Eat, Live, Thrive Diet: A Lifestyle Plan to Rev Up Your Midlife Metabolism

Eat, Live, Thrive Diet: A Lifestyle Plan to Rev Up Your Midlife Metabolism

by Danna Demetre, Robyn Thomson


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From the well-known health and lifestyle coaches of the widely popular website Lean Healthy Ageless (formerly Ageless Woman Living) comes a practical, science-based diet book that unravels the mystery of why women gain weight as they age and includes a sustainable plan to permanently lose the pounds and inches.

Eat, Live, Thrive Diet shows women how they can not only lose excess body fat permanently but also improve their overall health in critical areas such as brain function, resistance to disease, slowing down external aging, and increasing energy. This highly effective eating plan is presented in a compassionate voice by two experienced health coaches who share personal experiences of battling weight and emotional eating issues. Whereas most diets are short-lived or require substantial upkeep to maintain, Eat, Live, Thrive Diet is a viable eating plan that women can adhere to indefinitely. In addition to minimizing sugar intake, the plan emphasizes the importance of short-term intermittent fasting—a simple lifestyle change that makes it easier and more effective for many mature women to reach their health and weight loss goals. The book also highlights health risks and drawbacks of many popular fad diets that can be harmful on a long-term basis.

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Publisher: The Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/26/2019
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 86,441
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About the Author

DANNA DEMETRE, RN, is an author, speaker, and cofounder of Lean Healthy Ageless. She has been a guest on a variety of national and local shows to include, Fox News Dallas, The 700 Club, ABC News NOW, and Moody Broadcasting's award winning Midday Connection. Danna, who is in her sixties, lives with her husband in the foothills outside San Diego. ROBYN THOMSON, an advance clinical weight loss practitioner, has worked with cutting edge nutritional companies and received training from some of the top doctors and scientists in the industry. Through seminars, workshops, and coaching, she helps people lose weight, improve their nutrition, and get more active. She is in her fifties and lives near the beach in San Diego with her husband, Rob.

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Chapter 1
We are all so different. If Danna burns more calories than she eats, she sheds fat and her weight goes down. Not so for Robyn. Like many (perhaps most) women over forty-five, she is highly sensitive to grains. But unlike many women, Robyn is not insulin resistant, so she can eat a normal amount of carbohydrates and still lose weight. She just can’t include many grains or legumes because her body hates them and revolts by triggering digestive symptoms, water retention, mental fogginess, and weight gain.

In contrast to both of us, our friend Janice can barely look at a starchy carbohydrate without gaining weight. She is highly insulin resistant. More on that to come, but it means that her muscle cells don’t allow insulin to transport carbohydrates (converted into glucose) to be stored (as glycogen) for future energy. Because survival requires that glucose not accumulate in the blood, it gets diverted to Janice’s fat cells, which happily convert it to more fat. Even when she eats what she considers normal amounts of grains and other starches, such as potatoes, Janice gains weight.

Counting calories does not work for Janice. Fortunately, the Eat, Live, Thrive Diet does.

Like the three of us, you are unique. So, what are your dietary stumbling blocks? Those can be difficult to figure out on your own. The ELT Diet can help you discover the foods holding you back from reaching your goals.

The Reality of Weight Gain After Forty-Five

Women over forty-five are often faced with these issues when it comes to weight loss:

~  a lower carbohydrate threshold, which declines steadily with age

~  insulin resistance, which increases over time and promotes diabetes

~  unknown food sensitivities

~  hormonal imbalance

~  slower metabolism due to muscle atrophy

After the age of thirty, as women, we lose the ability to utilize and burn carbohydrates as well as we did when we were younger. The decline is slow and insidious and can go unnoticed into our forties and perhaps fifties, but it is happening. Foods that we once could eat are now causing undue inflammation in our bodies and disrupting our digestion, joint health, and metabolism.

God has provided us with a sophisticated healing system. Focus on the building blocks of what he has provided, such as sound nutrition, exercise, sleep, attitude, and prayer.

—Dr. Mark Stengler, ND

All the while, as we are edging toward menopause—or in the midst of it or past it—our hormones are being greatly influenced by many of the grains and processed foods we eat, making it more difficult to maintain any level of hormone balance even if we are using the latest and greatest bioidentical hormones and supplements.

That’s the reality. What can we do about it?
The ABCs of the ELT Diet

If you want to be lean and healthy, look younger than the years on your birth certificate, and have energy to embrace life fully, you must nourish your body with real food. Our diet plan will help you not only burn fat and drop pounds but also rev up your energy. It also provides a nutritional foundation to slow down and perhaps even reverse some of the aging process.

Our ELT Diet and Lifestyle Plan is designed to:

   ~  Activate your metabolism and promote steady weight loss

   ~  Balance your blood sugar and cravings

   ~ Cleanse your body of toxins and decrease inflammation

Our eating plan is especially effective for mature (ageless!) women who’ve experienced continued difficulty losing weight on portion or calorie-controlled diets. It is strategically designed to promote a robust metabolism, which enhances fat-burning capability no matter one’s age. Our participants are amazed at how much they can eat on our diet and still get excellent and steady results.

