Erotic Escapades of a Boarding School Brat

Erotic Escapades of a Boarding School Brat

by Sarah Graham

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Zoey Parker, a sexy high school senior, enjoyed sex. A lot. The reactions she got from others, the look on their faces as they gave in to her seductive ways, it was the most intoxicating thing she had ever felt. But when her mother became envious of the looks her new stepfather was giving her Zoey found herself being shipped off to boarding school to finish her education. It turns out though it is going to be the staff and fellow students that will be receiving an education if Zoey has any say in the matter.

Whether its Sapphic seductions, carnal three-ways, or showing the head mistress’s son how much fun spending time with her can really be, there is nothing Zoey isn’t willing to do in an effort to find the ultimate pleasure in her new environment.

---- ---- ----


Once certain they were alone, Zoey proceeded to recount every lurid detail of her encounter. Explaining everything that had been done to her. As the dirty story unfolded she could see a visible reaction in both blondes. They were also both clearly turned on from the story and exchanged lustful glances at one another more than once before it was over.

By the time lights out rolled around Zoey was convinced her roommates were desperately horny. Confirmation came not long after midnight.

The brunette teen was awakened by a muffled giggle. She rolled over quietly in her small bed, trying to see what was going on in the darkness, and saw immediately that both of the pretty Tyler girls were in the same bed.

"Shhh, she'll hear!" Tori whispered, meaning Zoey. "Umm! Keep doing that, Gwen! I'm really getting close!"

The two slender girls were under the blankets, so Zoey couldn't see exactly what they were doing together. But the soft sounds the twosome made -- little gasping sighs, hushed giggles and muffled urgings -- left no doubt in the dark-haired teenager’s mind about what was going on.

"Uhhh!" Tori sucked her breath in quickly, the bed under her creaking slightly. "Don't stop, Gwen, don't stop! Urnm!"

The activity in the bed containing the two petite blondes grew more frantic.

Tori gasped, "Ohh! Gwen! Keep fingering me! God please keep fingering it! I’m about to climax!"

Bedsprings creaking as the thin girl squirmed, Tori couldn't stop herself from crying out with the rippling orgasm her best friend was giving her. She groaned with delight, her bare legs thrashing under the covers. And then the pretty blonde lay still.

Zoey had to ask, "How was it, Tori? Was it good?"

Both girls jerked bolt upright with startled giggles, the blankets sliding to the floor. Naked and sweaty, they stared through the darkness at Zoey.

"Were you watching?" Gwen asked with another nervous giggle.

"I was listening," Zoey said softly. "It got me so hot; I had to start playing with myself."

"You still doing it?" Tori asked breathlessly.

Both she and Gwen got off the bed and moved beside Zoey's bed. Their big brown eyes wide, they stared down at the girl under the covers.

"Well? Are you playing with yourself?" Gwen giggled eager to hear her newest friend’s reply.

"Yes," Zoey sighed with a little shiver. She was working her slender fingers in and out of her most intimate place.

"Would you like a little help?" blurted out Tori, very anxious to explore the pleasures offered by Zoey’s tender body.

Her lust was kicked up to a new level at her friend’s suggestion. Zoey giggled softly, "Okay." And she kicked her blankets to the floor.

While Zoey wiggled out of her pajamas, she studied the two sexy blondes. Naked, they looked as much alike as when dressed. Both had sleek white skin the sun had rarely, if ever, touched. Slender legs, firm little round asses, and tits that were gently-rounded hills with tiny, hard pink nipples.

"Tori, have you ever eaten a girl out before?" Zoey breathed, spreading her damp thighs.

“Uhm... No, but I was thinking about trying it earlier with Gwen,” confessed Tori.

“Well why don’t you try it out with me?” purred the sexy teen.

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