Edgar Cayce's Past Lives of Jesus: An Amazing Story

Edgar Cayce's Past Lives of Jesus: An Amazing Story

by Glenn Sanderfur


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Did the Master live before he was born as Jesus of Nazareth?

And, if he did, do any records exist that reveal the journey that the Master soul has taken in the earth?

Edgar Cayce's Past Lives of Jesus takes a bold look at the psychic readings of one of the most documented clairvoyants of our time, Edgar Cayce, as well as ancient Gnostic, Egyptian, and Eastern relgious texts, plus the Holy Bible to reveal a coherent and intriguing pattern of incarnations of the Master soul, including:

ADAM - the first created man in the Garden of Eden was, according to Cayce, on a mission to rescue us all.

ENOCH - who was called by God to heaven where the mysteries of the universe were revealed.

HERMES - the architect of the great Pyramid.

MELCHIZEDEK - a priest and king of ancient Jerusalem (Salem).

JOSEPH - the son of Rachel and Jacob, who became a faithful and righteous leader alongside the pharoah in Egypt.

JOSHUA - the warrior who led the Israelites into the Promised Land.

ZEND - the father of Zoroaster, who wrote the Zend Avesta.

And finally, JESUS, whose pattern here on earth has shown a path to us all, no matter our religious background or faith.

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Edgar Cayce's Past Lives of Jesus: An Amazing Story 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
rebeccajoy84 More than 1 year ago
I am constantly looking to find interesting reads to further my spiritual growth, and particularly enjoy this writing style. The author not only uses Edgar Cayce quotes but references many other religious texts, including books of the apocrypha to tie the ideas together. I, personally, believe in reincarnation but also incorporate other religious/spiritual ideas and concepts into my beliefs and practice, so I find it refreshing to see someone who can pull both the religious and spiritual together into one cohesive book. Also, it's only about a 200-page book, so the chapters are fairly concise (~10 pages each) and don't drown the reader in monotonous or overwhelming details.