English / French: Art, Music, Beauty & Culture: black & white version

English / French: Art, Music, Beauty & Culture: black & white version

by Rebecca Nicolini


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Also available in color(US)/colour(UK) (paper) & as a Kindle e-book (dirt cheap!) BUT THE 100% FREE FRENCH & ENGLISH AUDIOS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL THE END OF 2018 (to download from the author's website - address at the back of the book, visible online)

This 100% French/English bilingual book belongs to the Weasel® collection for English- and French-speaking learners, all levels, looking to improve fast, easily and without frustration thanks to some solid reference material. The collection as a whole aims to teach you to deal with a wide range of everyday situations and to keep up conversations about all sorts of different topics with incredible precision.

A thorough, systematic, methodical and clever assimilation of new vocabulary (including idioms, informal language & SLANG!).

students, professionals, retirees... English and French speakers alike

focuses on some recurrent (therefore potentially useful) vocabulary relating to art, music and culture, for sightseeing (including some practical aspects) and visiting museums and art galleries (for example).
You will learn to:
- name a range of art movements, musical instruments and typical items from antique shops and collections,
- describe works of art (brushwork, framing, outlines, shapes, size and scale, light, color(US)/colour(UK) and patterns, materials, fabrics and textures) as well as painting, drawing, sculpting/carving etc. techniques and equipment (including for needlework and other crafts), and historic monuments (cathedrals, castles, old buildings etc.),
- name and describe artifacts/artefacts and objects one usually comes across in museums,
- judge and respond to a work of art,
- mention a number of striking architectural features,
- discuss photography, different music styles (from classical to heavy metal) and second-hand markets(US)/jumble sales(UK),
- and finally, get by when you are sightseeing (practical aspects).

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781537618777
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/13/2016
Series: Weasel , #19
Pages: 186
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author


I am a freelance English teacher and an English-French/French-English translator. I teach the staff from international companies. My students' problems and mistakes, as well as an old, deep-seated passion for words, have inspired me to write and publish this work, and to start a project for a collection. My mother's side of the family are British and my father's side are French-speakers with Italian origins - which makes me a true hybrid, hence the idea of writing 100% bilingual, theme-based, comprehensive, easy-to-use material to help learners speak some real, up-to-date, authentic, precise and subtle French (and English).

Je suis formatrice d'anglais en free-lance et traductrice anglais-français/français-anglais. J'enseigne au personnel d'entreprises internationales. Les difficultés et les erreurs de mes stagiaires, ainsi qu'une vieille et profonde passion pour les mots, m'ont donné l'idée d'écrire et de publier cet ouvrage, et de lancer un projet de collection. Le côté maternel de ma famille est britannique et le côté paternel est francophone avec des origines italiennes - ce qui fait de moi une véritable hybride, d'où l'idée de rédiger des supports thématiques aussi complets que possible, 100% bilingues et simples d'utilisation, dans l'optique de faciliter l'accès à un anglais (et un français) contemporain(s), riche(s), subtil(s), vivant(s) et authentique(s).

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