Step-by-Step Guidance

In the ELT Diet and Lifestyle Plan, we will guide you through three progressive phases, culminating in a realistic and enjoyable lifestyle eating plan that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

We’ll show you how to use the first two phases to reboot your lifestyle when you veer a bit off track. (Let’s be honest—who doesn’t? Our strategies help you address that reality so you can keep moving forward.)

We will teach you how to make your body shift from being predominantly a carbohydrate or sugar burner to a metabolically agile burner of all fuels, including fat.

We’ll introduce you to the power of intermittent fasting and all its benefits and our kinder and gentler version called the Eat, Live, Thrive Eating Cycle. While short-term fasting is optional, we know from our own personal experiences and from the testimonies of many of our clients that it can be a game changer. And the benefits go far beyond weight loss to include brain health, higher energy, and disease prevention.

And just as important, we’ll teach you how to design a lasting lifestyle eating plan that will be your foundation for life. Yes, there’s room for a few empty calories. No, you won’t follow your ideal plan perfectly every day. But you will discover the best plan for you and know that if you practice it moderately well most days, your body will reward you with great results!

Although our diet was designed specifically for women, it works great for men as well. We’ve been pleased to learn that many husbands and boyfriends are so impressed with their wives’ and girlfriends’ weight loss and health improvement that they decided to participate with them on the diet. They love the recipes and healthy substitutions we recommend to replace the foods that are troublesome. But beware: men lose weight faster than women, so don’t let that discourage you!

Figuring Out Good and Bad Foods

After years of coaching women, we have seen the greatest breakthroughs when specific troublesome foods are eliminated for a period of time and then reintroduced strategically based on the body’s response. Most women have no idea that they have sensitivity to certain foods because they’ve not identified a direct correlation between the food and its negative effect on their bodies.

It has been documented that more than 20 percent of people in industrialized countries have food intolerances that disrupt their health and contribute to weight-loss challenges. Additionally, it is estimated that approximately 65 percent of adults have some level of lactose intolerance as well. It is impossible to know how many undocumented sensitivities exist considering the steadily increasing number of individuals struggling with leaky gut and other digestive issues. And quite frankly, most of us are simply consuming too many processed foods and realizing the effects of all the additives and preservatives.

Some women don’t remember what it’s like to feel great. They have no clue that removing certain foods and adding others can help them look and feel years younger. Just imagine turning back your biological clock by simply eating the right foods for you. It is not only possible but also relatively easy to discover how to do just that using the personalized approach we teach in this book.

An Almost-New Body Every Eight Years

God designed our bodies with perfect blueprints that tell them what to do with the fuel we give them. They know how to build new blood cells, skin, muscle, bone, and so on. In fact, our bodies are constantly regenerating. We slough off dead skin cells hourly and replace them with new ones. We regenerate red blood cells within 120 days. We even build an entirely new skeletal system over time.

Unbelievably, the majority of living cells in your body today will not be present in your body eight years from today!

Just as you cannot build a brick house out of straw, you cannot build a healthy body out of chocolate chip cookies and potato chips. The quality of the skin, bones, muscles, and cells of your body depend on the quality of the building materials you choose to supply, meal after meal! You truly are (and will be) what you eat.

We hope that fact motivates you to see each food you put in your body for what it is and choose wisely based on what you learn as you experience the ELT Diet.

Beyond Gluten Sensitivity

Many have jumped on the gluten-free bandwagon, and for good reason. It is estimated that much of the Western world is showing signs of being highly sensitive to an overabundance of processed wheat products. These include commercially made breads, pastas, crackers, packaged sauces, salad dressings, and, of course, desserts.

Many of the most well-respected health experts believe there are no significant nutritional benefits found in commercially made products and that everyone would be better served by removing these products from their diets. Patti Milligan, the ELT Diet’s functional nutrition advisor and a registered dietician with a master’s degree in nutritional biochemistry and exercise science, agrees. She believes that the quality of mainstream wheat products in the US is troublesome for everyone—not just those with actual sensitivity to wheat—because conventional wheat is washed in chlorine. Additionally, many packaged wheat products use additives and preservatives that wreak havoc on our bodies.

Unfortunately, the solution is not just to go gluten free. Many people make the shift and end up eating excessive amounts of corn- or rice-based products, which also creates a high carbohydrate load and other challenges for their bodies. Additionally, food sensitivities go far beyond gluten. Many of our clients are flabbergasted to realize that some of the “healthful” foods they’ve been eating are problems for them.

Even when true sensitivity is not an issue, sugar addiction, carbohydrate overload, and toxic buildup (from all the commercially processed foods) can send our bodies on a downward health spiral. The strategic elimination of food culprits and plans to test each to determine our reactions are key factors in discovering the ideal diet suited to our bodies.

