Escape Routes: For People Who Feel Trapped in Life's Hells

Escape Routes: For People Who Feel Trapped in Life's Hells

by Johann Christoph Arnold


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You name the hell...there is a way out. After decades of pastoral counseling, Johann Christoph Arnold still marvels at our capacity to make life miserable for ourselves and one another. This book, his tenth, maps out a sure way out of life’s hells and toward a happy, meaningful life.

In contrast to the makeovers and quick fixes hawked by popular culture, Escape Routes offers a tougher prescription. Using real-life stories as travel guides, Arnold exposes the root causes of loneliness, frustration, alienation, and despair and shows how anyone, regardless of their age, income bracket, or social status, can find freedom and new life. The choices he presents are clear: "to be selfish or selfless, to forgive or to hate, to burn with lust or with love."

No matter what your problems, or who you are, this book will help you on your way, provided you’re ready to take its medicine.

Arnold writes: “Call it life, call it hell: there’s not a person I’ve met who hasn’t been lonely, discouraged, depressed, or guilt-ridden at one time or another, if not sick, burned-out, or at sea in a relationship. Sometimes I know this because they have told me about their problems; sometimes I can tell just by looking in their eyes. That’s what got me started on this book—the fact that all of us have known some form of hell in our lives, and that insofar as any of us find freedom, confidence, companionship, and community, we will also know happiness.”

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780874867701
Publisher: Plough Publishing House, The
Publication date: 11/01/2016
Pages: 187
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 4.90(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

People have come to expect sound advice from Johann Christoph Arnold, a pastor and award-winning author with more than 2 million copies of his books in print in more than 20 languages. His other books include Why Forgive?, Rich in Years, Seeking Peace, Cries from the Heart, and Be Not Afraid.

Born in Britain in 1940 to German refugees, Arnold spent his boyhood years in South America, where his parents found asylum during the war; he immigrated to the United States in 1955. He lives with his wife, Verena, in upstate New York.

Table of Contents

1. Loneliness, 2. Against Despair 3. Rescuing the Past 4. Success? 5. Sex 6. Crucibles 7. Suffering 8. Rebirth 9. Travel Guides 10. Angels

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