Educational Administration and Organizational Behavior

Educational Administration and Organizational Behavior

by E. Mark Hanson

Hardcover(3rd ed)



This practical book discusses the process of solving real problems in complex educational systems and introduces modern management concepts from the private, public, and educational sectors. KET TOPICS: This book makes a practical link between social science theory and the practice of leading educational systems. The orientation is to facilitate understanding of how educational organizations function as learning and socio-political systems, and then provide conceptual and analytical tools to facilitate real-world problem solving. Social and behavioral science frameworks are used to identify and explain three widely held perspectives on the administration of educational organizations: (1) the school as a bureaucratic system, (2) the school as a social system, and (3) the school as an open system. Specific chapters are dedicated to key topics such as communication, leadership, management styles, motivation, organizational memory and learning, educational marketing, institution theory, schools of choice (e.g., charter, voucher, home schooling), and educational change. For educational administrators, and those involved with educational leadership.

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ISBN-13: 9780205126514
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date: 11/01/1990
Edition description: 3rd ed
Pages: 400

Table of Contents

1. Organizational Behavior in Schools.

2. The School as a Bureaucratic Organization.

3. Schools as Sociopolitical Systems.

4. The Professional-Bureaucratic Interface.

5. Open System Theory and Schools.

6. Contingency Theory.

7. Organizational Leadership and the School Administrator.

8. Motivation and Management.

9. Organizational Communication.

10. Educational Marketing and the Public Schools.

11. Conflict and Stress in Education.

12. Organizational Learning, Institutional Theory and Reform.

13. Educational Change.

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