Election Fraud In America Past And Present

Election Fraud In America Past And Present

by Damon Slone




This book is not fiction. It is based on real investigations of election fraud in West Virginia over twelve years. Also, I researched other states investigations, investigative journalists’ reports, and author’s information on their finding of election fraud in other states.

After this author had read and watched all the news coverage’s on how Russia had hacked and interfered with our election process, I felt that, as Paul Harvey use to say, “Here is the rest of the story.”

• Is voting fraud a myth or fact?

• Still today we have dead citizen’s completing voter’s registrations forms to vote and voting in our elections.

• Politicians and/or their supporters are buying votes and some of our citizens will not even vote unless they are paid.

• Votes are being stolen by abusive practices of earlier voting and absentee ballots.

• Abusive uses of campaign finances. Just honest mistakes or criminal actions?

• Why are more of our politicians not facing criminal prosecution charges for election fraud?

• Is Russia the only nation that hacked our past election? Is this past election the only elections they interfere with or did they interfere in the 2008 and 2012 elections also?

Can we ever have a completely honest election when politicians over see the elections, politicians investigating the violations, another politicians prosecutes these allegations, while another politicians over sees the trials? Only if more than twenty five percent of registered voters show up at the polls and excise their constitutional rights to choose our elected officials will we start to over come the election fraud in American fraud.

When only a few people vote in an election, it does not take much effect to swing that election your way.


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