In the Western world, we eat the quantity of carbohydrates as if we’re training for a marathon, but we never run the marathon!

—Patti Milligan

Therefore, if you have cut calories and still not lost weight, reduced all fat and gotten fatter, exercised your tail off and the fat hasn’t budged, watched the fat around your middle increase over the past decade, gained and lost and gained and lost, then it’s time to turn your attention to the type and quality of foods you eat regularly. Also, it is very likely you’re exceeding your carbohydrate threshold and converting those calories quickly to stored fat.

Insulin Resistance and Beyond

Excessive carbohydrate intake and insufficient carbohydrate metabolism (in other words, insulin resistance) is at the root of many women’s weight issues. Patti Milligan believes the average woman consumes about 300 to 350 grams of total carbohydrate per day. That amounts to almost 1,400 calories in carbohydrates alone, which is about 82 percent of a woman’s total caloric needs for one day.

Insulin resistance (IR), also known as metabolic syndrome, can range from minimal to extreme. It is a progressive disease if not treated with proper diet modifications. It has become synonymous with prediabetes. IR puts you at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and it triples your risk for heart disease. Losing weight becomes almost impossible unless you change your diet consistently.

An individual is considered to have insulin resistance (IR) if he or she has three or more of the following markers:

   ~  blood pressure ≥ 130/85 mm Hg or use of medication for hypertension

   ~  fasting glucose ≥ 100 mg/dL or use of medication for high blood glucose

   ~  HDL cholesterol ≤ 50 mg/dL

   ~  triglycerides ≥ 150 mg/dL

   ~  waist circumference ≥ 35 inches

Your body must maintain a very narrow blood-sugar (glucose) range at all times. Blood-sugar spikes occur when you consume more carbohydrates than necessary to meet immediate energy requirements. When this happens, the excess glucose produced must be promptly transported and stored elsewhere. That is the job of insulin. It converts that excess into either glycogen (an energy source stored in the muscles or liver) or fat. Fat becomes the primary storage if glycogen stores are full and/or you are insulin resistant.

IR is caused when muscle, liver, and fat cells do not respond effectively to insulin. Research reveals that this problem increases as we age and is closely related to lifestyle habits. The most important of these habits is the quality of our nutrition. That means we can have control over this ever-increasing metabolic syndrome by changing our diets.

At least 50 percent of Americans have some form of insulin resistance, according to Dr. Robert Lustig, professor of pediatric endocrinology at the University of California, San Francisco. That percentage is even higher in adults older than forty-five. “In contrast to popular false beliefs, weight loss and health should not be a constant battle uphill through calorie restriction, which simply doesn’t work,” says Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt in an article on his blog. He then goes on to quote Dr. Lustig:

Following current dietary advice is counterintuitive to achieving a healthy weight.

The reason is the myth of energy balance. If you believe this, then you believe that obesity is a physics problem; too much energy in, too little energy out. Energy balance assumes that all calories are equal, no matter where they come from. Rather, obesity is about energy deposition into fat tissue. Obesity is a biochemistry problem, and where those nutrients came from determine where they go in the body. It’s called nutritional biochemistry and it shows that all calories are not created equal.

Even for women who are not truly insulin resistant, excessive carbohydrates can create a roller-coaster effect as blood sugar levels peak and then fall throughout the day. Thus, cravings increase, energy decreases, and immunity declines.

Milligan also alerts us to the important role that a sedentary lifestyle plays in insulin resistance. Just increasing movement to three ten-minute spurts of intentional activity within your day can improve the sensitivity of insulin to your cells significantly because it stokes your metabolic furnace. In chapter 12, we’ll share the importance of leading an active lifestyle and tips to easily improve your fitness.

Now let’s take a look at an overview of the three key phases of the ELT Diet and Lifestyle Plan.


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by .
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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part 1 Preparation

