The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions

Keanu Reeves
Director: Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski Cast: Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves
, Carrie-Anne Moss
Carrie-Anne Moss
Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski,

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Shot back-to-back with The Matrix Reloaded, the third and final installment of Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski's sci-fi action saga picks up where the second film left off. Neo (Keanu Reeves) remains unconscious in the real world, caught in a mysterious subway station that lies between the machine world and the Matrix, and Bane (Ian Bliss) is still a conduit for Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving), who continues to grow out of control, threatening to destroy both worlds. Meanwhile, as the sentinels get closer and closer to Zion, the citizens of the earth's last inhabited city prepare for the inevitable onslaught. By bargaining with The Merovingian (Lambert Wilson), Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) and Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) are able to free Neo who, after meeting with The Oracle (Mary Alice stepping in for the late Gloria Foster), decides that he must leave Zion and head for the machine mainframe. As Neo and Trinity venture into the dangerous machine world, with hopes of stopping both the machines and Agent Smith, their comrades in Zion attempt to fight off the attacking sentinels with the odds stacked greatly against them. Other cast members returning include Monica Bellucci, Ngai Sing, and Harold Perrineau Jr.

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Release Date: 10/30/2018
UPC: 0883929623525
Original Release: 2003
Rating: R
Source: Warner Home Video
Format: Blu-ray

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Keanu Reeves Neo
Carrie-Anne Moss Trinity
Laurence Fishburne Morpheus
Hugo Weaving Agent Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith Niobe
Mary Alice The Oracle
Ngai Sing Seraph
Bruce Spence Trainman
Nathaniel Lees General Mifune
Clayton Watson Kid
Harold Perrineau Link
Nona Gaye Zee
Harry J. Lennix Commander Lock
Monica Bellucci Persephone
Lambert Wilson The Merovingian
Ian Bliss Bane
Helmut Bakaitis The Architect
David Roberts Roland
Essie Davis Maggie
Bernard White Rama-Kandra
Tanveer K. Atwal Sati
Anthony Wong Ghost
Kathryn Jenkins Hel Club Trainee Pony-Girl
Nicole Roberts Hel Club Slave
Cassandra Williams Bubble Girl
Jessica Wynands Hel Club Pony Girl
Matt McColm Agent Thompson
Genevieve O'Reilly Officer Wirtz
Kate Beahan Coat Check Girl
Francine Bell Councillor Grace
Rachel Blackman Charra
Henry Blasingame Deus Ex Machina
David Bowers Q-Ball Gang Member #1
Zeke Castelli Operations Officer Mattis
Dion Horstmans Q-Ball Gang Member #2
Lachy Hulme Sparks
Chris Kirby Mauser
Peter Lamb Colt
Robert Mammone AK
Joe Manning First Operator At Command
Maurice Morgan Tower Soldier
Tharini Mudaliar Kamala
Rene Naufahu Zion Gate Keeper
Kittrick Redmond Second Operator At Command
Rupert Reid Lock's Lieutenant
Kevin Richardson Deus Ex Machina
Richard Sydenham Dock Seargeant
Che Timmins Radio Bunker Man
Gina Torres Cass
Cornel West Councillor West
Anthony Zerbe Councillor Hamann
Robyn Nevin Councillor Dillard

