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Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Educational Administration and Organizational Behavior / Edition 4

Educational Administration and Organizational Behavior / Edition 4

by E. Mark Hanson


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This practical book discusses the process of solving real problems in complex educational systems and introduces modern management concepts from the private, public, and educational sectors. This book makes a practical link between social science theory and the practice of leading educational systems. The orientation is to facilitate understanding of how educational organizations function as learning and socio-political systems, and then provide conceptual and analytical tools to facilitate real-world problem solving. Social and behavioral science frameworks are used to identify and explain three widely held perspectives on the administration of educational organizations: (1) the school as a bureaucratic system, (2) the school as a social system, and (3) the school as an open system. Specific chapters are dedicated to key topics such as communication, leadership, management styles, motivation, organizational memory and learning, educational marketing, institution theory, schools of choice (e.g., charter, voucher, home schooling), and educational change. For educational administrators, and those involved with educational leadership.

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ISBN-13: 9780205188819
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date: 12/08/1995
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 7.19(w) x 9.56(h) x 0.93(d)

Table of Contents

Plan for the Textxiv
About the Authorxv
1Organizational Behavior in Schools: An Overview1
Purpose and Organization of This Book2
Conceptual Frameworks and School Organization3
Knowledge Workers in the Knowledge Industry9
What Horse's Patoot Designed That?10
Discussion Questions11
2The School as a Bureaucratic Organization13
Bureaucratic Administration16
The Gospel of Scientific Management18
Scientific Management and the School21
The Bureaucratization of Education in America23
The Limits to Rationality29
Unanticipated Consequences of the Bureaucratic Model30
Rationality and Testing American Education35
Do Organization and Administration Make a Difference?37
The New Principal38
Discussion Questions40
3Schools as Sociopolitical Systems43
Informal Groups in Organizations44
The Social System50
Organizational Culture60
Governance and Decision Making63
The School as a Collection of Coalitions68
Governing from the Lowerarchy70
A Contrast of Basic Assumptions72
The Superintendent's on My Back74
Discussion Questions75
4The Professional-Bureaucratic Interface: A Case Study79
The Interacting Spheres Model80
Spheres of Influence83
Structural and Cultural Linkages85
Decision-Making Categories89
Subcoalitions within Spheres of Influence90
Weak Power of the Principalship94
The Negotiated Order96
Behavioral Management across Spheres98
Defending the Spheres100
Bill Gates's Rules for High School Students103
Discussion Questions103
5Open System Theory and Schools107
The Concept of System111
Open System Theory112
Cycles of Events113
Cycles of Events in the School115
A Balance-of-Systems Concept117
Environmental Fragmentation120
Open and Closed Systems122
Organizational Equilibrium124
The Problem-Solving Cycle125
A Contrast of Basic Assumptions129
The Tunerville High Zoo131
Discussion Questions132
6Contingency Theory135
Under Conditions of Uncertainty136
The Context of Contingency Theory137
Organizational Structure and the Environment139
Problem Solving in Organized Anarchies143
Managerial Work Behavior148
The Flying Horse150
Discussion Questions150
7Organizational Leadership and the School Administrator153
The Leadership Role154
Leadership in Sociopolitical Groups159
Followership Styles164
Leadership and Gender165
Initiating Structure and Consideration Leadership Styles166
Contingency Theory of Leadership169
Path--Goal Theory of Leadership: A Contingency Theory174
Transformational Leadership Theory178
A Born Leader183
Discussion Questions184
8Motivation and Management190
Content Theories of Motivation191
Process Theories of Motivation198
What Energizes Behavior?203
What Channels or Directs Behavior?205
How Is Motivated Behavior Sustained or Terminated?206
Careers and Work Motivation208
A Burnout Case213
Discussion Questions214
9Organizational Communication217
S-M-C-R Communication Model218
Classical Theory and Communication218
The Human Relations School and Communication219
Open System Theory and Communication220
Hierarchical Settings221
Barriers to Communication225
Nonverbal Communication228
Communication Analysis229
Leo's Butcher Shop232
Discussion Questions232
10Educational Marketing and the Public Schools234
Educational Marketing and How It Differs from Public Relations235
Why Apply Marketing Techniques to Schools?236
Market Forces that Create Bridges or Barriers240
How Would "Choice" Change Current Market Forces?242
How Marketers Contact Segments of the Community245
Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...247
Discussion Questions248
11Conflict and Stress in Education251
Levels and Sources of Conflict253
Structure and Process Conflict Models256
Stress and Performance258
Conflict Analysis261
Conflict Management261
Stress Management265
A Note of Caution267
We Are Not Amused270
Discussion Questions271
12Organizational Learning, Institutional Theory, and Reform274
Organizational Memory274
Organizational Learning276
Institutional Theory279
Institutional Theory and Educational Change286
The Smart Educational Organization289
And the Winner Is...292
Discussion Questions293
13Educational Change296
Restructuring American Education298
The Organizational Environment: The Target of Change303
Resistance to Change at the Organizational Level307
Resistance to Change at the Individual Level310
Planned Change315
The Change Agent323
Organization Development327
School Culture and Situational Conditions of Change330
Three Perspectives on Planned Change332
The Case of the Dusty Computers335
Discussion Questions335
Name Index340
Subject Index347

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