Equine Neonatal Medicine and Surgery E-Book: Medicine and Surgery

Equine Neonatal Medicine and Surgery E-Book: Medicine and Surgery

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An ideal companion to Knottenbelt's Equine Stud Farm Medicine and Surgery, this comprehensive text covers all aspects of veterinary care of the foal — from birth through weaning. Describing appropriate procedures for clinical assessment of the new-born foal, it addresses emergency interventions, resuscitation, and critical care. Disorders of growth and nutrition are reviewed, as well as congenital or inherited abnormalities of each of the major body systems. Plus, a unique section on special syndromes provides more than 200 color photographs carefully selected from the authors' extensive collection.
  • Content is concise, informative, and easy to read.
  • Full-color photographs illustrate common disorders, congenital defects, and more.
  • Flowcharts summarize key diagnostic tests and findings.
  • Numerous charts and tables provide easy access to key data.
  • Appendices present key data, treatment protocols, techniques, and procedures in a quick-reference format.

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ISBN-13: 9780702037153
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 11/11/2004
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 368
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Table of Contents

1. Perinatal review
Peripartum adaptation of the foal
Review of neonatal physiology
Normal reference values
Understanding immunity in the foal
Nutrition of the foal
2. Risk category of the foal
Assessment of fetal health and preparation for birth
The placenta
Assessment of risk category of the foal
3. The foal at delivery
Events following delivery in the normal foal
Parturition injuries in foals
Evaluation of the newborn foal immediately post partum
Resuscitation at foaling and caesarean-section
4. Routine management and clinical examination
Routine management of the newborn and neonatal foal
Routine veterinary examinations and procedures of the newborn and neonatal foal
Clinical examination of the newborn and neonatal foal
Recognizing the potentially abnormal foal
5. Congenital abnormalities and inherited disorders (including conditions that manifest at an older age)
Alimentary system
Respiratory system
Cardiovascular system
Urinary tract
Reproductive system
Nervous system
The eye
6. Neonatal syndromes
Prematurity and dysmaturity
Seizures, weakness and abnormal behaviour
Colic and tenesmus
Respiratory distress and coughing
Limb deformities
Lameness and other gait abnormalities
Umbilical diseases
Nasal discharge
The painful and cloudy eye
Dermatological conditions
Weight loss and poor growth
Sudden and unexpected death
7. Procedures and diagnostic aids
1. Identification methods
2. Injection sites
3. Blood sampling
4. Blood/ cerebrospinal fluid/ synovial fluid culture
5. Intravenous catheter selection, placement and complications
6. Regional limb perfusion
7. Intraosseous/ intramedullary (fluid/ antibiotic) therapy
8. Blood pressure measurement
9. Rapid blood glucose estimation
10. (oral) lactose tolerance test
11. Urine collection and bladder catheterisation
12. Ultrasonography
13. Fetal electrocardiology
14. Foal electrocardiology
15. Radiography
16. Endoscopy
17. Tracheal aspiration/ wash
18. Nasogastric and enteral intubation
19. Intranasal oxygen intubation
20. Abdominocentesis
21. Liver biopsy
22. Joint aspiration
23. Cerebrospinal fluid sampling
24. Phytohaemoagglutinin skin test for T lymphocyte function
25 ‘Jaundiced’ foal agglutination test
26. Method for washing red cells
27. Test for foal blood compatibility
28. Assessment of colostral quality
29. Tests for serum IgG status
30. Blood and plasma transfusion
31. Bone marrow biopsy/ aspirate
32. Euthanasia
33. Post mortem examination
8. Intensive care, therapeutics and nursing
Initial evaluation of the sick neonate
Equipment required for a foal intensive care unit
A. Specific critical care therapy
B. Nursing therapy
C. Standard post foaling treatments
D. Record keeping
E. Daily plan and monitoring of the critical care patient
F. Daily nursing care
Guidelines for drug use in the neonate
Nutrition of the sick foal
Fluid therapy in the foal
Sedation and anaesthesia
9. Miscellaneous
Referral of foals to a specialist centre
Transportation of the sick or injured foal
Management of the orphan foal
A. Hand-rearing the orphan foal
B. Fostering the orphan foal
Placental examination forms
Reference values for haematology and biochemistry
Neonatal foal history chart
Neonatal foal clinical examination charts
Intensive care forms
Vital signs chart
Feeding and fluid therapy protocol
Treatment sheet
Haematology results
Biochemistry results
Blood gas results
Intravenous catheter table
Drug names and dosages for foals
Sepsis scoring for neonatal foals
Post mortem examination form

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