Technical Credits
Andy Wachowski Director,Executive Producer,Screenwriter
Larry Wachowski Director,Executive Producer,Screenwriter
Richard Adrian Sound/Sound Designer
Alex Altrocchi Producer
Ray Anthony Stunts
Margaret Aston Makeup
Kym Barrett Costumes/Costume Designer
Keir Beck Stunts
Jason Bentley Score Composer
Bruce Berman Executive Producer
Jim Berney Special Effects Supervisor
Paul Berolzheimer Sound/Sound Designer
Nicolas Bonnell Producer
Bobby Bowles Stunts
Dan Bronson Costumes/Costume Designer
Michael Brunet Animator
Danielle Burgio Stunts
Marky Lee Campbell Stunts
Jerry Castro Production Manager
Dominic A. Cecere Animator
Stephane Ceretti Special Effects Supervisor
Raelene Chapman Stunts
Tiger Chen Stunts
Michael J. Clausen Animator
John Clinton Producer
Godric Cole Set Decoration/Design
Michelle Comerford Stunts
Buf Compagnie Special Effects
Jules Cook Art Director
Steve Courtney Special Effects Supervisor
Harry Dakanalis Stunts
Geofrey Darrow Consultant/advisor
Don Davis Score Composer
Dane A. Davis Sound/Sound Designer
John "D.J." Desjardin Special Effects Supervisor
Kelsee Devoreaux Stunts
Roger Dodd Special Effects
Danial Donai Stunts
Chuck Duke Animator
Brian Dusting Set Decoration/Design
Nash Edgerton Stunts
Ousuan Elam Stunts
Julia Evershade Editor,Sound Editor
Mali Finn Casting
Cameron David Folds Animator
Dennis Forry Special Effects
Jenny Fulle Executive Producer
Aaron Gilman Animator
Andrew Glass Consultant/advisor
Dan Glass Special Effects Supervisor
Tina Gordon Makeup
Zig Gron Score Composer,Editor
Grant Hill Executive Producer
Bryan Hirota Special Effects Supervisor
Charles Hobson Stunts
Michael Holzl Animator
Traci Horie Animator
Lou Horvarth Stunts
Jamee Houk Animator
Victor Huang Animator
Christian Huband Set Decoration/Design
George Hull Art Director
Eric Ingerson Animator
John L. Jack Producer
Graham Jahne Stunts
Wedrell James Special Effects
Julie Jaros Animator
Peter Jerimijenko Stunts
Michael Edward Johnson Sound/Sound Designer
Ken "Satchel" King Animator
Scott Kravitz Animator
Alex Kuzelicki Stunts
Andrew Lackey Sound/Sound Designer
Mark Lapwood Cinematographer
Mark Larry Sound/Sound Designer
David Leitch Stunts
Kim Libreri Special Effects Supervisor
Daniel Loeb Animator
Mark Mansbridge Art Director
Catherine Mansil Art Director
Ethan Marak Animator
Brad Martin Stunts
Andrew Mason Executive Producer
Calum McFarlane Camera Operator
Scott McLean Stunts
James McTeigue Asst. Director
Phil Meacham Stunts
Neil Michka Animator
Chris Mitchell Stunts
Michael W. Mitchell Sound/Sound Designer
Darren Mitchell Stunts
Noah Thoreau Mizrahi Animator
Rodney Montague Special Effects Supervisor
Robert J. Mooney Asst. Director
Angela Moore Stunts
George Murphy Special Effects Supervisor
Guido Muzzarelli Animator
Kurt Nellis Animator
Grant Alan Niesner Art Director
Nancy Noblett Art Director
John O'Connell Choreography
Chris O'Hara Stunts
Lawson W. Owen Producer
Phil Pastuhov Cinematographer
Owen Paterson Production Designer
Puvan Pather Stunts
Toby Pease Asst. Director
Melanie Peyton-Smith Stunts
Ann Podlozny Producer
Bill Pope Cinematographer
Vicki Popplewell Associate Producer
Darren Prescott Stunts
Matt Prine Special Effects
Joey Rand Score Composer,Editor
Charlie Revai Art Director
Steve Richards Associate Producer
Jules Roman Executive Producer
John Ross Score Composer
Charles Rotherham Asst. Director
Mick Roughan Stunts
Andrew Rowlands Camera Operator
Warrick Sadler Stunts
Matt Saxon Set Decoration/Design
Mike Schmitt Special Effects Supervisor
Phil Sheather Cinematographer
Sarah Shores Special Effects
Jason Shulman Animator
Joel Silver Producer
Yasca Sinigaglia Stunts
Kane Skennar Cinematographer
Tom Slovick Production Manager
Cathie Small Stunts
Howard Smith Camera Operator
Brit Sooby Stunts
Scott Souter Special Effects Supervisor
Richard Spah Special Effects
Zach Staenberg Editor
Gillian Statham Stunts
Tom Steel Score Composer
Jesse Sugarman Animator
Bill Talbott Score Composer
Damon Tedesco Score Composer
Non Thareechit Animator
Philip Thomas Set Decoration/Design
Darko Tuscan Stunts
Jeffrey Valdez Special Effects
Bernadette van Gyen Stunts
Bil Van Ness Animator
Paul Waggonner Animator
Christopher Walsh Animator
Aaron Walters Stunts
Ben Watkins Score Composer
David Weinstein Animator
Tim Wessling Special Effects
Geoff Wharton Cinematographer
David Williamson Camera Operator
Min Windle Stunts
Amber Wong Executive Producer
Avril Wynne Stunts
Janet Yale Producer

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