Eleanor My Inspiration

Eleanor My Inspiration

by Donna R. Brown


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This book is dedicated to the memory of my loving mother, Eleanor B. Blair. A woman who was wise, strong spirited, and gave from her heart. My mother was a double amputee, survived two open-heart surgeries, and still stood tall. Eleanor did not let her sickness get her down. Even at the end, my mother left this world with a beautiful smile on her face letting us know that she was all right.

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ISBN-13: 9781452041537
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/28/2010
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.15(d)

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By Donna R. Brown


Copyright © 2010 Donna R. Brown
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-4153-7

Chapter One



With God's grace, we were blessed with her presence for sixty-eight years. Thank you, Lord, for giving us a mother who was strong-spirited, a grandmother who was wise and giving, and a friend who was a pleasure to be around. Mama may have had her faults, but so have we all. She gave us one last time to all be together, to care for her and return just a portion of the love that she had given so freely to us throughout her life. We had one last time to talk to her, laugh with her, kiss and hold her, and let her know that we were there for her. Mama, we'll never forget you, for you will live on in our minds, our hearts, and our memories. We will miss visiting you and talking to you, but just remember that we will be all right. God gave us one last time to see your beautiful smile while he tried to prepare us for what was to come. Do you remember the day that your father came for you and you weren't quite ready or when the bird perched on your window sill, but when you looked again it had flown away? Mama, now you can walk, yes walk, in paradise while you look down on us from above. For it was God's grace that gave us one more time with you before he sent your mother to lead you home ...


Heavenly Father, please hear my prayer. My old life is now over, and I thank you for giving me a new beginning. In this new beginning there is no longer pain, for I know you are my salvation. Heavenly Father, when I was on Earth, I was filled with so much trouble and heartache. Now the fog has lifted, leaving me with peace at last. My heart and soul now feel no pain, and my mind and vision are now crystal clear. Heavenly Father, please ease my family's pain; let them know that I am safe. I am home with my heavenly Father in a peaceful paradise. I am finally free.


Dear God, my journey on this earth is now over, and you have now called me home. Please let my family know that I love them dearly. Let them know that my suffering is over; I am at peace, and I have no more pain. Dear God, let my family know that I am in heaven looking down and will always be with them in spirit. Please ease their pain, Lord, and show them how to cope with this in a positive way. Give them strength and wisdom. Dear God, please guide them and let them know I am living in their hearts and their memories. Dear God, please let my family and loved ones know that I am safe and so very happy, and one day I will see them again.


Weep not for me. I have departed to another world that the Lord knows is best for me. There is no more pain or sickness. There is nothing but beauty surrounding me. Weep not for me. I love you all. Know that in spirit, I am with you. Thank you for loving and caring for me when I needed you most. And I also thank you for making my departure from this earth so much easier. Weep not for me. You gave from your heart all that you had to give. My darling loved ones: go on with your lives and continue to be the best you can be. One day we will all reunite again.


What will you do when I'm gone? Where will you go? Will you change or simply remain the same? Will you look at life differently? Or will you continue on with your same negative view of things?

When I'm gone, Who will you look to for help, guidance, and motivation? When things don't go the way you planned, When memories of me come flooding through your mind, When you look for me but, I have soared to another plain: I ask you, What will you do when I'm gone?

Chapter Two



Hear me out, for I am your savior. Some will hear my voice, But it is not yet time for me to appear on earth. Hear me out, for I have sent many before me to prepare you for my coming. I first sent my son, Who was betrayed and crucified. I also sent A man who had a dream, A messenger no one believed, A man who wrote the emancipation of proclamation, A man who did what needed done by any means necessary, A man that was president, and whose brother was to follow in his footsteps, A woman named Moses. The list goes on. Yet all those I have sent before me Lost their lives for humanity.


I ask you, God, for strength, peace, and harmony to help me cope with life each day. Show me how to overcome obstacles that sometimes fall in my path. Teach me different ways to understand the things I need to know to help me along my journey, and give me the patience to see situations and deal with them as calmly as I can. My loving God, You give me love each day. Help me share the love you give to me with others in a positive way.


Heavenly Father, please walk with me. Give me strength for my family and me. Help me to be strong in my weakest hours of need. Each day I pray for my family, my friends, and me. The strength I need, dear Lord, can only come from you. Give me the strength to be strong. Show and teach me to be the best that I can be. Give me the strength to reach out and help those I know and those I don't know as well. I want to reach out and touch someone's life with a smile, kind word, or just by being there When they need me. Knowing the gift of caring, sharing, and loving is one of the greatest strengths and gifts of all. Help me to keep the strength to carry on.


Call on me, my children, and you will see that I will not fail you. Those who doubt me should give me a chance to enter into their lives, And then they will no longer doubt me. Call on me, Not only when you need me, But when you don't need me as well. Call on me, For I am the greatest of all saviors, and I will never stray from you. Call on me; I am here for you always!


On this journey I take today, Please keep my family and I out of harm's way. Guide us safely through life's doors. If we stray, remind us that your doors are always open. I may not often show you how much I care, but you know in my heart that you are always here. You opened my eyes. You showed me the way to cope with the ups and downs of life each day. Thank you, God, for keeping me safe on the journey that I take today and each day that follows after it.


I arose with a calmness I cannot explain To a soft voice calling my name. It let me know that things may seem bleak now, but The trouble causing so much pain will soon be gone.