1 Yes, You Can Eat, Live, and Thrive!: How This Diet and Lifestyle Plan Works 9

2 Making the Program Work for You: : You Can Choose to Succeed! 17

3 You Are What You Think: Starting Your Diet in Your Brain 21

4 The Power of Self-Talk: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Habits 27

5 Fat-Burning Diet Trends: Will They Work for You? 35

Part 2 The Plan

6 The Eating Window: How Should You Approach Intermittent Fasting? 49

7 The Elimination Phase: Jump-Starting Your Health and Weight Loss 57

8 The Discovery Phase: Testing Troublesome Foods and Unraveling Food Mysteries 87

9 The Lifestyle Phase: Creating a Sustainable Nutrition Plan for Life 107

Part 3 True Food

10 Notched-Up Nutrition: Kicking Anti-Nutrients to the Curb 131

11 Amazing Eats: Eating Out/Healthy Fast Food / Packaged Food Suggestions 147

Part 4 A Thriving Life

12 What's Exercise Got to Do with It?: Motivation to Get Moving and Tips for Thriving Women 157

13 The Irreplaceable Power of Sleep: For Health, Weight Loss, and Longevity 167

14 Beauty and the Beast: Body Image and Your Identity 175

Part 5 Recipes that Satisfy

15 Meals, Snacks, and Sides 185

Tasty Recipes to Help You Stick with the Program

Breakfast and Grain-Free Goodies 186

Salads, Salad Dressings, and More 195

Entrées 200

Sides, Soups, and Sauces 218

Desserts and Treats 230

Beverages 235

A Note from Danna and Robyn 237

Resources for Your Journey 239

Acknowledgments 241

Notes 243

Index 249

Recipe and Ingredient Index 255

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Eat, Live, Thrive Diet: A Lifestyle Plan to Rev Up Your Midlife Metabolism 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
CherryPie0420 11 days ago
I was incredibly excited to pick up the Eat Live Thrive Diet. I was put into induced menopause when I was 32 and have struggled in the years since to balance my hormones, lose the weight I gained after my surgery, and feel like a normal woman again. There have been other books that I have read that were filled with a lot of fluff, and I was hoping that the Eat Live Thrive Diet was different, but sadly it feels like a lot of the same information rehashed. What I did find refreshing is having faith mixed in with the journey to a healthier me. While many reviews I've read thus far find that off-putting I actually enjoyed that aspect, and believe that is what redeemed this book for me. I was not able to just sit down and read it cover-to-cover, but instead flipped around, reading portions that pertained to me. I wish I could say that there was some huge "ah-ha" moment, but sadly there wasn't. It felt more like reminders of things I've already learned and really do need to put into practice, which isn't bad, it's just not what I was expecting. With this program there is a membership that can be purchased at an additional cost through the Eat Live Thrive Diet website, which can be helpful for some to submerge themselves in this program and have that accountability, but I felt like, for me, it was a lot thrown at you. As far as the program itself, I do agree with intermittent fasting, and have actually started to incorporate this some in my own diet regimen and have lot a little weight, but the more I dived into this book the more confusing the program as a whole became to me, and that was discouraging. I honestly don't know if I would purchase this book myself, but I do think it is a decent resource that I could see checking out of a library. *I have reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from WaterBrook Publishing. All opinions are completely honest, and my own.
dSouthernGal More than 1 year ago
I am currently in the processed of setting up to follow this diet. I found the advice to be sound and very informative. Not only do they give you the plans (which there are three) to follow, they share their experiences with how they came to this plan. And which ever plan you choose, they provide daily plan sheets, shopping list, recipes, etc... It's very well explained and easy to follow and adjustable for your body. and lifestyle.
KatrinaEpperson More than 1 year ago
I love this book. It seemed like the authors wrote this just for me. I'm sure others are saying the same thing. It's written in easily understandable language and includes wonderful recipes. As you start the book it's almost like sitting and having a converstation with about how to go about not just dieting, but also life changes that bring about a better overall feeling. It shows you how to target this diet plan to fit you, in other words it's not a one fits all diet plan. This book targets women who have reached perimenapause or menapause age, but I believe anyone could benefit from this book. It's a book that I would recommend to anyone. **I received this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Librarycataloger More than 1 year ago
There are so many reasons for me to love this book. The Eat, Live, Thrive Diet is *Age Appropriate--There is extra help for women over forty-five. *Easy to use--It is divided into five parts: Preparation; The Plan; True Food; A Thriving Life; and Recipes That Satisfy. *Recipes--I am especially happy to have the recipes and I already have most of the ingredients. *Motivation--The authors certainly know how to encourage and motivate! Reading this book is almost like having two personal coaches in my home and I appreciate all of the tips that they share. *Additional Resources--There are two websites and a Facebook page that will offer more support as I continue my journey. I appreciate that, along with the unlimited advice and information, there is also a chapter that deals with the natural aging process. Chapter 14, Beauty and the Beast, reminds us that our bodies will naturally change as we grow older but we can still try to be the best that we can be. We are reminded that "First, we do our part to take care of our bodies---our only vehicles for this present life. Second, we renew our minds with truth so that we can find peace and contentment." (p. 178) Or, as King Solomon very wisely proclaimed "Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life." Proverbs 16:31 I believe that most of us want to improve our physical and mental health and if we can lose weight and look and feel better....certainly added perks! Eat, Live, Thrive Diet is geared toward women facing the age-old problem of metabolism slowing down in midlife but its content certainly isn't limited to just this age group. Women of all ages will discover how to eat, live and thrive. I only have good things to say about this book and I heartily recommend it. I received an ARC copy of this book from the Waterbrook & Multnomah Launch Team but this is my honest review.
