Elayne: Daughter of Avalon

Elayne: Daughter of Avalon

by Joan Fericy

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Elayne, daughter of Avalon, is a fictional visualization of an 18th century woman being initiated into a ceremony called the Circle of Light. The story takes place in Glastonbury, England, with a group of women, representing the simple truths of life, teaching her to overcome her insecurities.

She spent many years preparing for this initiation after going back in time to get advice from her great-great grandmother. That journey back in time gave her the courage to change her thinking which changed her life.

Reviews: "Joan Fericy´s new book is a magical meditation of pure delight. Enjoy the circle of women´s wisdom as you journey into the heart of healing, being initiated into the Circle of Light. What a wondrous tale of soulful emergence. Light a candle and let yourself dream the magic awake in your own life." Nancy Blair, author of The Book of Goddesses and Goddess in a Box.

It´s a delighful read. Excellent reminders - to take time for the fanciful! Dusty Reed

It´s a fabulous way to get those simple truths to so many and I see the book in many hands in many lands.Rev. Elizabeth Mc Glinn

What Others Say About Elayne ....
"It brought a piece of joy to my heart." Alina Feller

Praises for Joan´s other books and tapes:
"Reading this is like breathing a deep breath of fresh, mountain air. A good guide for anyone who wants more peace and joy in their life." Allen Watson, review for "Starlight Times."

"I feel peaceful when I listen. More than that, I found enormous energy and creativity." Audrey DeLaMartre, review for "Sober Times".

"Extremely beneficial. I often give it to my patients and friends, all of whom love it." Anita Columbu, D.C., Ph.D.W. Los Angeles, Ca.

"Dynamic message of healing and inspiration. The principles set forth here can take you all the way go God." Alan Cohen, Author

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ISBN-13: 9781477163573
Publisher: Xlibris US
Publication date: 08/25/2003
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 44
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