Essential Oil Safety - E-Book: A Guide for Health Care Professionals

Essential Oil Safety - E-Book: A Guide for Health Care Professionals

by Robert Tisserand, Rodney Young

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The second edition of this book is virtually a new book. It is the only comprehensive text on the safety of essential oils and the first review of essential oil/drug interactions and provides detailed essential oil constituent data not found in any other text. Much of the existing text has been re-written, and 80% of the text is completely new. There are 400 comprehensive essential oil profiles and almost 4000 references. There are new chapters on the respiratory system, the cardivascular system, the urinary system, the digestive system and the nervous system.

For each essential oil there is a full breakdown of constituents, and a clear categorization of hazards and risks, with recommended maximum doses and concentrations. There are also 206 Constituent Profiles.

There is considerable discussion of carcinogens, the human relevance of some of the animal data, the validity of treating an essential oil as if it was a single chemical, and the arbitary nature of uncertainty factors. There is a critque of current regulations.

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ISBN-13: 9780702054341
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 12/02/2013
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Pages: 800
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Table of Contents


1. Introduction

 2. Composition

 3. Toxicity

4. Kinetics&dosing

5. The skin

6. The respiratory system

7. The cardiovascular system

8. The urinary system

9. The digestive system

10. The nervous system

11. The reproductive system

12. Cancer&the immune system

13. Essential oil profiles

14. Constituent profiles

15. General safety guidelines

Appendix A: Clinical safety A-Z

Appendix B: Cytochrome P450 drug substrates

Appendix C: Conversion tables for essential oils





Botanical index

General index

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