DKStevens119 More than 1 year ago
Good information. Good advice. Interesting concept. Didn't really see too many recipes that interest me but the grain free, sugar free advice makes sense and I am interested in going over that section again and trying it. I received this book through Waterbrook , I was not obligated to give a positive review. My review is voluntary.
Cheri5 More than 1 year ago
Eat, Live, Thrive is a great book. It’s not a diet book; but it’s a lifestyle book that addresses every aspect of a woman (and man’s) life: spiritual, physical, emotional, and health. This book is one that will be used over and over again as it’s a new lifestyle, not a once and done type of diet program. The women authors are so authentic and share their own personal stories to help encourage, motivate and show readers that they have been there and if they can do it, we can too. I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not required to write a review and all opinions are my own.
MissKnu More than 1 year ago
In Eat, Live, Thrive Diet authors Danna Demetre and Robyn Thomson have combined their own experiences, modern science, and a God-centered approach to provide a guide to a new type of nutritional lifestyle for those experiencing midlife changes.  From what we eat, to when, and to how long it takes to digest it, they explain their approach in easy to understand terms and provide tools and examples that will aid the reader in applying the principles. Reading a diet book through from start to finish and evaluating both the practicalities and possible health consequences is a worthwhile precaution.  Having done this with Danna Demetre and Robyn Thomson's Eat, Live, Thrive Diet, I was pleased to find that in some respects I am on the right track and with a few adjustments may begin to see some of the results possible with, for example, intermittent fasting.  So I am excited to now go through the text again with the intention of incorporating more of this practical and attainable lifestyle plan and hope to see some of the promised revving of my midlife metabolism. While elimination diets, intermittent fasting, and positive self talk are not new ideas, they are brought together here in an approachable way.  With lists, worksheets, a recipe section, and helpful Q&A's, the authors have chosen to focus primarily on concerns of women in midlife, sharing their own struggles with weight and their reliance on faith. If, like me, you've found midlife to be a bit unkind in the weight department, whether those struggles are new or a continuation with new midlife challenges, this is a book I would recommend be read and used (after doing your due diligence in looking at any possible health related issues) as a tool to help take positive steps. This review refers to an uncorrected proof I received for review purposes as part of Waterbrook Multnomah's book launch program.  A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.
Pamela Recene More than 1 year ago
#PRHpartner This book is the most practical diet book I have ever read. As a health coach I have studied at least 99 diets and read many diet books. This book is different. EatLiveThriveDiet allowed me to discover my body’s needs, as well as my reactions to certain foods. My mother also experimented, as we did the book together. We have different body types yet this book worked for both of us. This book covers the power of the mind and how it affects my body. By recognizing the wrong thoughts and realigning with healthy thoughts, I will improve my health. As a health coach, I can help a client lose weight fast. But can they keep it off. From now on, everyone who approaches me about weight loss, I will recommend EatLiveThriveDiet. I too, plan on reading this book regularly to fine tune my life style.
CindyNavarro More than 1 year ago
Eat, Live, Thrive Diet is an excellent source to help re-evaluate your diet and lifestyle, making adjustments as needed. I admit that all I have really done so far is READ about it instead of experimenting with their advice. However, that is mostly due to changes in medications due to diabetes. The authors confirm that any changes in diet should be approved by your personal physician. One of the things I do love about the book is that it does allow leeway for personal needs, as well as personal preference. The book is also easy to read with a conversational style that kept my interest. Also, there is a lot of info that can help the reader pinpoint areas that are problematic. Learning how and what to eat is a life-changer! DIET does not always mean a plan to lose weight; diet is simply what you eat normally. This is about a LIFESTYLE and helps you explore how your body reacts to foods. Are you feeling tired and sluggish after a meal? Use the elimination plan to help discover if a certain food group is a cause. There are also many tempting recipes in the back. I confess that I hate to cook, but most of these are inspiring me to learn to enjoy it. Plus, it's time to get healthier NOW. Some of the products recommended are ones (mostly brands) unknown to me, but I have not tried to find them (yet), either. This is a book I plan to use often and I do recommend it to others. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free as part of the “Eat Live Thrive Diet” WaterBrook-Multnomah Launch Team. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
Jdp15 More than 1 year ago
I get bad headaches at least 3 times a week. Since I started the Eat Live Thrive diet 23 days ago, I have only had 1 headache!!! And it was on day 2 of the diet!!! You guys, this book has helped me so much! I highly recommend this book! If you want to feel great, get healthy, and lose weight I would recommend this book to you. I can't promise it won't be hard, because it all depends on you and your eating habits, challenges, and struggles. Having a support group and/or friends and family to do it with you also helps. I received this book from Waterbrook Multnomah for an honest review.
ConsultingWriter More than 1 year ago
