by Paul Thomas Gillcrist


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A spine-tingling story of an experiment by the Department of Defense to increase the useful life of U.S. tactical pilots.

Four 65-year-old retired U.S. Navy fighter pilots volunteer for an experimental program conducted at the Naval Aeromedical Institute in Pensacola, Florida using a cocktail of wonder drugs developed by the National Institute of Health.

These crusty aviators advance through the increasingly demanding phases of the experiment, achieving spectacular results.

They are put back into training airplanes and proceed to "burn up the course".

The reversal of their aging process also has some interesting side-effects on their family relationships. Their wives threaten to end their husbands' participation unless they are included in the experiment.

Next, the pilots advance to fleet fighter planes and end up deploying on an aircraft carrier to the Western Pacific flying Tomcat fighters.

In an action-packed "incident" over the Sea of Japan they tangle with Nort Korean SU-27 fighters they realize the culmination of their wildest dreams.

The story is an enlightening look at what happens when the aging process is reversed in four people involved in one of the world's most hazardous professions; and what happens when their wives become part of the experiment.

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ISBN-13: 9780595375462
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/05/2005
Pages: 244
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

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