Easy Changes For A Better Life (The White Wolf's Way, #2)

Easy Changes For A Better Life (The White Wolf's Way, #2)

by Kate Summers

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Download a new playlist for your brain.  Would you like to know more????

Ok, first thing, a little game.  

  1. What is your favourite song?  
  2. How long ago did you hear that song?
  3. Now, recall the lyrics to the song in your head, or out loud if you are feeling particularly brave.  

I bet you can recall the lyrics.  If you had to, I bet you could sing all or most of your favourite song.  Especially if there was money involved.

Ok, now next part of the game.

Recall exactly, in the same amount of detail, a conversation you had on the same day you last heard that song….. Don't worry I will wait…. 

I'm betting you can't.  You may even say that's impossible.  

Do you know why you can recall the lyrics to your favourite song?  It's because it has some sort of emotional connection with you.  It reminds you of a time or a feeling.  Its not some shopping list or do's and don'ts.  You have downloaded that song on the playlist of the emotional long-term memory of your brain.  What if you could apply that same method to creating new habits?  How powerful would that be!  

In this book I am going to show you some new easy habits that will improve your life. This will be the new song lyrics and download for your brain. I am going to use the story of the 2 wolves to illustrate it.  So, think of it as 2 books in one.  A memorable story, which is easy to remember, and which you can apply to all aspects of your life.  Don't worry!  No further effort is required on your part, a direct link is made to two parts of your brain; the logical part which consumes lists, new details and things to do, and the emotional long-term memory. 

Then what have you got?  BOOM!!!!!! A recipe that actually works

There is some serious science behind it all.  It draws on positive psychology, neuroscience and other similar schools of thought to motivate positive thinking and long-term development. 

The statistics don't lie.  People today are more fatigued, burned out and overwhelmed than ever before.  If you have tried to adopt new habits in the past and failed, the solution is right here.  This is the only book you will ever need to develop new and easy changes, and they will actually stick and help improve your life!

How? By using the simple system to talk to and nourish that part of the brain that can recall your favourite song.  Your long-term emotional centre.  Achieve a life where less becomes more.

This fast-moving guide provides practical advices that will help you make lasting changes in your life. So, don't waste any more time, reduce your stress, overcome anxiety and start your journey to a better life. Take now the action that your future self will thank you for.  Download the "new easy changes for a better life" playlist to your brain.  Press PLAY NOW.  Enjoy!

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BN ID: 2940163966677
Publisher: Kate Summers
Publication date: 03/25/2020
Series: The White Wolf's Way
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 390 KB

About the Author

A bit about me

I am 35 years old.   I was originally a teacher so I have always been interested in learning and helping others. I have been actively working to educate men and women in the importance of mental health.  What started me in this area was being given a second chance at life.  As Brendon Burchard writes this was my “Golden ticket.”  In my 20’s I survived a tragic traffic accident.  My beautiful Husky Malamute gave his life to save mine and my family. My young son and husband were saved when my dog jumped on them to cover them and ultimately save their lives at the cost of his own.  

It was after this tragic accident and his sacrifice that I really appreciated that my true purpose was to help others who are suffering.  I guess I have learned mental health the hard way from my own experiences with TBI and PTSD

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