I highly recommend this book for anyone that has struggled not just with weight loss, but with feeling well in general. I believe this method will help the reader learn a great deal about their own body. It isn’t an all-encompassing diet. Each person may experience something different. I may be fine with hard cheeses, but can’t handle soft cheese. You might find that milk won’t work for you, as it does for me. It’s all about learning, discovery. And the ultimate goal is to improve your wellbeing and thrive. Danna and Robyn are extremely supportive and helpful. They offer coaching sessions and make themselves available to answer questions during those live webinars, through Facebook posts and messages, and even through email. They didn’t just write the book and forget about the reader. They really want each reader to succeed. I did go through level 1, which was tough at first. But I was actually able to break away from my sugar addiction. That, in itself, is a big accomplishment. For me, the weight loss didn’t happen, but it’s more likely due to the hormone levels that have always prevented me from being successful with weight loss. If you find yourself struggling and noting no difference in your weight, it might be a good idea to have your doctor check your hormone levels. I’m estrogen dominant, meaning that my body won’t let go as easily as someone who isn’t. Despite avoiding sugar and wheat, the scale did not budge. That isn’t the fault of the plan. Honestly, it should have worked. Fewer calories in than burned equals weight loss. Well, the math is right, my body isn’t. Once I get that under control, I have no doubt it will work for me. This book includes a pep talk, shared personal stories and encouragement. The middle of the book offers the details of each level and tips on how to succeed. The final portion of the book includes recipes to help you get through the levels, especially if you’re craving bread, but need to avoid wheat. They do offer suggestions for vegetarians as well. This diet focuses a lot on vegetable and fruit intake. Makes sense, right? I do like the idea of testing certain food groups to see if they cause stomach issues or even slight weight gain. My sister-in-law can drink regular soda as much as she wants, but for me, sugar is my worst enemy. It’s comforting when I’m stressed, but then it packs on the pounds, causing more stress. Thanks to the authors’ encouragement (and the awesome support of my husband) I’ve been able to break my addition. Woo hoo! I’ve shared this book with a friend and my mother, both of whom have enjoyed reading it and giving it a try with success. I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for my review. The honest opinions in this review are my own.
connywithay More than 1 year ago
“We will teach you how to make your body shift from being predominately a carbohydrate or sugar burner to a metabolically agile burner of all fuels, including fat,” Danna Demetre and Robyn Thomson write in their book, Eat Live Thrive Diet: A Lifestyle Plan to Rev Up Your Midlife Metabolism. ~ What ~ This uncorrected proof copy is a two-hundred-and-seventy-two-page paperback that targets mainly women over forty-five-years of age who want to lose weight, have more energy, and maintain a healthier lifestyle as they age. After an introduction, the read with Christian-based concepts and Bible verses is divided into five parts that contain a total of fifteen chapters. The diet preparation, plan, foods, life changes, and recipes are broken down by sections in paragraphs with sidebars, highlights, charts, and bullet points. The ending includes a note from the authors, resources, acknowledgments, notes, index, and recipe/ingredient indexes. ~ Why ~ This book has a diet structure that is separated into three progressive steps: the temporary elimination of specific foods for up to fourteen days, the discovery of re-introducing foods for three days to determine the body’s reactions, and the focus on a lifestyle that is a mind-renewal overhaul that includes relying on God. I appreciated the discussions on sugar addiction, carb overload, toxic build-up, testing food with sensitivity symptoms, and a daily checklist of consumption. ~ Why Not ~ Those who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ may want to avoid this book that incorporates Him into dieting. Others may find no new information about using common sense to cut back carbs and sugar, increase exercise, and short-term fasting for twelve to sixteen hours, mostly while sleeping. Some recipes include coconut oil, which many may question its true health benefits. ~ Wish ~ Since I feel like I am already on such a regiment by watching my intake, eating healthy non-processed foods, limiting grains, and going to the gym or exercising, I gleaned little reading it. I found it extremely had to read some of the gray-highlighted boxes that had white print. I wish all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence. ~ Want ~ If you are getting up in years, want to lose a few pounds, and feel younger with more energy, this diet that uses common sense while tossing in limited Bible verses may be helpful if you are not already aware of different foods and how they interact with your body. Thanks to the Waterbrook & Multnomah Launch Team for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.
MEPinkham More than 1 year ago
This lifestyle change, as opposed to diet, plan is the result of the authors' own experience with being healthy and ready to face the challenges of midlife. It focuses on the fact that it is an individual path - no two people will see results in the same way, and we need to find what works best for our own bodies and lives. Plenty of common sense advice. I didn't agree with everything, but there was a lot to work with in my own midlife attempt to become healthier. I was given a copy of this book from the authors. This did not affect my review. Thoughts and opinions are mine alone.
bsnksmom More than 1 year ago