My heart and soul are full of love; they know that I am not alone. For I know you are here with me, Guiding me through life. Thank you, Father, for calling my name.


Thank you, my angel, For showing me all the things I could not see before And for letting me understand why I hide behind the walls of despair Because I would not let you in, I have caused unhappiness in my life.

Yet you have been here trying to show me what's been going wrong. Now, in knowing all you have shown me and Feeling you by my side, I have the strength to go on.


Thank you for being there when I was alone. Thank you for giving me the strength to carry on. Thank you for being my friend when I thought I had none. You gave me space to understand; I never knew that you were right there beside me all the time. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for understanding me as you do. Thank you for helping me to see a brighter day.


Lord, I am calling on you To help me see my way through the days I remain here on this earth. Walk with me and show me how to live the right way. Lord, how I love thee. Each day I understand more of what you have done for me. Walk with me, Lord. Teach me patience, And give me strength. Let me never turn away from anyone who may need me. Lift me up and help me to turn my life around. Walk with me, Lord. When I stumble, show me how to rise again and stand tall. Help me to deal with all situations, big or small. Only you, Lord, can walk with me And guide me to live the right way.


May your day be filled with peace and harmony from our creator. As you start your day, let his warm and loving ways guide you through the day. Know that you are loved. If things seem to go wrong, As they sometimes will, Take a second to look up above, for you are not alone. Let your smile radiate strength like the sun. You'll see; your day will be just fine.


I thought dreams would never become reality, nor would Memories of things held so dear become real. Sometimes I wonder: if I reach tomorrow, what will it bring? I have struggled so long to reach the point where I am today. I have traveled down the road and met good times and bad, happiness and sadness. During hard times, I thought they would never end. I've been giving my all in order to achieve what I want in life. Still, my job isn't done. Each day makes me want to work harder than I did yesterday. I know I must continue on. As long as I have faith and strength, I know I can go forward. I must continue to believe in myself. There's no stopping me until all my dreams, hopes, and wishes become reality.

Chapter Three



Judge me not for the color of my skin. It is different than yours. Judge me not because of the life I choose to live. Judge me not for failing to live up to your expectations Or because there is something different about me that you do not understand. Judge me not for who I am. Why try to change me just because I am different than you expect or want me to be? Judge me not, for I am human. I am not a puppet on a string or a person whom you can control. Judge me not. Don't try to decide what you think is best for me. Judge me not; Just be happy for me. Look at what I have accomplished in life. Look at the good that I do. Look at who I am. Please, JUDGE ME NOT!


We are not born to hate. Hate is derived from bad influences that consume our minds and souls. Some of us act with hate, without any thought or caring about who may be affected. Hatred is a disease, like an open wound that has been neglected and can't be cured. Low or no self-respect or self-esteem couples with envy, and it becomes like an epidemic that seems to have no ending. Hatred can be broken if we give of ourselves to one another.


I am someone with whom you can be yourself, Without doubts or reservations. I am your friend if you allow me to be. I am someone who cares how you feel and will try to help any way I can. I am someone who you can depend on And someone who will not turn away when you need me the most.

If you take the time to know the inner and outer me, You'll see that I am grounded in reality. I am a person who knows who I am, What I am, And where I want to go in life.

I am a person who just wants to help others. Please, Heavenly Father, never let me stray from the person I am.


The color of one's skin should not be a factor of determining who they are. If we look beyond the color of one's skin, we will see the person for who he or she really is. No matter what the color of your skin, you are human and will make mistakes. There is good and bad in all of us: in some more than others. Although our religions and beliefs may differ, we all bleed the same. Regardless of the color of our skin, we only have one Creator. Think: if we were all one color, how boring it would be. We all like the rainbow, like its different colors and shades. In the future, don't look at the color of a person's skin. Try to look beyond and see the person for who he or she really is.


Take a good look at yourself, And you will see how you cannot pass judgment on anyone else When you can hardly take care of yourself.

First, correct the wrong within yourself, And only then can you try to correct others. Why blame someone for all that's gone wrong in your life? No one else is to blame.

Life is what you make it. So before you begin to throw stones at others, STOP! Take a look within yourself, and you'll finally see that You can't pass judgment on someone else Until you can honestly correct yourself.


Excerpted from ELEANOR: MY INSPIRATION by Donna R. Brown Copyright © 2010 by Donna R. Brown. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


CHAPTER ONE IN LOVING MEMORY....................1
One Last Time....................3
Heavenly Father....................4
Dear God....................5
Weep Not For Me....................6
When I'm Gone....................7
CHAPTER TWO KEEPING THE FAITH....................9
Hear Me Out....................11
The Strength....................13
Call On Me....................14
The Journey....................15
Calling My Name....................16
My Angel....................17
Thank You....................18
Walk With Me....................19
Good Morning....................20
I Am....................27
For Granted....................30
If I Could....................31
CHAPTER FOUR LOVE HAS MANY FACES....................33
We Meet....................35
My Friend....................36
Loving You....................37
Your Heart....................38
You Are....................39
It's Too Late....................40
CHAPTER FIVE WHEN LOVE ENDS....................41
Missing You....................44
How Can It Be....................45
Broken Heart....................46
Letting Go....................47
CHAPTER SIX LAST, BUT NOT LEAST....................49
I Write....................51

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