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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
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Evolution is a new book on evolutionary biology that integrates molecular biology, genomics, and human genetics with traditional studies of evolutionary processes. Recommended as a primary textbook for undergraduate courses in evolution Required reading for biologists seeking a clear, current, and comprehensive account of evolutionary theory and mechanisms Written by experts in population genetics, bacterial genomics, paleontology, human genetics, and developmental biology Integrates molecular and evolutionary biology in ways that reflect current directions in research

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ISBN-13: 9780879696849
Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Publication date: 06/28/2007
Series: Textbook Series
Edition description: PDF
Pages: 864
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

About the Authors     x
Preface     xi
Aim and Scope of the Book     1
Evolutionary Biology Describes the History of Life and Explains Why Organisms Are the Way They Are     1
Evolutionary Biology Is a Valuable Tool     3
Molecular Biology and Evolutionary Biology Are Overlapping Fields of Study     5
An Overview of Evolutionary Biology     7
The History of Evolutionary Biology: Evolution and Genetics     9
A Brief Summary of Modern Genetics and Evolution     9
Evolution before Darwin     10
Charles Darwin     16
The Eclipse of Natural Selection     18
The Evolutionary Synthesis     30
The Origin of Molecular Biology     37
The Beginnings of Molecular Biology     38
Evolutionary and Molecular Biology: A New Synthesis?     58
Evidence for Evolution     65
Evidence for Evolution     66
Objections to Evolution     76
Science and Society     81
The Origin and Diversification of Life     85
The Origin of Life     87
When Did Life Begin on Earth?     87
How Did Life Begin on Earth?     91
The Last Universal Common Ancestor and theTree of Life     109
Tracing Early Evolutionary History     109
Universal Homologies, LUCA, and the Tree of Life     115
Diversification of Bacteria and Archaea. I: Phylogeny and Biology     137
Introduction to the Bacteria and Archaea     137
Phylogenetic Diversification of Bacteria and Archaea     142
Biological Diversification of Bacteria and Archaea     151
Diversification of Bacteria and Archaea. II: Genetics and Genomics     169
The Nature of Archaeal and Bacterial Genomes     169
Lateral Transfer of DNA     182
The Origin and Diversification of Eukaryotes     195
Introduction to the Eukaryotes     195
Endosymbioses Have Played a Key Role in the Evolution of Eukaryotes     202
Structure and Evolution of the Nuclear Genome     214
Eukaryotic Diversification     221
Multicellularity and Development     225
How Multicellularity Happens     225
Division of Labor through Differentiation     230
Diversity of Body Plans     238
Genetics of Building a Body Plan     244
Diversification of Plants and Animals     253
Fossilization and Geological Time     253
The Flow of the Evolution of Life-forms     254
The Next 500 Million Years-Life Since the Cambrian Period     272
Patterns of Evolution     280
Evolution of Developmental Programs     287
Anterior-Posterior Patterning: Hox Gene Regulation of Development     288
Hox Genes Are Shown to Be Involved in Evolutionary Change     293
Skeletal Evolution in Sticklebacks     307
Evolution of Maize from Teosinte     313
Universality of Developmental Systems     318
Evolutionary Processes     323
Generation of Variation by Mutation and Recombination     325
Mutations and Mechanisms for Their Generation     325
Protection, Prevention, and Correction Mechanisms Limit the Number of Mutations Caused by DNA Damage and Replication Errors     334
Rates and Patterns of Mutations     343
Generation of Variation by Mixing: Sex and Lateral Gene Transfer     349
Variation in DNA and Proteins     355
Genetic Variation     355
Types of Genetic Variation     367
Variation in Genetically Complex Traits     381
Introduction to Quantitative Traits     381
Analyzing Quantitative Variation     385
The Genetic Basis of Quantitative Variation      399
Generation of Quantitative Variation     409
Random Genetic Drift     413
Evolution Is a Largely Random Process     413
Random Drift of Allele Frequencies     415
Coalescence     420
The Neutral Theory     425
Recombination and Random Drift     427
Population Structure     439
Gene Flow     439
Gene Flow Interacts with Other Evolutionary Forces     444
Genealogies in Structured Populations     449
Selection on Variation     457
The Nature of Selection     457
Selection on Quantitative Traits     476
Selection on Multiple Genes     485
The Interaction between Selection and Other Forces     489
Selection and Random Drift     489
Selection and Gene Flow     496
Balancing Selection     505
Mutation and Selection     510
Measuring Selection     521
Direct Measurement of Selection     521
Indirect Measurement     530
Selection on Linked Loci     535
Selection on Noncoding DNA     542
The Extent of Selection     547
Phenotypic Evolution     555
Evolutionary Optimization     556
Aging     561
Evolutionary Games     567
Sexual Selection     573
Conflict and Cooperation     585
Social Evolution     586
Conflict between Genes     587
Interactions between Relatives     599
Evolution of Cooperation     611
Species and Speciation     619
Defining Species     620
The Genetics of Speciation     630
Mechanisms of Speciation     640
The Geography of Speciation     644
Evolution of Genetic Systems     657
Studying the Evolution of Genetic Systems     657
Evolution of Mutation Rates     659
Evolution of Sex and Recombination     663
Consequences of Sex     683
Evolution of Evolvability     689
Evolution of Novelty     695
The Basic Features of Novelty     696
Changes in the Activity of Gene Products     700
Changes in Gene Regulation and Interactions within a Network: Targeting, Differentiation, and Development     704
Redundancy     708
Robustness, Modularity, and Compartmentalization     711
Acquiring New Functions from Other Species: Gene Transfer and Symbiosis     717
Natural Selection over Long Periods of Time Leads to the Origin of Novelty     719
Human Evolution     725
Human Evolutionary History     727
Placing Humans on the Tree of Life     727
The Evolution of Hominins     731
Genetics and Human Evolution     741
Genomics and Humanness     749
Current Issues in Human Evolution     755
The Genetic Basis of Disease     755
Understanding Human Nature     769
Glossary     783
Figure Credits     802
Index     811

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