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Endocrinology and Physiology of Reproduction / Edition 1

Endocrinology and Physiology of Reproduction / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9780306425837
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 06/01/1987
Edition description: 1987
Pages: 360
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

Section I: Hypothalamus and Other Brain Areas.- Estrogen Acting on Hypothalamic Neurons May Have Trophic Effects on Those Neurons and the Cells on Which They Synapse.- Gonadal Steroid Control of Synaptogenesis in the Neuroendocrine Brain.- The Electrophysiology of the Hypothalamic Gonadotropic Hormone Releasing Hormone (GnRH) Pulse Generator in the Rhesus Monkey.- Ovarian Feedback Regulation of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Secretion and Action.- Short and Ultrashort Feedback Control of Gonadotropin Secretion.- The Hypothalamo-Pituitary-Gonadal System: Role of Peptides and Sex Steroids.- Involvement of GABA in the Neuroendocrinology of Reproduction.- Section II: Pituitary.- Hypothalamic Biogenic Amines and the Regulation of Luteinizing Hormone Release in the Rat.- Dual Action of Norepinephrine in the Control of Gonadotropin Release.- Physiological and Biochemical Dissection of Mechanisms Underlying Puberty.- Biological Activity on Non-GnRH Synthetic Peptide Sequences of the GnRH Precursor.- Mechanisms of GnRH Action: Interactions between GnRH-Stimulated Calcium-Phospholipid Pathways Mediating Gonadotropin Secretion.- Phosphoinositide Turnover, Ca2+ Mobilization, and Protein Kinase C Activation in GnRH Action on Pituitary Gonadotropin Release.- Section III: Gonads.- The Ovarian Granulosa Cell as a Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Target Tissue.- Intra-ovarian Actions of Steroids in the Regulation of Follicular Steroid Biosynthesis.- Interaction between the Oocyte and the Granulosa Cells in the Preovulatory Follicle.- Secretion of Oxytocin by the Corpus Luteum and its Role in Luteolysis in the Sheep.- Catecholamine Effects on Leydig Cell Steroidogenesis: A Review.- Evidence for Intratesticular Factors Which Mediate the Response of Leydig Cells to Disruption of Spermatogenesis.- hCG/LH-Induced Changes in Testicular Blood Flow, Microcirculation and Vascular Permeability in Adult Rats.- Morphology of Normal and Abnormal Testicular Descent and the Regulation of This Process.- Section IV: Fetus and Placenta.- Sex Differentiation.- The Placental Lactogen Gene Family: Structure and Regulation.- Hormonal Influences on Fetal and Perinatal Water Metabolism.- The Orchestration of Parturition: Does the Fetus play the Tune?.- Author Index.

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