This book gives hope to everyone in midlife who feels "stuck" in their weight-loss journey. With hands on helps, and positive self-talk, EatLiveThrive is more than just a diet. It becomes a lifestyle. Having recently finished the "Elimination Phase' of the diet, while I didn't lose a LOT of weight, I did lose some. I also gained the ability to tell, as I added things back, which foods were "triggers" for me, which bothered my digestion, and which made me feel wonderful. It has been a bit of a revelation to me to find that, many of the foods I love for their taste, actually cause my stomach to rebel. Who knew? NOW, I do! I appreciated the hands-on approach the author's provide, and the step-by-step tips. So far, my most helpful tip has been the 14-hour daily fast thing. It has surprised me - although it shouldn't - that every time I fast for at least 14 hours, my scales show a loss in the morning. I'm also doing better as far as doing some kind of exercise every day. Their recommendation to start with 10 minutes three times a day, is very doable, and not as intimidating as doing 30 minutes at a crack. While written more for women than men, men can benefit from doing the steps, too. I would definitely recommend this book, and following the steps as closely as you can, to anyone in midlife or beyond. It's billed as "A Lifestyle Plan to Rev up Your Midlife Metabolism,' and I think it comes through admirably.
MollyzReviewz More than 1 year ago
Talented Ladies Bring Great Advice! As some one who was recently diagnosed with food allergies, I knew my diet would have to change. It did. But not in a way I wanted. I was suddenly giving up hope because it was so hard to find food I could eat, food I would enjoy. But, then, not long ago, I received this book. It’s a self help book called Eat Live Thrive Diet. Since I’m pushing 40, I know my lifestyle isn’t the greatest, but this book. This book is amazing for helping me. There are things in this book to help with boosting your metabolism late in life, for dieting without the big E word mixed in. There are amazing elements to this book that will make you feel refreshed, awake, healthier. I loved, too, that this book had some recipes in it that I could actually use because it uses things like coconut oil or milk, versus the dairy milk that I’m allergic to. As an added bonus, this 4 star worthy book has a website to go with it, where you register your email and boom. You’ve got other elements beyond the book that these two talented ladies created. Definitely a life gamechanger in my opinion! If you want a fantastically put together self help book, grab this one. You will not be disappointed! I look forward to seeing what these ladies hand us in the future! *I received a complimentary copy of this book from Waterbrook Press and was under no obligation to post a review, positive or negative.*
JViola79 More than 1 year ago
As women grow older, our bodies and metabolism change. This is not news to any of us and yet weight is something which slowly creeps up in so many of us. In their book, Eat Live Thrive Diet, Danna Demetre and Robyn Thomson explain why this is so, offering a plan and understanding of how to fight the battle of the scale. The book offers a lot of helpful information and plenty of encouragement in each chapter. The book is broken down into 5 parts: Preparation The Plan True Food A Thriving Life Recipes That Satisfy Their style of writing comes across much like that of a coach as they offer God-centered principles which enable you to change your thoughts about food and eating in a healthy way. “Eat: To nourish your body and embrace your God-given sense of taste. Live: To fully experience the abundant life. Thrive: To flourish in body, soul, and spirit.” (page 9) The book encourages us to eat nourishing foods that are not processed, which is wise. Carbohydrates should be limited. Vegetables can be unlimited, while fruits limited. The reader is also encouraged to remember the power of our thoughts. Thoughts must change is we hope to make any permanent change in our behavior and eating patterns. “Your strong negative habits are being pushed by strong negative thoughts. As you become more mindful of your thought life, you’ll begin to better understand your underlying thoughts.” (page 30) While I found the book interesting and helpful in some ways, I found the recipes to be lacking. While I enjoy both cooking and baking, and very much love trying new recipes, I myself would not attempt to try the recipes included. Some of the ingredients were unappealing to me and would be difficult for me to find conveniently. As with any diet plan, this is something personal to each of us. We should always check with our doctor to be certain weight loss is done in a manner to promote improved health and that a plan is not detrimental to us. *An ARC of this book was provided to me by the publisher, Waterbrook & Multnomah. My review contains my honest thoughts and opinions.
NKBookReviewer More than 1 year ago
Here I am again reading another diet book. I probably have read or opened most every one of them. This one is finally different. A book written by two qualified women for midlife women bodies. Let’s see how this one compares. I was impressed with the writing style in the book. In parts it was scientific as it explained metabolism and different foods, but it did it in easy to understand terms. The concept is timely and needed. Every woman wants to look and feel better. I know I do. The authors are transparent with their own struggles and trials. They understand what obstacles might pop up and are ready to help readers navigate them. Once I started reading this informative book, I read it cover to cover. I was like a sponge wanting to soak up as much information as possible. This health book has Christian-based concepts and scripture. It begins with an introduction and is divided into five parts and a total of fifteen chapters. The diet preparation, plan, foods, life changes, and recipes are broken down by sections in paragraphs with sidebars, highlights, charts, and marks. Concluding the book I s a note from the authors, resources, acknowledgments, notes, index, and recipe/ingredient indexes. It is a well research, well planned, and well organized book. My favorite thing was the Christian aspect. It was there to help but was not preachy. Our mind, body, and soul all need to be healthy to work properly. The authors address this and acknowledge the importance of changing habits lmentally and emotionally, also. This book taught me many things. I found the plan to be similar to a Keto diet I have tried but yet there are differences. The plan basically emphasises nourishment with “real” food. Processed foods are discouraged. While vegetables can be unlimited, fruits and grains are not. Refined foods are to be avoided and carbohydrates controlled. As with every plan, there were some things I did not quite think would be for me. The extras that they use are not things I want to buy. The plan itself, yes. That I am trying successfully. I really liked this book. It would benefit any woman. Younger women would learn healthy lifestyle choices early. Older women could implement this plan and get healthier. I highly recommend it and give it a 4 out of 5 stars. An advanced reader copy (ARC) copy was provided by the publisher, but I was under no obligation to write a review. This is my own opinion.
