Lee Marvin
, Richard Burton
Richard Burton
, Cameron Mitchell
Cameron Mitchell
Terence Young

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The setting is Atoka County, Alabama -- the time is somewhere after the peak of the civil rights movement, after cities such as Birmingham, Alabama were out of the headlines. The movement is coming to the sticks, including Atoka County, and a lot of the white residents don't like it and are prepared to commit felonious assault, rape, or murder to get their point across. In the middle of this powder keg are two men on either side of a very dangerous line -- County Sheriff "Big Track" Bascomb (Lee Marvin) and Mayor Hardy (David Huddleston). Each man is playing both ends against the middle in the impending race war -- Bascomb wants to keep the peace as best he can, blocking the local klavern of the Ku Klux Klan from their worst excesses and making sure that the Klan's business and the county's business remain separate; Hardy, who also owns the lumber company that employs most of the county and the bank on which most of the residents depend, wants a good environment for business, which includes keeping enough poor blacks around to do the most menial work for the miserable pay he's willing to fork over; this, in turn, requires that they be too scared to ask for too much, including better treatment, but not so scared that they leave the county altogether, which would wipe out his business. Between them is Breck Stancill (Richard Burton), an eighth-generation resident with lots of land but little money and even fewer friends; a wounded war veteran and loner, he still resents the lynching of his grandfather and no longer respects what the white south purports to stand for -- he's even allowed dispossessed blacks to live for free on his property, angering the poor whites around him even more. Bascomb would like Stancill to be a little less high profile, while Hardy would like him to sell out and disappear, and wouldn't mind it if the local Klan helped that process along by trying to kill him. Bascomb's balancing act fails because of two events -- Nancy Poteet (Linda Evans) is raped one night, apparently by a black man, which precipitates the murder of a black teenager and her being violently ostracized by the white community; and a civil rights rally is planned for the town, bringing in lots of "outside agitators" and getting the local klavern eager to act against them. The prime mover in all of this is Big Track's deputy, Butt Cut Bates (Cameron Mitchell), a hardcore klansman who won't be reined in by Hardy and who is not above raping a black woman prisoner (Lola Falana) that he's arrested illegally, or trying to kill Stancill; directly opposed to him is Garth (O.J. Simpson), a young black man who witnessed a Klan murder and, in response, gets a rifle and starts meting out justice on his own. Before it's over, a major part of the county is at war and the bodies are falling everywhere.

Product Details

Release Date: 06/29/2017
UPC: 0191091257937
Original Release: 1974
Source: Film Detective
Time: 1:52:00
Sales rank: 32,480

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Lee Marvin Sheriff Bascomb
Richard Burton Breck Stancill
Cameron Mitchell Dep. Butt Cut Bates
Lola Falana Loretta Sykes
Luciana Paluzzi Trixie
David Huddleston Mayor Hardy
Scott Edmund Lane Jim Hodo
Ed Call Mr. Shaneyfelt
John Alderson Vernon Hodo
John Pearce Taggart
David Ladd Flagg
Vic Perrin Hector
Wendell Wellman Alan Bascomb
Virgil Frye Johnson
Robert Porter Rev. Josh Franklin
Lee de Broux Rev. Alverson
Susan Brown Maybelle Bascomb
Gary L. Catus Charles Peck
Jeanie Bell Mary Anne
Linda Evans Nancy Poteet
Orenthal James Simpson Garth
Spence Wil-Dee Willy Washington
Hoke Howell Bobby Poteet
Eve Christopher Martha
Morgan Upton Reporter
Charlie Briggs Reporter
Bert Williams Doctor
Larry Williams Lightening Rod

Technical Credits
Terence Young Director
Lloyd Ahern Cinematographer
William Alexander Producer
Ridgeway Callow Asst. Director
Bettye Crutcher Songwriter
Samuel Fuller Screenwriter
Stu Gardner Score Composer
Millard Kaufman Screenwriter
Gene Milford Editor
Ray Molyneaux Set Decoration/Design
John S. Poplin Production Designer
Mack Rice Songwriter
Aldo Tonti Cinematographer
Dale O. Warren Score Composer

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