Every Day Savior: Recognizing His Hand in Your Daily Life

Every Day Savior: Recognizing His Hand in Your Daily Life

by Winn Raleigh


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Everything in your life—every person you encounter, every experience you’re given—is there for a reason. The tricky part is figuring out why! From ill-timed stains and encounters with squirrels to a coin toss and riding bikes with friends, this engaging book describes seemingly insignificant experiences and uses them to illustrate important gospel principles. Learn how to see the Savior in the details of your life.

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ISBN-13: 9781462123124
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Incorporated/CFI Distribution
Publication date: 02/12/2019
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Wisdom is knowing someone has gone before us and has endured 1

1 A Clever License Plate: Avoiding the appearance of evil or wrongdoing 5

2 The Bird and Hubcaps: Focusing on what is real and avoiding reflections of the world 11

3 Elements Combined: Being diligent in the things that matter 17

4 Olive Trees and a Boy's Punishment: The curing process of the natural man 22

5 The Commercial: Agency ensures consequences 27

6 Spaghetti and the Mexican Wedding Shirt: Stains can be removed, but consequences may remain 32

7 "Quakies" in the Snow: Looking and reaching upward 37

8 The Glass-Blowing Factory: Understanding the refining process and how to endure it 44

9 The Donut and a Stick Shift: Responding to challenges appropriately 49

10 The Old Widow and the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree: Serving others silently 54

11 New Basketball Shoes and the Homeless Man: Serving others openly without expectation 58

12 Chocolate and a Covenant: Being involved in the rescue 62

13 "Fat of the Land": Sinking roots deep in the gospel of Christ 67

14 A Toss of the Coin: Self-mastery brings a life of quality over quantity 71

15 Blessing the Squirrel: Seeking God's will 75

16 The Hummingbird and Shower of Water: Being immersed in the living waters of scripture 81

17 My Son's Unsafe Mission: Learning to pray differently 84

18 Going Out for Dessert in Embarrassing Clothes: Always be prepared 88

19 The Gift of Tongues: Be careful of private interpretation 94

20 Peas Don't Flush Easily: Honesty is best 101

21 Riding Bikes with Friends: Not leaving others behind 106

22 Rolling the Family Car into a Ravine: Learning to act and live with power 112

23 Running My Sister Over with a Bike: Don't taunt our circumstances 120

24 The Cruise Ship, Snap Bands, and Ginger Pills: Choosing the right remedies in life 125

25 Left Hanging on a Cliff: Climb in the right direction with the right help 131

26 A Temple Dedication: Assuming the foot of the table 138

27 Dane and a Volleyball Championship Game: Honor the Lord and He will honor you 143

28 An Inconvenient Impression: Following the Spirit can be a life-defining moment 148

29 A Man Lying on the Side of the Road: Keep responding to the Spirit 154

30 Skiing with My Wife: Avoiding fear and self-centeredness 159

31 A Ball, a Street Gutter, and a Drunk Indian: Judging others righteously 164

32 A Baptism, a Blessing, and a Sealing All in the Same Day: The Lord blesses everyone personally in a shared moment 171

A Parting Thought 178

Acknowledgment 180

About the Author 181

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