Essex 1812: The wood Elf

Essex 1812: The wood Elf

by Mr Timothy Alun Acklam


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It's very strange, how sometimes you can look for something and never find it, however, occasionally you can find something that you never knew you were looking for. That is exactly what happened to me whilst doing research for a very specific project. I found a leather-bound journal embossed with a rather odd face that had been intricately hand carved into the cover.
Being something of a bibliophile, it instantly held appeal. The penmanship in the journal was fluid, the author flowing seamlessly back and forth between three languages. Someone else had previously read the book, leaving notes as to their understanding. Could it really be the most revered and renowned psychologist J.B.Malack? Certainly his notes add credence and insight into the tales, stories and folklore explored by the author. In addition, valuable profiling of the author can be obtained.
Was J.B.Malack, taken in by a hoax? Or are his notes, part of an even more elaborate hoax? Some tales recanted in the journal seem so far-fetched, yet others seem frighteningly real. The journal is full of magic, mysticism, manipulation and scientific explanation, in what the author call's her quest for oddities.
'Essex 1812' the chapter, is the first passage from the Journal that I'm going to share.

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About the Author

Tim Acklam is a native of Essex, England, who currently lives in Basildon with his wife and young son. After working for a time as a service engineer, he went on to earn his GCSE and studied psychology, counseling, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Acklam has always had an active imagination and a love of telling stories. He has written a number of children's books, as well as two adult adventure novels, and is passionate about working to improve with each project that he takes on.

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