rkfall More than 1 year ago
Eat Live Thrive Diet by these lovely ladies is a great book that breaks through some issues and helps in so many areas. I personally don’t pick up “diet” books because I live more in a healthy body for life way of thinking and not dieting way of life. Believing strongly in life living and not just to lose and go back to bad habits. BUT I am so thankful that I picked this resource up! I felt that they were very thorough in bringing up so many targeted materials that are out there and things that I would love to know more about. I wish they had added more to the exercise area of this book and even to the point of giving some routines. The help in finding how my personal body reacts to all kinds of foods is a game changer and that has got to be my favorite part of this book beyond their shared faith in God through Jesus Christ. If you’re looking for a lifestyle change for the better and great help in maintaining and sustaining your metabolism you’ll want to pick this one up. I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.
Sarah823SP More than 1 year ago
This book is an easy read in one sitting if you want to. I did find the gray boxes with text more challenging to read and it was frustrating in the print copy to read them, and often I found they contained specific information that I was more interested in. The book does a lot of referencing other parts of the book. It's big on changing your self talk, moving from lies to truth, and fasting for long periods of time to help in weight loss, even if you are insulin resistant and watching your blood sugars. I did not find the strategies for eating and what to eat, what not to eat to vary from basic common teaching. The authors allow for a lot of individualization and personal tailoring. As a part of the launch team, the group focused on a lot of live phone calls and free training opportunities as a benefit of the launch team, the feed focused on where to find special products to include in the eating plans. The authors are fun, motivating, passionate, and desire to help, but I was overwhelmed with all the extras that seemed important in addition to reading the book. Extras that come with another fee for many. As a layperson, it did not seem to be a scientifically supported plan, it's a combination of different known strategies with twists. I personally am not interested in loosing weight by regularly eliminating many foods from my diet, and eating all organic foods,as preferred by the authors. I did agree with the focusing on fruits, veggies, proteins, and healthy oils. Eating less processed foods and counting carbs. So it just wasn't for me. Thankful to partner with Waterbrook/Multnomah and read an advanced copy of the book.
Phyllis_H More than 1 year ago
A lifestyle plan My rating is 4.5 stars Over the years, I have gone through dietary changes for various health reasons. Overall the way I eat would be considered ""healthy"" and yet there always seems to be some reason I need to modify what my diet. Despite the way I eat, my metabolism is not what it used to be and I am in the same boat as many other women out there wanting to conquer the weight that I have gained. And so when I saw that this book is specifically for midlife metabolism issues, I figured it would be worth checking to see if it would help. My thoughts: While there are some similarities, this is not a Paleo or Keto diet. In fact, the authors make a very interesting point about how strange it would be if God really did design our bodies in such a way that we have to trick them as the process of staying in ketosis requires. There is also a careful emphasis on making healthy choices even in the types of fats that you should eat. One of the things I appreciate is that this is not simply an eating plan for losing weight nor is it written by people who have never had weight issues. The authors have both struggled with weight, unhealthy eating, and image insecurities. In addition to suggestions on how to eat are encouragements from Scripture to not focus on outward appearance. Suggestions for when to eat as well as exercise and other lifestyle changes that can be made are also included. My experience with the diet: After reading the book, I started implementing the eating plan. There is an initial two-week elimination phase consisting of avoiding foods that are common sensitivities. After this phase, you are guided in how to slowly add those foods back into your diet in a way that you can identify which ones are a problem. The final phase is the ""maintenance"" phase. I'm now at the phase where I am adding foods back in after the two week elimination. Of course, my hope was that I would be seeing a reduction in my weight right away, but I will be honest with you, according to what I see on the scale and in the way my clothes fit, there isn't any difference yet. But with the various food allergies and sensitivities I deal with, I am not able to include a number of the recommendations in my diet. In addition, my previous diet had already excluded significant amounts of foods I shouldn't be eating, so the changes I have made have not been all that radical. Plus, did I mention it has only been two weeks? My recommendation: So here is my thought. Even if my weight doesn't change, there is some very good material in the book that can help to change the way you think about your body and the way you eat. If your diet is not very good right now, this is a very practical and balanced way of eating that can help. And I imagine others will have quicker results than I do because of the issues I deal with. So I recommend this to women who are at or past the mid-life stage and need to make a dietary change. I think this would be useful for younger women to get an earlier start into an overall healthy way of living. Read with a Preview at I was given a copy of this book. I was not required to give a favorable review nor was any money received for this review. All comments and opinions are my own.