England is the Property of New Delhi

England is the Property of New Delhi

by Mike Ward

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The year is 2075 AD and India is in control of much of England and Wales. In an act of unbelievable treachery (at least from London’s point of view) the Irish government has sided with New Delhi. England and Wales are being rapidly cleared for Indian colonization and only a few thousand English rebels remain in the mountainous areas. These rebels are difficult to flush out and the Indian military is using a mix of Indian commanders and Irish “Hunters” to find the remaining Englishmen.

Amitabh Gavaskar is the Indian Military Governor of North West England. Most of his area is clear but there is one valley in the English Lake District that has been giving odd readings on scans done by automated skimmers flying over the area. Amitabh Gavaskar has five brothers serving in the Indian military and his youngest brother Rahul has just been assigned to the North West England district. Rahul Gavaskar’s first assignment will be to take two of Amitabh Gavaskar’s best Irish Hunters and search the valley using a skimmer. They are to land and search the valley on foot if necessary.

Amitabh Gavaskar has promised his father faithfully that he will take good care of young Rahul and this should be a good first assignment for him. Rahul Gavaskar’s skimmer lands in the valley and he and the two Irish Hunters exit the vehicle and begin to search the valley. Unbeknownst to them a Chinese weapons system developed in 2047 and capable of firing obsidian ball bearings at a speed of 4,000 kilometers an hour has detected the approach of the men. The Chinese system is currently in standby mode but if it is activated by any of the Englishmen in the valley then Amitabh Gavaskar will have some very bad news to give to his father.

An excerpt from “England is the Property of New Delhi” is below:

“That tree is artificial,” Gavaskar yelled. “Stop her, she’s almost there.”
Dempsey threw himself into the air and came down bodily on top of the woman. He grabbed her wrist with his hand but he was too late, her fingertips touched the tree.
“Fingerprint ID confirmed, awaiting your command,” the tree said or to be more precise a Chinese computer buried one hundred and seventy meters below the surface relayed a voice command to the artificial tree.
Shane Jennings had reached the woman too and he grabbed hold of her ankles and pulled her away from the tree.
Dempsey turned her over and clamped his hand over Emmeline Sanderson’s mouth. She fought Dempsey turning her head from side to side and biting the Irishman as he fought to keep his hand over her mouth. Gavaskar saw blood starting to seep between Dempsey’s fingers.
“Weapons system is active, awaiting your verbal command,” the artificial tree said. It spoke first in English and then repeated the words in Mandarin Chinese.

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About the Author

Mike Ward was born in Glasgow, Scotland and currently lives in Florida, United States with his wife and two children. He is the author of two novels, two non-fiction books and four series of novellas: Jacksonville Jack series Stephen Haggerty Assassin series Lisa Molin Assassin series Dangerous Scotsman series He is also the author of 24 short stories and novellas

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